Top 8 Best Kdrama That Shows The Reality Of Life In South Korea!

In this article we will share to you the top 8 best kdramas that shows the reality of life. If you are tired with fake romance and wish to see the real life inspired kdrama, make sure you add some of this korean dramas to your watch list. Let’s dive right into this korean dramas.

1. A World of Married Couple

world of married couple the best korean drama in netflix

World of married couple tells a real story that most of korean face in real life, which is about fall in love, cheating, rising children and deal with other people judgement. Even though not all of korean face this bad situation, but most people can actually relate with the story.

2. Signal


This kdrama actually show some crimes that derived from real case in South Korea, such as the kidnapping case and serial murders that took place in Gyeonggi areas. This drama shows the reality that even tho South Korea is quiet safe, doesn’t mean that crime isn’t exist.

3. Cheese in the Trap

Cheese-in-the-Trap korean drama webtoons

This korean drama tells the reality of life and relationship within a group of university students. This dramas tells a complicated dating story between teenagers.

4. D.P

D.P shows the reality and behind the scene of military training in South Korea. Some of the man who has gone through the military training even said that the dramas is just too real for the viewers.

5. Reply 1988

Reply 1988 shows the reality of South Korea before the modernized Korea, showing how people lived in a small neighborhood before korean economic revolutions. Back then in 80s, koreans from various social class can live together and help each other. 

6. Run On

Run On (2020) the best netflix korean dramas

Run On shows the sexism part of South Korea. The reality of most women don’t really get the recognition they deserve just because of their gender generally still exist in South Korea. Most people don’t like to be lead by female and thus even tho someone might be smart, it is harder to be a leader of a big company compare to man.

7. Record Of Youth

park bo gum kdrama

Record of youth show the reality of social differences in South Korea. Life in korea can be really tough and there are many low class person work hard to achieve their dream fight against those from wealthy family who can easily use their resources to reach their dreams.

8. Misaeng

This korean drama tells a story about interns working for import export management company. This dramas show the reality of the hardship and how it feels like for a youth trying to make it in the corporate world in south korea.

Real Life Korean Dramas

Here’s all kdrama that shows the reality of South Korea in every different part and areas of life. Which one you like the most? Let us know in the comment sections below!

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