Top 5 Great Gourmet Korean Ramen Recipes That you need to try!

ramen crusted chicken wings

In this article, we will share to you top 5 Great Gourmet Korean Ramen or Ramyun recipes that you need to try whether you are a ramyun or ramen lovers or not. As Korean Ramen getting more and more famous and accepted in the whole international world, many great people out there has been trying to mix and improve this fast korean food. In this article we will see the best 5 Gourmet Korean Ramen that was really creative and end up really cool to try. Let’ dive right to it.

Ramen-crusted chicken wings

This is one of the best korean ramen idea, Ramen Crusted Chicken Wing from POPSUGAR Food. This Korean ramen actually seems more natural compare to the other on this list and also not so hard to make. Other than that, this korean ramen got everything’s covered, ramen spice mixed into batter and Sriracha sauce. This one definitely my favourite as this one is looks more natural, eventho i haven’t really try the taste.

Kimchi Ramen Salad

Well if you prefer something healthier than just a fast food ramen, then this might be for you. This guy here show you a great version of kimchi ramen salad that you need to try, eventho it might not enough to categorize this ramen as healthy food, it still better to have something healthy inside our unhealthy food.

She called it a 20 minute meal and this recipe is quiet easy to do, it just take some cutting and mixing. If you prefer another type of Ramen Salad, you can also find another type of ramen salad in youtube, like cold ramen noodle peanut salad.

Ramen Burger

Honestly this one is probably the most unique and creative idea I have never even imagine to see as a ramen. As you can see, the creator of this recipe actually using the flattened fried ramen noodles to subtitute the buns, while the spice and vegetable packets give a twist of flavor inside of the meat patties. You can customize this recipe based on your favourite taste, eventho they put a fried egg and sliced cheese inside it.

Instant Ramen Tamales

This might looks a little bit strange in our eyes, however it works quiet well. In this video, this guy Justin Warner actually give instruction on how to make Tamales using instant ramen noodles, doritos, some smashing and quick wrap.

With some mix of a little hot water and 3 minutes, the concoction ended up meld into a solid starch. While it might not looks awesome, it still worth to try and improve with anything you would love to mix inside it.

Ramen Noodle French Toast

This one is Ramen Noodle French Toast Cinnamon style. In this video, The Chawman youtuber teach you how to make Ramen Noodle French toast that does have a crunchy texture and doesn’t really need any special treatmen as regular french toast.

While usually we dipping our crusty bread into an egg for a regular toast, for create this ramen noodle french toast we  coat it with a crumb mixture that includes cinnamon and crushed korean ramen. The texture of this ramen noodle french toast might not be the best favourite taste for all french toast lovers, however it gives you a new taste of asian style breakfast.

Which one of these 5 improved gourmet korean ramen that you love the most? have you try one of this? let us know in the comment section below! 

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