The Most Popular Fashion Trends In South Korea in 2021!

Popular Fashion Trends In South Korea 2021!

In this article we will share to you the most famous and popular fashion trends in south korea 2021. Whether you are a fashionista or a shopper, you want to know about this fashion trends before you travel south korea so you will not using a wrong outfit or surprise when you see the different look of south korean in some different place as you travel south korea. Let’s dive right to it.

Hongdae Look 홍대룩

The Hongdae Look

Credit to @g__rrr

This look is really common in hongdae, so it’s safe to called this hongdae looks. Hongdae is, by far the most trendy and fashionable areas of youth in seoul capital city. If you visit Hongdae, you’ll definitely see many fashionistas with these types of outfits.

The Hongdae Look

Credit to @so_ye0nnn

Hongdae looks in simple is actually street fashion or street looks. it convey a message of rebel, outgoing, easygoing and chill person. People are usually match an oversized top with wide or jogger pants.

The Hongdae Look 1

Credit to @kimjw___

Some youth also try to mix this look with accessories like hats, glasses, or necklaces, just to make it more personal and unique. Make sure you wear this type of fashion when you visit hongdae in seoul areas, then you definitely will just blend with the locals in that areas.

High Teen Look 하이틴룩

The High Teen Look

High teen looks actually refers to high school student transition to adult movies like princess diaries and clueless. The outfits of the high school students in those movies have inspired the high teen look in South Korea.

Lately it has been a trends and popular especially for teenagers and those 20 year old lady in south korea which become a twist to vintage grannie fashion. High teen fashion includes tight-fitting crop tops, short tennis skirts, wide leg pants, and large hair accessories.

The High Teen Look

The high teen look is actually match with those who have a bright and cheerful personality. This High Teen look even draw some K-pop stars to also wear this type of fashion.

One of them is actually Jennie from Blackpink, she has been the one to help making the trends the explosion of this  High Teen looks in south korea.

Granny Look 할미룩

grannie looks

Credit to @___mandarin

This one might be your option if you love vintage stuff. In contrast of the high teen looks that we just share above, this granny look is much more vintage and actually inspired from halmoni fashion.

Lately, young generations korean has huge desire of vintage stuff and also live an inspiring life like Young Yuh-jung, Oscar winner south korean actress.

grannie looks

Credit to @dlwlrma

The purpose of this looks is actually to create a new classy and pleasant look by mixing and also matching the old fashion that feels right to the culture.

grannie looks

Credit to @yoon.laavu

Loose fitting clothes and large embroidery pattern has been really famous and received a lot of positive response from the younger generations in korea.

grannie looks

Credit to @iajiwon66

If you love vintage stuff, then you might want to try this fashion looks, you can just easily open your granny closet and look if you can try to mix and match with your own fashion. Maybe you can be a new fashion influencer in this vintage granny looks.

Gym Look 헬스룩

As you know that korean people is really concern with their health, you can see a lot of korean people is in good shape even in their old age. Health is always the highest priority for south korean other than beauty.

In particular, weight training and fitness related content have become very popular. People of every ages are working hard to maintain their health and beauty.

Lately sports gym fashion rose to popularity especially during this pandemic as people from the youngest age start value the importance of exercising. No doubt these days this gym look is so famous and become trends in south korea.

Sportswear such as leggings, sports bras, and running shoes has just became a casual daily outfit. However, it wasn’t like this before, up to few years ago, many people thought it was awkward to wear sportswear outside especially when you’re not really working out or go to the gym, but now it has became a trends even when someone just to to a cafe, park or river.

If you are a runner or someone who love to exercise by walk around the street, then this outfit might be match and looks good with you.

How do you think about south korean fashion style? Which one is your style? Let us know in the comment sections below!

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