These Kpop idols look so alike Like a Doppelganger!

kpop idol look alike

In this article, we will share to you the most similar and look so alike Kpop idols that they might be believed as siblings. We only share a couple of the most similar kpop idols that we knew, however there must be more of them that we haven’t realize yet. In this writing, we will share you their picture to compare them apple to apple and let’s look if they’re really similar.

stray kids hyunjin and itzy yeji kpop idol look alike 2

Doppelgangers are famous belief in human society and even though it’s magical, yet many believed that we all have one doppelgangers or someone who identically similar looking to us. It’s even more amazing if both you and your doppelganger having the same profession in the same country. Here are some of korean pop idols with their doppelgangers that we can share for you.

1. TXT Taehyun and IZ*ONE Sakura

txt taehyun and izonesakura kpop idol look alike

2. Mina (TWICE) and Renjun (NCT)

Mina (TWICE) and Renjun (NCT) kpop idol look alike

3. NCT Taeyong and JYJ Jaejoong

4. Sunmi and SNSD Seohyun

5. TXT Soobin and BTOB Minhyuk

kpop idol look alike

6. NCT DREAM Jeno and THE BOYZ Eric

NCT jeno and the boyz eric kpop idol look alike

7. Yeji (ITZY) & Hyunjin (Stray Kids)

stray kids hyunjin and itzy yeji kpop idol look alike

8. SeolA (Cosmic Girls) & Jungwoo (NCT)

cosmic girls SeolA and NCT Jungwoo kpop idol look alike

9. SNSD Taeyeon and Red Velvet Irene

SNSD Taeyeon and Red Velvet Irene kpop idol look alike

10. Chaewon (former IZ*ONE) & Felix (Stray Kids)

former izone chaewon and stray kids felix kpop idol look alike

11. Binnie (OH MY GIRL) & Joshua (SEVENTEEN)

Oh my girl binnie and Seventeen joshua kpop idol look alike

12. Ailee & Kang Daniel

ailee and kang daniel kpop idol look alike

13. NCT Sungchan and Stray Kids Lee Know

14. Moonbyul (MAMAMOO) & Xiumin (EXO)

Moonbyul (MAMAMOO) & Xiumin (EXO) kpop idol look alike

15. Elly (weki meki) and Kun (NCT)

Moonbyul (MAMAMOO) & Xiumin (EXO) kpop idol look alike

16. Twice Tzuyu and Loona Hyunjin

17. Twice Dahyun and Rocket Punch Yeonhee

18. Red Velvet Irene and Iz*One Former Member Eunbi

Red Velvet Irene and IzOne Former Member Eunbi kpop idol look alike

19. Seulgi (Red Velvet) & Wonwoo (SEVENTEEN)

Something about these kpop idol eyes, eyebrow, noses and the shape of their lips or shape of face are just so similar. That’s why I called them doppelgangers or even thought they were just a lost siblings in this lost world.

Kpop Look Alike

How do you think about these kpop idol doppelgangers? Which one you think the most similar to one another? Let us know in the comment sections below!

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