list of 13 Korean Soju Worth Trying In 2021

Hi Guys, today I want to talk with you about Soju, yes Soju. All of us korean lovers knew that beer, alcohol and soju is a lifestyle in korea, more than mineral water. Soju can be found in every convenience store and restaurant in Korea with a really cheap and affordable price.

Soju is made here in Korea, so Koreans are proud of this delicious tasty happy beverage. As time goes by, soju also improving. They have lots of flavors and new brewing methods to satisfy koreans and all soju lovers. So let’s look at them.

1. Lotte Chilsung choeum choreom 처음처럼

Credit to Chumchurum USA

Choeum Choreom means “Like the first time”, actually have a meaning to encourage people to make every day a new fresh start, forget the failure in the past and keep moving forward with the fresh present day.

This Soju based in Gangwon province, Choeum Choreom easily spread to the capital city as the distribution of soju became legal. 

Choeum Choreom made using alkaline water with minerals. This supposedly makes the alcohol easier to drink, hopefully to lesser the headache impact after the hangover. They also offers different levels of alcohol percentage which is 16.5% , 16.9% and 21%. 

2. Hite Jinro chamisul 참이슬

Credit to Chamisul

Chamisul is the most popular soju in Korea. It has maintained its alcohol content at 16.9% because there is a Korean law that says alcoholic beverages over 17% alcohol cannot appear in advertisements from 7am to 10pm.

Famous amongst locals and internationals alike, Chamisul is currently the top-selling distilled liquor in the world. It is no wonder then that Koreans call it gukmin soju (national soju). 

Jinro, which manufactures Chamisul, first dominated Seoul, and we know that Seoul is the capital city, no doubt this brand so quickly spread to the rest of the country afterwards.

They claim to use 100% natural ingredients and natural vegetable, offers clean taste since it was created by filtering the alcohol through bamboo charcoal at least 4 times. 

Chamisul also offers different levels of alcohol content, which is 16.9% and 20.1%.

3. Kumbokju’s Delicious Charm 맛있는 참​

Credit to Gukje News

Kumbokju’s Delicious Charm dominates North Gyeongsang province and Daegu City as it’s hometown. Their soju is made by pure grains such as rice, barleys and taopioca that comes from the countryside.

What makes them unique is that they’re sweeter than other soju, because they add xylitol inggridients, which is an artificial sweetener to make this soju sweet. They have 16.9% alcohol.

4. Daesun Distilling’s C1 시원

Credit to

Daesun soju is famous after being endorsed by MAMAMOO. What makes this soju different is that this sojuhas more flavor in it, not just a normal alcohol, it taste more smooth and clean. Anyway this soju is not so famous, so you might want to try this one if you are a soju lovers that wanna try something new.

C1 is made with natural bedrock water from Mount Samgak-san, giving it a clean aftertaste. The soju also includes aspartic acid, a type of amino acid that supposedly helps people feel better after drinking.

It is one of the smoothest soju available as the alcohol is aged using a process involving sound vibrations. C1 has an alcohol content of 18%

5. Hallasan Soju 한라산소주

Credit to Hallasan

Well I guess many of us know that Hallasan is a famous mountain for hiking in Jeju Island, so all of us now can guess where this soju came from. This is the local soju from Jeju Island.

Named after the highest peak in Korea, Hallasan soju is filtered through charcoal made from trees grown on its mountain.  The undiluted alcohol is first frozen to remove impurities and unrefined fragrances, makes this soju really smooth.

This soju is usually match with seafood and hui (Korean sliced raw fish). Hallasan soju offers 2 different level of alcohol, which is 21% for the original and 17% for lighter one.

6. Muhak’s Good Day 좋은데이

Credit to News joins

Muhak’s Good Day is from the southern province of Gyeongsang-namdo. Good Day is another brand that sources its ingredients from the mountains. It uses naturally alkaline mineral water from Jirisan, supplemented with amino acids for health benefits. 

The spread and fame of Soju in South korea is easilly mapped into 2 region.The North and the South, The north is mainly dominated by Cheoeum Cheoreom and Jinro while the Southern parts of Korea, like Busan, Ulsan and Changwon, are dominated by Good Day.

Good day offers 16.9% alcohol level, targeting those who don’t really want to be hangover after drank. Especially after the trends change now into lower alcohol and fruit flavored..

7. Fruit Flavored Soju

Credit to justliquor

You can easily spot this soju from their fruit picture on the bottle, and don’t worry they only have 12% alcohol, so you won’t get drunk after a bottle of this soju.

This Fruit Flavored Soju getting more attention and fame as many people are more inclined to drink this flavored type of alcohol compare to the fresh soju, especially when it comes to daily beverages.

There is a lower fruit flavored alcohol which only contain 9% alcohol, named Watermelon Soju. You might as well want to try this fruit flavored soju when you come to Korea.

If you prefer a really low fruit flavored soju, then you might want to try isultoktok soju. They offers peach and pineapple flavored Soju with only 3% alcohol content.

They actually targeted those sweet lovers market and those people who want to get a little buzz without losing control a bit.

8. Bohae Brewery’s Yipsejoo 잎새주

Credit to Bohae

Yipsejoo uses clean mineral water from a deep well in South Jeolla Province and undergoes several rounds of filtration to obtain a fresh taste.

Bohae Brewery’s Yipsejoo become famous for their addition of organic Canadian maple syrup that acts as natural sweetener. The more you shake it, the more sweet it becomes. This soju offers you 19% alcohol.

9. Mackiss’s O2Linn O2린/이제 우린

Credit to goodmorningcc

O2 actually refers to “oxygen”, as this brands put a large amount of oxigent dissolved into the alcohol, supposedly shortens the hangover recovery period.  

This soju offers 16.9% alcohol content and targeted mainly woman, as woman don’t like to have a long hangover period. However, it has been rebranded as Yije Woorin (Now We Are), but the content is the same.

10. Chungha 청하

Credit to Lotte

Chungha shares a name with a famous Korean pop star to attract the fan base.

The alcohol content is much lower than other clear, non-flavored alcohol. They only offers you 13% alcohol content. No doubt, it is much smoother. 

This one is great for those who don’t wanna get drunk yet still want to have a non flavored alcohol.

11. Yogurt Soju 순하리 요구르트

Credit to Shopee

Yogurt Soju is actually my favorite when it comes to Soju. While many of you might think that it’s a weird combinations, it’s actually really famous and delicious.

what makes it so delicious and unique is that the combination of the sweetness of yogurt with the sour bite of alcohol. It’s start a little bit weird but end up tasty in our tongues. If you’re a fan of interesting flavor combinations, like sweet and spicy or sour chicken, you might like this.

12. honey soju 꿀꺽 술

Credit to Superkmart

As it’s name, you can expect to taste a sweet honey mix with bitter soju. This Honey Soju offers 9.2% Alcohol content. However if you plan to get drunk, then this one might not be for you.

This Honey soju targeted sweet taste lovers and those who doesn’t want to get drunk after taste Soju.

13. Chungbuk Soju’s Cool Cheongpung 시원한 청풍

Credit to Coolsoju

Cool Cheongpung uses Chojeong mineral spring water, which used by King Sejong to treat his eye infection while he created hangeul (the Korean alphabet). 

They also added asparagine, which is a type of amino acid that is used in the metabolism of toxins, to alleviate hangovers and protect their livers, for those who are more health conscious. This Soju offers 17.5% alcohol content. 


After knowing all this, which one you ever try and which one is the best for you?

Anyway, remember to always drink with responsible and accountability, which means that don’t drink this if you are driving alone or get drunk without someone who take care of you, also don’t drink if you are under age person.

Every share and every ounce of your support brings my passion for Korea to life – Thank you for visit.

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