Seo In-guk offered to be a lead role in Minamdang: Case Note K-drama!

seo in guk minamdang kdrama

In this article we will share to you about the latest news of Seo In Guk, famous uprising korean actor that was offered to be a lead role in Minamdang Case Note Korean drama. Make sure you read this article until the end to get the most out of it.

As we know, Seo in guk lately was famous for it’s latest hot korean drama title Doom At Your Service and currently was offered to be the leading role and main character in a new korean drama title Minamdang Case Note.

Minamdang was adapted from Mystery novel


Minamdang Case Note was actually adapted and the movie taken from a web novel which has the same name. It’s not just a novel, it was a mystery novel, famous novel that has gained more than 200 thousand readers on internet (KakaoPage). It gets a lot and huge attention to the point that currently this novel are available as physical copies.

Minamdang Case Note korean drama is a story about a former Profiler Han Jun who becomes a shaman with his colleagues and so we will discover each stories of their clients. As we all expected, Seo In-guk was offered the role of Han Jun, and if he received it, then this will be the first time to see Seo in guk as a shaman role in korean drama industry.

Doom at your service korean drama


As we know Seo in guk got a huge attention especially after his latest act at Doom At Your Service korean drama and most likely it will keep continue to be popular on many streaming platform.

We’ve share the latest reviews of Doom At Your Service last episode that was ended up great that Seo In Guk as Myul Mang return as human and still remembered by his people.

seo in guk korean drama

Seo In-guk leading Role in Minamdang – Case Note

seo in guk minamdang korean drama

Seo In-guk’s company, Story J, has confirmed that In-guk has received an offer to star as the main character in Minamdang, and he is currently reviewing it and most likely he will received it, so we can expect to see Seo In Guk to be a shaman in Minamdang Case Note korean drama.

Who can’t wait to see this new korean drama of Minamdang Case Note? Have you read Minamdang Case Note mystery novel? Let us know in the comments below!

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