List of K-Pop Idol that Do Not Accept Gifts From Their Fans!

kpop idol do not receive gifts

In this article we will share to you the list of KPOP Idol that are no longer accept gifts from fans with their own personal reasons that we will uncover and find out.



On October 12th, YG Entertainment announced that BLACKPINK would no longer accept gifts from fans, other than letters. YG Entertainment further explained that the members of BLACKPINK themselves decided this and encouraged fans to use their money for good works such as help the poor or doing charity rather than spend their money to give them expensive gifts.


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Back then in 2011, Bigbang G-Dragon post a handwritten letter announced that he would no longer receive any gifts from fans, he felt that it was necessary for fans to know that he would prefer to have his fans by his side, spend meaningful time and create moments together rather than receiving expensive gifts.

Super Junior Heechul

Super Junior Heechul once said in a fan meeting that his fans often gave him a branded gifts, however he further said that even he doesn’t wear a branded outfit, he will still shine because it is his identity, not because of outfit. He then ask fans not to give him any gifts because he only have 2 hands to receive gifts, and if he chose to receive from fans, then he can’t receive gifts from another, so he prefer not to receive gifts from fans.


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IU always rejected gifts from fans and tell straight up that he don’t want to receive any gifts. She once joked during an interview that she is really rich and no longer need any gifts as it would take away the happiness of buying good stuff as a reward to herself.


VIXX N once told fans during an autograph session that fans should not come to give gifts to him, they need to focus on spending time with him, not giving gifts. He further stated that he would no longer accept any gifts from fans.


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BTS actually already told fans not to give them expensive gifts, yet ARMY’s wouldn’t listen and still sending BTS expensive and branded gifts. So in 2018, BTS announced an official statement through their fan cafe that they will no longer accept any gifts other than letters. They hope everyone will turn their support and encouragement into words and written letter rather than gifts.

EXO Chen, D.O, and Xiumin

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Credit to Newsen

Chen Stated on their fancafe that he stopped receiving gifts to refrain from misunderstandings with EXO-L. Furthermore, D.O and Xiumin also chose to no longer accept gifts from fans. Xiumin further explain that he would prefer receive fans support, encouragement and love rather than physical things as it last longer and much more meaningful than gifts.

SHINee Taemin

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Taemin posted a letter in 2013 on his official website stating that he would rather pass the gifts to people in need rather than receiving it himself as he often receive expensive gifts from fans. 

He showed his gratitude for the gifts towards fans for their love and kindness but still encourage them to sent turn the gifts that was meant for him as a charity for those in need as it would be more meaningful for him.

JYP Entertainment Artists

Stray kids member

JYP Entertainment have a rule that all of JYP Entertainment artist do not accept any gifts from their fans other than anniversary banners, handwritten letters and donation certificates. They further explain that love and encouragement is all their artist need rather than physical things and gifts.

If you are one of these artist fans, then we encourage you to keep loving and turns your love through words and letter, or further donation certifications for those in need rather than giving gifts to them.

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