10 Type of Instant Korean noodle dish (korean Ramyun)

In this article we will share to you 10 type of instant korean noodle dish or much well known as korean ramen or ramyun. I believe you must’ve already try or known some of these korean noodle dish knowing you are a total korean fans.

As Korean wave and culture immerge and gain more and more popularity in the world, more and more people start learning and looking about korean culture and korean food as well. Many of them wish to try korean food that they saw on their lovely korean reality show, korean drama or korean food mukbang they saw on Television or youtube.

So here today we will share to you 10 type of instant korean noodle dish (korean ramyun) you can try in the comfort of your home everywhere you are in the world. Let’s dive right to it.

Kimchi Ramen

Image: Solmart

Kimchi Ramen is a spicy Korean ramen usually mix with kimchi, mushroom and poached egg.

Beef Ramen

Image: Nongshim

Beef ramen have a little bit of meat inside it, so if you are a vegetarian then you don’t want to try this one as it might cancel your diet.

Chicken Ramen

Image: Shopee

Just like it’s name, Chicken ramen is a ramen with chicken flavored and spicy taste.

Seafood Ramen

Image: Shieu Thi Korea

Seafood ramen is a ramen with a lots of inggridients and vegetables inside, really tasty if you love seafood.

Vegetarian Ramen

Image: Oriental Mart

This is the best choice for vegetarian out there who still want to try korean ramyun, it taste normal and mild.

Cheese Ramen

Image: Happy Fresh

This one is called cheese because they have a separated cheese and spice inside this ramyun.

Mild Ramen

Image: Danawa

Mild ramen taste just like it’s name, mild and taste good, with a little bit vegetables inside.

Spicy Ramen

Image: Koryo Mart

Spicy Ramen, known as fever ramyun, because it guaranteed to raise your temper to the maximum. It has a little bit meat, beef inside it.

Ddeokbokki Ramen

Ddeokbokki Ramyun is a noodles with ddeokbokki, it taste sweet and spicy, really delicious for those who loves ddeokbokki.

Jjajangmyun Ramen

Image: Hanyang Summer

Jjajangmyun ramyun is chewy, curly and thin ramyun that you can find out there, easy to eat and has mild taste.

So here are the list of korean noodle dish you can find out there, probably there are a lot more, however we just can share these much. Have you try one of this? which one you love most? Let us know in the comments!

Every share and every ounce of your support brings my passion for Korea to life – Thank you for visit.

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