Quick Guide to Purple Island Korea, South Korea Purple world!

FULL guide to purple island in korea

In this article, we will share the quick guide for your sweet escape to a new instagram worthy destinations in Korea, especially if purple is your favourite Color. The name of this place is Purple Island, as known as Banwol Island.

If you’re planning to explore a different hidden gems of South Korea, we’re excited to share about this must-see Instagrammable island in South Korea. Alright, let’s dive right to it.

Purple Island South Korea

Credit to jangmihyi299

Banwol Island or purple island is also known as half-moon island, it is located in Sinan-gun, a beautiful county in South Jeolla province. If you are about to go around South Jeolla Province, this charming island is definitely a sight to behold.

In August 2019, the South Jeolla provincial government and Sinan County planned to transform two neighbouring islands, Banwol Island and Parkji Island into purple islands complete with beautiful flowers and crops in matching colours. The whole initiative took inspiration from the local purple bellflowers (or campanula). These islands are connected via a bridge, which makes a great opportunity for visitors to appreciate the scenic seascape too.

The county had planted 40,000 lavender around the island as well as white cedar, empress trees and other purple flowers for this transformation. Overall, the village on Banwol Island certainly lives up to its aesthetics. Take a walk to spot residential homes, bridges, streets, food trucks, sidewalks all painted in purple. Banwol Island came to be known as the Purple Island after the roofs of some 400 buildings were painted ina alovely shade of lilac.

It’s a new and trending destination in South Korea since its inauguration in the summer of 2020 by the Sinan government. Since then, the place has seen a 20% increase in the number of visitors from the previous year.

Purple Island Korea Dark Background

Banwol-do is part of the famous area of Sinan Islands that is renowned for its aesthetic layout worthy of Korean Dramas, surreal views and for mineral-rich resources like salt and seaweed.

However, for your informations, according to Unreported World, these valuable assets were actually fostered by trafficked individuals whose conditions aligned with the United Nations’ definition of the term ‘slave’.


The Guardian reported that those trafficked were often mentally handicapped,  80% were reported to have learning disabilities. Mr. Chung Jie-hong, one of the hundreds who was freed from the farms only in 2013, spoke with the host of Unreported World, Marcel Theroux that his ‘boss’ – whom Mr. Chung refers to as ‘Daddy’ ,was a “very bad man” but never beat him.

In addition to human trafficking allegations, according to The Korea Herald news, one of the best news media of South Korea, back then on June 7, 2016, there was a sexual assault case that drew mass attention to the South Jeolla province located in the Sinan Islands.

A female teacher was raped by three locals in which two of them were parents of her students. The incident brought backlash against the local government by locals claiming their incompetence, some even claimed they’d boycott all salt produced in the area.

Best Things to do in Purple Island korea

Explore the island on foot or bike

Navigating the islands is as simple as taking a walk around the block. Both Banwol and Bakji have great trails. These are paved and go all around the perimeters of both islands.

Enjoy the ocean breeze as you stroll around the picturesque scenery. The total distance is just 6.2 kilometers so that’s easy to cover. If you’re interested to explore more parts of the island, you can rent a bicycle for KRW5,000 per person.

Hike Mount Eoggae

If you are interested in light hiking, then you can climb up Mount Eoggae, 201 meters high, to get an aerial view of both the purple-colored villages. From the top, you’ll be able to see the purple villages, greenery from the surrounding nature and blue tricking from the mountains. This view is undoubtedly something that draws tourists to visit this island.

Cheonsa Bridge

purple island
purple island

It is the purple bridge that connects Bakji Island with Banwol Island. The name literally translates to Angel’s Bridge. You can take a photo with the iconic purple bridge as a backdrop. And after you’ve captured all the photos to your heart’s desire, you can enjoy the beautiful view of the sea over the bridge. Even the night view is magnificent. Purple lights shine brightly on the bridge, making even the sunset look purple. 

Where to eat in Purple Island Korea

Bakjido Restaurant and Coffee Truck


You can enjoy delicious Korean cuisine here. There’s all sorts of seafood and pork varieties available so if you get hungry while roaming around in the world of lilac. The interesting part is the dishes of this restaurant are all designed in purple to go with the theme.

If you prefer some coffee while hang around, then make sure to stop by the coffee truck and buy a cup of americano here before start your explorations.

Where to Stay in Purple Island Korea

A Purple Homestay


Credit to sejongeconomy

If you are planning to stay a little longer on the island in South Jeolla province, you can book a homestay. And you guessed it right – it’s a purple homestay! It charges about KRW 50,000 per night.

Useful Informations:

  • Entrance fee: 3,000 KRW 
    The entrance is free if you’re wearing a purple outfit, or carrying a purple accessory.
  • Address: 58 Banwol-ri, Anjwa-myeon, Sinan-gun, Jeollanam-do, South Korea

How to get here:

  • By [Subway]
    Take the train from Incheon Airport Terminal 1 to Seoul station
    Then use Korean Train Express (KTX) high-speed train to Mokpo station
    Take a bus from Mokpo station to Anjwa-Myeon intersection
    Take the Anjwa Village Bus to the Purple Bridge
  • It takes about 10 hours from Seoul!

Purple Island Korea

Have you ever visited this beautiful Purple Island in Korea? Do you like this ? Let us know in the comment sections below!

Every share and every ounce of your support brings my passion for Korea to life – Thank you for visit.

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