Park Min Young Dramas To Make Your Hearts Flutter!

park min young dramas

Looking for the Best Park Min Young Dramas to make your heart flutter?

I’ve compiled a list of the Best Park Min Young dramas for you to add to your watchlist.

Let’s take a look at my list of the Best Park Min Young dramas!

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1. Forecasting Love and Weather

park min young dramas

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Forecasting love and weather drama tells a love story between a junior and senior who work for a weather forecasting company. 

This drama shows the hardship of work life in South Korea mix with office romance – specifically to those who work in Korea Meteorological Administration. 

2. What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim

park min young dramas

What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim is another workplace romance that tells a love story between a confident CEO with his Secretary.

This drama tells a story of of Park Min Young’s life as a secretary for vice president of a large company. 

Her boss is smart, rich and also cool, yet arrogant. 

One day, she decide to quit after working for him for years.

Her Boss can’t stop thinking why she decides to quit and so their love journey begins.

3. City Hunter

park min young dramas

City hunter tells a revenge story of a betrayed national security service to the top officials who annihilated all of his team keep their mission secret and confidential.

Can’t accept being a black sheep, he took one of his best friend’s son and train him to be a City Hunter – someone who seek justice by retaliate against the most powerful officials in the country.

While working at the blue house, he fall in love with a women who work as a bodyguard.

Now, they work together to reveal the truth and seek justice.

4. Her Private Life

park min young dramas

Her private life tells a story of Park Min Young as a curator in art gallery.

She secretly runs a fan website about her favorite idol group.

One day, a former famous painter come and work as the new director of the art gallery where she work.

As they spent more time together at work, love start sprinkling in their heart.

5. Dr. Jin

park min young dramas

Dr jin tells a story of a surgeon in 21th century who never fail all of his life. 

One day he found himself to be in the midst of a forest where people with traditional outfit fight one another with swords. 

While he thought he was in a filming sites, some of them come after him and chase him.

Afterwards, He realize that it was not a dream, nor a filming site, but reality. 

He was unexpectedly taken back through time to Joseon Dynasty.

6. Remember: War of the Son

park min young dramas

Remember dramas tells a story of a lawyer who have the ability to remember, not just normal remembrance, but perfect and vivid remembrance where he is able to recall everything in perfect details. 

He try hard and struggles to prove the innocence of his father. 

Everything’s going well until he got Alzheimer, which cause him to lose his ability to remember.

7. Queen For Seven Days

park min young dramas

Queen for seven days is a drama based on a true story that happened to Lady Shin who married Prince Jinsung in 1499. 

Prince Jinsung and Lady Shin became the King and Queen for seven days, before she got removed from her position and kick out from the palace.

This drama portrays a tragic love story based on true events that happened in Joseon Eras, during the 14th century.

8. A New Leaf

park min young dramas

A New Leaf tells a story of a talented lawyer who are willing to do anything to win every case. 

However, he found himself in a constant argument with Park Min Young, an intern who work in his law firm. 

One day, he got into an accident that cause amnesia.

Now he need to fight for justice with truth and good attitude.

9. Glory Jane

park min young dramas

Glory Jane tells a story of Park Min Young as hardworking nurse who don’t remember her past and her identity as a daughter of a president of trading company.

Her father was murdered by his own friend who took over the company. 

One day, she apply for a job in the company own by the one who killed his father.

10. Healer

park min young dramas

Healer tells a story of a life of popular reporter who work for a major broadcasting company. 

One day, he learnt about the truth of a past case.

He try to approaches those people related to the case to help him reveal the truth. 

The drama portrays a battle for truth and the love that spring between them as they case the truth.

11. When The Weather is Fine

park min young dramas

When the weather is fine tells a story of Park Min Young as an ordinary girl with a good personality and amazing cello skills. 

She easily make friends and began her social life through her skills in playing cello. 

However, she stop trusting other people after got hurt by people.

Later on, she go back to her hometown in Bookhyun village.

This is where she encounters an old friend who helps her heal and remake herself. 

12. Love In Contract

kdrama september 2022

Love in Contract tells a story of a contract marriage master that offers a partner for singles.

After having years contract with two man, she got trapped in a love triangle.

This drama is actually shows the reality of ‘human rent’ service in Korea.

You can contact and literally ‘rent’ someone to be your temporary partner – whether to go to special events, or just hanging out.

13. Sungkyunkwan Scandal

park min young dramas

Sungkyunkwan Scandal portrays a friendship and love life of four young student who study in Sungkyunkwan university. 

This dramas sets in Joseon eras where female aren’t allowed to have education.

Later on, she take her sick brother identity as disguise herself as a man to be able to work and support her family.

This is where she enter Sungkyunkwan university and meet her new friends.

These are my list of the Best Park Min Young Dramas I can share with all of you.

I will keep update this article as I watched more Park Min Young Dramas in the future.

Do you have any recommendations of Park Min Young Dramas?

Let me know in the comment sections below so I can share it here with all Park Min Young lovers.

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park min young dramas
park min young dramas

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