Reasons Behind Korean Man Wear Make Up in Korea Beauty Culture!


In this article we will share to you the reasons behind korean men wear make up in korea beauty culture. While many other culture and nations all over the world might think negatively about male that are using make up, it’s not in south korea.

Korean using make up, not because they’re feminine or having orientation disorder, they have reasons that are much more logical rather than they love to looks cute, feminine or probably having gender disorder.


Credit to Brute Choi

As you know, probably what you first perceive when you first travel to south korea, or watch korean drama, or korean pop, one thing that is common is that everyone put huge effort to looks great, not just women, but also men. Korean takes pride in their beauty, looks and appearance.


In Korea, makeup for men is not weird and not even new in korean beauty culture, it’s been here and probably became a culture since a decades ago. Especially for those works in front of public, such as actor, musician, or customer service. They totally rely on their appearance and using make up is one necessary part of their daily routine in their daily life.

As we knew that confucianism are deeply rooted in south korea before, so no doubt previous generation look weird at male that wearing make up, as this is a total opposite of their belief for a man to be masculine.

However, most of younger generation already get used to cosmetics as well as make up and another beauty products as they have more logical reasons behind it. Here we will share to you some reasons behind why korean male using make up.

Being Their Best


Credit to Jmagazine

South korean are really sensitive and concern about how people think about them, so it is not a surprise that men also take a really good care about their appearance, beauty and hygiene. By being their best in their appearance, koreans gain more confidence as they meet new people or just hanging outside.

Make up is a great tools to help them improving their appearance. No doubt make up industry is thriving in south korea. Other than that, by being more confidence, koreans having much more positive effects on their relationship with one another.

Job Competition


Credit to Snaptimedaily

While the first reasons of korean men using make up is motivated by how other people perceive and think about them, this second reason is because of competition in job market.

Many younger people are having a really tight competition with one another, especially due to covid19 pandemic, many business shut down and decreasing their employee, so competitions just become increasingly hard.

Put on make up can be one huge advantages for korean especially during their job interviews, as many of us knew that first impression is really huge in job interviews.

Even though we knew that looks alone won’t be the only deciding factor, yet we can perceive that someone who really take care of their looks is someone who really trying their best and by this they got an advantages from the others.



Credit to Jmagazine

Many korean are inspired from seeing their actor and idols using make up and so they want to try it out for themselves, especially these days there are a lot of male make up artist, so this alone is quiet logical reasons to having passion in make up.

Lately, more korean men pursue career in beauty industry as they know and see the huge opportunity in beauty market. There was a survey taken at Seokyeong University, in beauty art division there are 15_20% male student compare to 3-4% male student back then in 2010’s.


Credit to Hankookilbo

Many Korean start thinking that let people making their own choice is a really healthy and equal society, so many young generation korean stop judging those male who love to do make up and start respect those who prefer to do so as they knew there are logical reasons behind their preference.

How do you think about men that are using make up? Do you see this as positive or negative? Let us know in the comment sections below!

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