10 Korean Idols Who Could Make it and Totally Win “Squid Game”!

squid game korean idol

In this article we will share to you netizen imagination about Squid Game about who will win if all korean idols join Squid game.

Have you ever think about it? Who do you think would be the winner if all korean celebrities join Squid Game? Here’s the list of who Korean Netizen think will win if the other korean idol participate in Squid Game.

10th Kim Dong-hyun

squid game korean idol

Kim Dong Hyun, as known as Stun Gun, is a korean martial artist specialize in Judo, Brazilian Jujitsu, Taekwondo, Aikido and boxing. He have a fast and quick response especially during an intense situation.

Votes: 89 votes

9th Lee Kwang-soo

squid game korean idol

Lee Kwang so is famous for being one of the member of Running Man, he is one of the legend before he quitted it due to personal car accident that cause a leg injury. He is known as Prince of Asia and famous for being a great traitor to win. His cunning brain will definitely help him survive the Squid Game.

Votes: 96 Votes

8th Kim Yeon-koung

squid game korean idol

Kim yeon Koung is a famous volleyball national team player in Korea. Her first national team game started when she was 17 years old. Other than that, she successfully helped her team to reach top four this year during Tokyo Olympics. Netizen think she has a great strong arm and power that will help her reach the end of the games.

Votes: 132 votes

7th Lee Jung-jae

squid game korean idol

Lee Jung Jae is the real winner of Squid Game movie, no doubt people will think he will still end up a winner if he join the games with the other korean idols.

Votes: 148 votes

6th Lee Soo-geun

squid game korean idol

Lee Soo Geun, as known as Littel Follower, is a genious and well beloved korean comedian. Other than makes people laugh, he has the ability to asses the situations and adapt real quick to every different situations. His quick thinking will definitely help him to solve tough problems.

Votes: 177 votes

5th Noh Hong-chul

squid game korean idol

Noh Hong Chul is a korean entertainer well known for his crazy guts and sneaky role on many famous korean variety show and also well known as the most lucky person. People think luck is needed more than power or strength in Squid Game.

Votes: 240 votes

4th Jang Dong-min

Jang Dong Min is a comedian who won the third and fourht season of Genius, Korean Game Show, and received more than 100 mil won in prize. He definitely is a great and experience candidate to win the Squid Game.

Votes: 363 votes

3rd Lee Seung-yoon

squid game korean idol

Lee Seung Yoon is well known as a great comedian, little did people know that before he became a comedian, he used to be a mixed martial arts athlete. This tells a lot about his power, phsyical endurance and quick body response in an intense situations. 

Votes: 402 votes

2nd Kim Byung-man

squid game korean idol

kim Byung man is a famous korean comedian that also has a very strong martial arts and acrobatic skills. He showed his survival instincts during variety show Law of the Jungle. his survival insight will definitely help him decide quickly what to do in an intense situations that will be able to lead him to win the Squid Game.

Votes: 837 votes

1st Kim Jong-kook

squid game korean idol

All running man lovers knew that Kim Jong kook is a really strong and also smart person. His nickname such as Sparta Kooks and Commander was given due to his leadership skills, smart brain, strong power and endurance. 

squid game korean idol

He currently runs a successful fitness Youtube Channel that gets millions of subscriber within hours of started in youtube. Korean netizen think that Kim Jong Kook will definitely win Squid Game if he is about to join it, because he is experienced from Running Man, and also has both the skills and power to win.

Votes: 909 votes

Who do you think will win Squid Game if korean idols are about to join Squid Game? Let us know in the comments below!

This article was paraphrased from: 마이셀럽스 익사이팅 디시

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