Why You Should never miss Pojangmacha Street Food carts when you travel south korea

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Hi Guys, today I want to introduce you to Pojangmacha. Many of you might wondering what is Pojangmacha, so hold your breath and let me tell you about Pojangmacha.

Pojangmacha is a colorful tents restaurant on many of south korean streets. Here, you can have a seat on the sidewalk  and sometimes in the streets, to eat your food. It’s more like a food truck, with full restaurant kitchen set.

They are meant to be moved easily so that the owners can follow the heavy foot traffic. The kitchen equipment is loaded onto a cart or a table so that it can be pushed, pulled, or driven to another place. The kitchens are capable of making all kinds of hot Korean food for people to enjoy alongside their alcohol.

And if you come during the cold winter months, you don’t need to worry as pojangmacha owners will make a walled-in box of sorts complete with heaters. 

It is a very unique restaurant style that feels like you’re going on a picnic in tent, such an interesting aspect of Korean culture and common scene in dramas. So today, let’s talk about the culture around these unique pojangmacha in south korea

History of Pojangmacha

Pojangmacha have existed in Korea for about 70 years.

Pojangmacha are merely the latest manifestation of this Korean service in fast food and drink that is provided somewhere close to customers’ workplaces and homes.

Pojangamacha first began to spring up early in the 1950’s in around Cheonggyecheon, Seoul. Anyway the first Pojangmacha is totally different with modern pojangmacha we found these days.

They were small cars and carts, exposed to the elements, selling small snacks and drinks, yet now even they have extensive menu with table and stools around it or even extend to the streets.

In 1970’s, pojangmacha flourished in Seoul as long hours working in Korea increasing. As people finished work, they stopped at a pojangmacha to get a quick drink and a bite to eat.

Delicious food in Pojangmacha

1. Gyeran-mari (계란말이)

korean street food Myeongnan-jeot-gyeran-mari
Credit to Wikimedia

The first one is the egg folded roll, extremely popular and served at nearly every pojangmacha. The ingredients are cheap and easy to prepare. It looks pretty similar to a Western omelette, and if you are accompanied by a picky eater, or one who doesn’t like spicy food, odeng and rice will be a perfect companion.

2. Gomjangeo (곰장어)

Credit to Ondal_songjung

Spicy and chewy eel is believed to be good for hangovers, perfect soju companion.

3. Sundae 순대

Credit to Agari fighter

Pig intestines are filled with chopped vegetables.

4. Odolbbyeo (오돌뼈)

korea street food odolbbyeo 오돌뼈
Credit to hihisun_ny

Spicy stir-fried pork cartilage, perfect companion with rice

5. Jeyuk bokkeum 제육볶음

korea street food jeyuk bookeum
Credit to 1001_Moon

Jeyuk-bokkeum (제육 볶음). is a Korean spicy stir-fried pork.

6. Dalkbal 닭발 | Chicken Feet

korea street food dalkbal chicken feet
Credit to kikiki.jy

Dalkbal is korean version of chicken feet, many countries make this as well. What makes it different is that this is really spicy

7. Kkomjangeo 꼼장어

Credit to Bab_mokja

Hagfish is one of the most famous dishes that usually grilled on a charcoal fire and served with vegetables including red and green peppers.

8. Yache Twigim 야채튀김

korea street food yachae dduikim
Credit to Silver_beauty

These tasty deep fried veggies have a softer coating then regular deep fried food, they also go well with Makgeolli.

9. Ojingeo Hui 오징어회

korea street food ojingeo hui squid
Credit to Attozang

Ojingeo hui is a squid served with salt in sesame oil or with gochujang (red-pepper sauce).

10. Tteokbokki 떡볶이

korea street food tteokbokki
Credit to Kfoodoftheday

Tteokbokki is popular Korean food, made from soft rice cake, fish cake, and gochujang.

11. Odeng 오뎅

korean street food odeng
Credit to Eunseongheo

Odeng is a fish cake that usually company rice cake in tteokpokki.

12. Kimchi dubu 김치두부

korea street food kimchi tofu dubu
Credit to foodie_j0j0

Kimchi dubu is kimchi tofu, really popular among local koreans.


Have you eat one of these food? or Have you eat in pojangmacha in south korea?
What things you love most to eat in Pojangmacha?

Every share and every ounce of your support brings my passion for Korea to life – Thank you for visit.

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