Korean Hat – 6 Type Of Hat Korean Love To Wear!

If you’ve ever came to South Korea, you will notice that most korean use hat in their daily life. From youth to kpop idol to even ahjumma, korean hat is accessories that already became a part of their fashion style. In this article, I will share to you the type of hat koreans love to use. Lets dive right into this!

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Korean Hat

If you haven’t read my article about traditional korean hat, then you might want to read this as it will give you more knowledge about korean culture and changes in fashion through out history. 

Below are the type of hat koreans love to wear including.

1. Beanies

korean hat

You might often see many korean celebrities and kpop idol use this beanies as they go outside. 

This beanies will give you a casual cute looks all through out the year, whether in winter or summer seasons. 

In addition, beanies will blend easily with any of shirt and sneakers which makes it one of the most popular hat koreans love.

2. Baseball Cap

korean hat

Baseball cap is the most popular hat among youth in South Korea. Koreans love to wear this cap because it makes you looks casual, sporty and stylish. 

This cap looks good to wear in various occasion and easily match with many other fashion style.

3. Bucket Hat

korean hat

Bucket hat is another popular hat that kpop idols love to wear. This hat can easily match with various outfit and quickly makes you looks humble, stylish and casual.

4. Beret Hat

korean hat

This French style hat is another hat that many performers use on stage. It looks like a stylish type of military hat which gives a firm sophisticated vibes and actually makes you looks younger than your age.

5. Sun Hat

korean hat

Sun hat is a typical vintage beach style hat you will easily seen during summer season at the beach areas in South Korea. 

The functions is clear, this wide rounded cap use to prevent the sunshine to directly sunbath your face. 

However, it also looks cool and clearly gives a chill vibes. Pair it with a summer dress and you are ready to go to picnic.

6. Visor Hat

Visor hat is actually famous among ahjumma in South Korea. You will easily notice most ahjumma wear this hat to help prevent the sunlight burn their face. 

Whether they are hiking or go to traditional grocery store, most of them will use this hat. However, this hat is actually looks good for all ages, not just middle age person.

#Bonus: Traditional Korean Hats

There are several traditional Korean Hats during Joseon Era you can find in many historical korean dramas including Heukrip or Gat (갓), Jeongjagwan (정자관), Samo (사모), Jeollip (전립), Nambawi (남바위), Jurip (주립), Paeraengi (패랭이) or Pyeongnyangja.

Sum Up

Hat is the accessories which help improve and perfected our fashion style during the day. 

Especially during a bad hair day, hat will be the best and quickest fix to keep us looks good all throughout the day outside our home.

Here are all the most popular and common seen hat you will see in South Korea. How do you think about these hat? Do you like to wear one of them? Let me know in the comment sections below!

korean hat
korean hat

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