Top 5 Kdramas Filming Location in Nonsan For You to Visit!

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In this article we will share to you the top 5 kdramas filming location in Nonsan to add to your travel bucket list as you visit south korea.

Nonsan is an agricultural city surrounded by fields and mountains in Chungcheongnam-do, South Chungcheon region in South Korea. It is the largest producer of strawberries in Korea. Here’s some place you might consider visiting. Let’s dive right to it.

5. Nonsan Onbit Natural Recreation Forest

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Credit to @clarissacindy

Nonsan Onbit Natural Recreation Forest is a privately owned forest best known for its yellow two-storey wooden house reflected in a lake with it’s Metasequoia Forest Road.

In 2021 it was featured in famous kdrama Our Beloved summer which make the forest become a famous photo spot and instagramer hotspot for its wonderful autumn scenery.

4. Tapjeong Lake Ecological Park

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Credit to nonsan

Tapjeong Lake Ecological Park is an extension of Tapjeong Lake, located in the village Chunggok in Nonsan’s township Bujeok. This ecological park consist of a natural learning center, a wildflower garden, a lotus garden, a dragonfly pond, a lawn yard, a silver-grilled path, and an observatory, among other attractions and facilities.

On early 2021, this place has been featured in A Love So beautiful korean dramas where Cha Heon walk on the bridge in this place reminiscing the memories of him with his father.

3. Myeongjae House

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Credit to koreantravel

Myeongjae House is one great place for you to visit as you travel Nonsan. Myeongjae Yun Jeung was a famous Confucian scholar when King Sukjong was ruling the Joseon Dynasty. The house was built in the year 1709. And Myeongjae’s grandson started to live here in the year 1725.

They considered it to be one of the most typical upper-class houses in the mid-Joseon Dynasty . It was designated as Yoon Jeung’s House – National Folklore Cultural Heritage No. 190, on January 29, 2007. It was then renamed then as Myeongjae House in Nonsan. 

This house has been featured in Monthy Magazine dramas when the monthly magazine team visit an old traditional house for 2 days and 1 night together in the 10th episode.

Myeongjae’s House offers cultural experience programs and activities to where you can join and participate in experiencing traditional programs. You can experience tea ceremonies, natural dyeing, Korean classical music (Gukak), Hanok overnight stay, and others. 

2. Banyasa Temple

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Credit to dlwhdgkrmarkd

Bongwonsa Temple was featured in Extracurricular korean dramas in 2020 on the last episode where Oh Ji Soo drag the unconcious Seo Min Hee through this cave.

Banyasa is a Buddhist temple located in the village of Samjeon in Nonsan’s Gayagok Township, is well known for its ‘cave temple’ (rather a small canyon) that has continued to be maintained, the cave was apparently used as limestone mine during the Japanese colonial period. It is also said to be a nice spot for viewing enormous trumpet creeper flowers.

1. Sunshine Studio

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Credit to sunshinestudio

This place is one of the most popular destination in Nonsan. Sunshine studio is actually specifically made for Mr. Sunshine korean dramas. After Mr. Sunshine launch and became hits, this place also got huge attention from kdrama watcher all over the world. If you already watched Sunshine Studios, then you might already be familiar with this place.

Other than being the important filming site of My. Sunshine, this place is also being featured in Lee Min ho movies The King Eternal Monarch where Lee Min Ho meet with Kim Go Eun in the last episode where this place became a paralel universe between the two.

Nonsan Beautiful Places

nonsan kdrama site

Which one of this nonsan beautiful kdrama filming location you would love to visit as you travel Korea? Let us know in the comment section below!

Every share and every ounce of your support brings my passion for Korea to life – Thank you for visit.

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