South Korean Hero Taegukgi in Marvel Is One of The Strongest Superhero!

marvel taegukgi

In this article we will share to you the informations about the new south korean hero taegukgi in marvel and why he is one of the strongest superhero in Marvel.

marvel taegukgi

Early this year, Marvel just introduced south korea superhero – Taegukgi. This superhero was named after the Korean flag, and putted on his outfit.

marvel taegukgi

Taegukgi is Korean version of Captain America, even though it more looks like a pepsiman with a large South Korean flag and the tri-grams (괘) at his shoulders.

Marvel's Taegukgi

As the world-class thief prepares to head to Korea with the National Intelligence Service, we learned about Taegukgi from their briefing. Taegukgi is revealed to be much stronger than previously believed, as Black Cat is told he’s on the same power level as both Sentry and Hyperion.

marvel taegukgi

Marvel clearly wanted to show how powerful Taegukgi is and chose the heaviest hitters in comics to emphasize his extreme powers. Comparing the Korean hero to Hyperion and Sentry shows what kind of opponent Black Cat and White Fox is dealing with. 

How do you think about this new korean superheroes Taegukgi in Marvel? Do you think there will be another korean superheroes in the future of marvel comics? Let us know in the comments below!

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