How To say Lover in Korean Language – A Quick Guide!

Are you looking for the most romantic way to say lover in Korean language? From a melancholic phrases to a simple words used by most people in korea, this article will teach you how to say lover in Korean language and also gives you some example to help you better understand this endearment terms. Alright, let’s dive right into it.

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How to say Lover in Korean Language

Just like any other country, korean people also use the words like ‘baby’ , ‘honey’ or ‘lovely’ as they speak to their beloved couple. Below I will share some list of words you can use to call your beloved couple., i believe most of these words are familiar in your ears especially if you are Korean drama or kpop lovers.

  • Jagiya (자기야) – “Honey” or “Baby”
  • Nae sarang (내 사랑) – “My Love”
  • Yeobo (여보) – “Honey” or “Darling”
  • Aein (애인) – “Sweetheart”
  • Aegiya (애기야) – “Baby”
  • Naekkeo (내꺼) – “Mine” or “My Sweetheart”
  • Gongjunim (공주님) – “Princess”
  • Wangjanim (왕자님) – “Prince”
  • Oppa (오빠) – “Older Brother” (from younger female)
  • Seobangnim (서방님) – “Husband”
  • Nampyeon (남편) – ‘Husband’
  • Anae (아내) – ‘Wife’
  • Namchin 남친 – ‘Boyfriend’ 
  • Yeochin 여친 – ‘Girlfriend’
  • Yeonin 연인 – ‘Lover’

1. Jagiya (자기야) – 'Darling' or 'Babe'


Jagiya is the most popular and common words you can use to call your lover in korean. This words can use both ways between couple and literally means ‘babe’, ‘darling’ or ‘sweetheart’. You can shorten it to 자기 (jagi) without ‘ya’ to keep it short and simple. This words is unisex, so whatever gender you are, you can just call your loved ones ‘Jagi’


  • 자기야, 사랑해.
    (jagiya, saranghae.)
    I love you, darling. 
  • 미안해, 자기야. 용서해줘.
    (mianhae, jagiya. yongseohaejwo.)
    I’m sorry, darling. Forgive me. 

2. Nae sarang (내 사랑) – 'My Love'

Korean Celebrity Couples

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Nae sarang literally means ‘My Love’, came from words ‘Nae’ which means ‘mine’ and ‘Sarang’ which means ‘love’. This way to call your lover in korean can also be use both ways, whether you call your boyfriend or girlfriend.


  • 잘 가요, 내 사랑.
    (jal gayo, nae sarang)
    Goodbye, my love. 
  • 그는 하나뿐인 내 사랑이에요.
    (geuneun hanappunin nae sarangieyo.)
    He is my only love. 

3. Yeobo (여보) – 'Husband' or 'Wife'

lee dong wook kdramas

This word is a special word for husband and wife to call lover in korean language, so this can be for you if you are calling your married couple. You might often hear this lover words as you watch married couple call each other in romantic korean dramas. This lover words can use both ways, so you can call your boyfriend or girlfriend with this word.


  • 여보, 생일 축하해.
    (yeobo, saengnil chukahae)
    Happy birthday, honey.
  • 여보, 괜찮아?
    (yeobo, gwaenchana?)
    Are you okay, honey? 

4. Aein (애인) – 'Sweetheart'

park bo young kdramas movies

Aein literally means ‘sweetheart’, this word lover in korean language word is unisex or gender neutral, can be use both ways for male and female. You can also use this words as you are talking about other people lovers to your friend.


  • 애인 있어요?
    (aein isseoyo?)
    Do you have a sweetheart? 
  • 애인 없어요. (aein eopseoyo.)
    I don’t have a sweetheart. 
  • 나는 애인을 기다려요. 
    (naneun aeineul gidaryeoyo)
    I’m waiting for my sweetheart. 
  • 나는 애인하고 여행해요.
    (naneun aeinhago yeohaenghaeyo)
    I travel with my lover.

5. Aegiya (애기야) – 'Baby'

history snowdrop kdramas

Aegiya came from word 애기 (aegi), which is a cute way of saying 아기 (agi) that means ‘baby’, and the last ‘ya’ is just to amplified the cuteness, sweetness and the intensity as you call your lover in korean. 


  • 애기야 뭐 먹을까?
    (aegiya mwo meogeulkka?)
    What shall we eat baby?
  • 아이구 우리 애기~
    (aigu uri aegi~)
    Oh my god, my baby ~ 

6. Naekkeo (내꺼) – 'Mine' or 'My Sweetheart'


Naekkeo literally means ‘Mine’, you can use it to show your cute possesive personality as it shown that you own your couple like they are yours. This words lover in korean sounds cute and heartfelt to the one listening.


  • 내꺼~ 지금 어디에요?
    (naekkeo~ jigeum eodieyo?)
    My (sweetheart), where are you now? 
  • 우리 남친 누구꺼? 내꺼!
    (uri namchin nugukkeo? naekkeo!)
    My boyfriend, whose boyfriend are you? Mine!

7. Gongjunim (공주님) – 'Princess'

korea princess history

Gongjunim literally means ‘princess’, if you want to be a little exaggerated with your girlfriend, you can use this words. The word Gongju means princess and suffix nim is to show politeness and respect. This words for lover in korean show how you look at your girlfriend as if she is a royalty.


  • 우리 공주님을 위해서라면 무엇이든.
    (uri gongjunimeul wihaeseoramyeon mueosideun)
    Anything for my princess.
  • 오늘따라 예뻐 보여요 공주님.
    (oneulttara yeppeo boyeoyo gongjunim)
    You look pretty today, princess. 

8. Wangjanim (왕자님) – 'Prince'

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This is a less common words to call your lover in korean, as this words is more exaggerated, more common among youth in korea. The word Wangjanim literally means ‘Prince’, you can use it with your boyfriend. The suffix 님 (nim) indicate respect and polite. 


  • 당신은 나의 왕자님이에요.
    (dangsineun naui wangjanimieyo)
    You are my prince. 
  • 우리 왕자님, 너무 멋져 보여요.
    (uri wangjanim, neomu meotjyeo boyeoyo)
    You look so cool, my prince.

9. Oppa (오빠)– 'Older Brother'

Oppa literally means ‘brother’, however we know from all korean dramas that most women call her couple ‘Oppa’. It is actually a common ways to call lover in korean language. Most young girl or women use this word to call their boyfriend and even husband. You can also use the word ‘oppa’ when you talk about your couple to another people.


  • 오빠가 있어서 든든해.
    (oppaga isseoseo deundeunhae.)
    I feel safe/secure to have you Oppa.
  • 오빠가 보고 싶어요.
    (oppaga bogo sipeoyo.)
    I miss you Oppa.

10. Seobangnim (서방님) – 'Husband'

world of married couple the best korean drama in netflix

Or 서방 (seobang) simply means ‘husband.  This way of call lover in korean used very often in the famous korean dramas ‘the world of the married’. However, do note that this term is used as husband in traditional korean language. In modern korea, this terms is more commonly use for sons in law rather than husband.


  • 서방님, 집에 일찍 들어오세요.
    (seobangnim, jibe iljjik deureooseyo.)
    (Husband) Please come home early.
  • 서방님, 식사하세요.
    (seobangnim, siksahaseyo.)
    (Husband) Please eat, your meal is ready.

11. Nampyeon (남편) | Anae (아내) - 'Husband' | 'Wife'

korean horror dramas

The word Nampyeon literally means Husband and Anae means Wife, you can use this word to talk about your lover in korean when you are talking with other people.


  • 저아내는 오늘 저녁에 식사를 할 거예요.
    (jeoanaeneun oneul jeonyeke siksareul halkoyeyo.)
    I will have have dinner with my wife.
  • 남편은 일요일에 가족들과 함께 산책을 갔어요
    (Nampyeoneun ilyoile gajokdeulgua hamgye sanchaegeul gasseoyo.)
    My husband went for a walk with family on Sunday.

12. Namchin 남친 | Yeochin 여친 - 'Boyfriend' | Girlfriend'


Namchin refer to boyfriend, the word ‘Nam’ came from ‘Namja’, that means ‘male’, and the word ‘chin’ came from ‘chingu’ that means ‘friend’. 

On the other hand, ‘Yeochin’ refer to girlfriend, the word ‘yeo’ came from ‘yeoja’ which means female and chin came from chingu that means ‘friend’. You can use this lover in korean language as you speak about your boyfriend or girlfriend to your family or friends.


  • 저남친은 일요일에 경기를 보러 갈 거야.
    (jeonamchineun ilyoile gyeonggireul boro kal keoya).
    My boyfriend is going to watch a game on Sunday.

  • 저는 여친과 여행을 가기로 했어요.
    (Joneun yeochingua yeohaeneul gagirohaesseoyeo).
    I have decided to go on a trip with my girlfriend.

13. Yeonin 연인 - 'Lover'

kim go eun dramas

Teonin 연인 is the word lover in korean language that is commonly used to describe a couple, you don’t use this word to introduce your loved ones to another people.


  • 겨울에는 연인들이 같이 공연을 보는것도 좋을꺼 같애.
    (gyeouleneun yeonindeuli katchi gongyeoneul boneunkeottdo joheulkkeo katae)
    It would be good to go watch a concert as a lover.
  • 발렌타인 데이는 연인들이 함께 보내는 날이야.
    (ballentain deineun yeonindeuli hamgye bonaeneun naliya.)
    Valentine’s Day is the day lovers spend time together.

Lover in Korean Language

These are all the words you can use to address or say lover in korean language, I believe with a little bit dedication and practice, you’ll remember these words easily. I hope this article help you learn how to say lover in Korean language. Don’t wait any longer, go ahead and call your Korean with these words.

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