Self Quarantined Song Joong-ki Promotes Disability Awareness Festival!

In this article we will share to you a good news about the good act of Song Joong-ki during his self quarantined after having a contact with a positive covid19 person at 30th of June. He made a video promotes the Korean Internationa Accessible Dance Festival (KIADA), that raises disabilityy awareness. This video goes viral because he did this for free.

This act of kindness was revealed by a volunteer from KIADA that posted a post titled “About actor Song Joong-ki’s personality”. This post explained that KIADA has been struggling a great deal this year due to a lack of public interest in the festival as well as the pandemic condition, makes even less people interesting in this type of festival.

Other than that, KIADA is not supported by any commercial or advertisement that just become another challenged for the promotion of the festival.

song joongki

Credit to Muhak

During the period of his self quarantine, a volunteer sent an email to Song Joong-ki, in hopes of receiving a 30-second promotional video during the actor’s free time in his self quarantined.

Great surprise for the volunteer when they saw Song Joong-ki not just replied the email, but replied it with a warm language and requested 6 years data and informations of KIADA. THis showed them that Song Joong-ki really took time and initiative to read all about KIADA before filming the video.

After the volunteeer sent the materials to Song Joong-ki, they didn’t got any response. However, after a month of no response and waiting period, Song Joong-ki just sent the promotional video to them. This video really surprised and moved by the effort this actor put to make this video eventhough He knew that they might never be able to pay the actor for his video.

Song Joong-ki video

In the video, the actor dressed in a suit with a bow tie congratulating the sixth anniversary of KIADA. He further explain about KIADA as a platform where dancers with disabilities can perform and exchange their artistic skills with the ending of him encouraging viewers to support this festival.

Do you like Song Joong Ki? How do you think about his kindness? Let us know in the comments section below!

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