15 Simple Korean Texting Codes to be Like a Locals!


In this article we will share to you 10 simple korean texting codes to be like a locals to your korean oppa. Speed is the key to survive in south korea, both for work or study. 

This speed culture also extends to texting, includes number codes and abbreviation. Here are some korean number texting codes for you to save time and be more like koreans while texting with your oppa. Let’s dive right to it.



The number 091012 came from 공부 열심히 해 (gongbu yeolsimhi hae) meaning study hard.
“0” is 공 (gong), “9” is 구 (gu), “10” is 열 (yeol), “12” is 십이 (sibi), which makes 공+구+열+십+이, sounds very close to 공부 열심히 해 (gongbu yeolsimhi hae).



The number 700 represent ㄱㅇㅇ, an abbreviation for “귀여워” (gwi-yeo-wo) which means “cute”. You can use this number to your oppa later on.


The number 5 is ‘o’ in korean, 미5 sounds like ‘miwo’, close to 미워 (miwo) meaning “I hate you”. Use this to your oppa when you feel mad to him.



1004 is pronounced as 천 (cheon) or “1000” and 4 is 사 (sa), which makes a ‘cheonsa’, sounds close to 천사, ‘angel’ in korean language.


5 is ‘o’ in korean and together with 밥, it creates sounds like babo 바보 which means stupid or moron.


“5” is pronounced “o” and “9” is pronounced “gu” in Korean. “5959” sounds like “o-gu-o-gu.”, the words that usually used to show how adorable they are.



“머선129” (meo-seon-il-i-gu) is a phrase in the Gyeongsang dialect. “머선” (meo-seon) means “무슨”, means ‘what’ in korean, while “129” is read as “일이구” (il-i-gu). Together, “머선129” means ‘what is going on?’



“하” is pronounced “ha”, and “2” is read as “i” in Korean. It is so clear that together “하2” (ha-i) means “hi”. 



Similar “하2” (ha-i), “빠2” (bba-i) means “bye”. “빠” is read as “bba”, number “2” is read as “i”. Combine both of this and you will get the sounds “bba-i” which means “bye”.



“8” is 팔 (pal) and “2” is 이 (i) in Korean; 8282 is 팔이팔이 (palipali) or “8282”, which actually refer to 빨리빨리 (bballibballi) that means “Hurry Up”.



4 is 사 (sa) or “four” in Korean, together with 감, it creates 감사 (gamsa) which means thank you.



“7942” read as “chil-gu-sa-i” in Korean language. This creates a sound similar to “친구사이” (chin-gu-sa-i) which means just friends. “친구” (chin-gu) means “friend” and “사이” (sa-i) means “relationship”. Both creates a words that means just friend.


study culture in korea

10 is 열 in Korean, “C” is read as 씨 in Korean, so altogether, 10C미 is read as 열+씨+미, yeolsimi, which is close to 열심히 (yeolsimhi) that means “diligent.”

1도 ~몰라/없어


“1도 몰라” (il-do-mol-la) is a popular slang that roughly translates to “I don’t have a single clue / I know nothing about it”. You can use this words when you don’t know the answer of the question asked to you.



This word actually refer to someone you love the most and the most priority in your life. “순위” (soon-wee) means “ranking”, and ‘0’ actually comes before number ‘1’. Together you get a slang words that shows how important that person for you.

Simple texting Korean codes

You can use all these to impress you korean friends. Not many tourist are actually using these slang when they talk with one another or korean people, so your korean friends might be amaze when you use it with them. Did you learn something today? Let us know in the comments section below!

Every share and every ounce of your support brings my passion for Korea to life – Thank you for visit.

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