Taegeuk – Meaning Of The Yin Yang in South korean flag!


Do you know the meaning of the red and blue circle, yinyang symbol in South Korean flag? In short, it’s called Taegeuk. In this article, I will share to you the meaning of the symbol behind this wonderful south korean flag!

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We can see Taegeuk in the middle of south korea national flag. Most of us might even call this Taegeuk korean symbol as Yin and Yang, which is actually right. 

In Buddhism, this pattern means the ultimate equality and balance. In Korean, Taegeuk serve as a symbol of continuous cycle of life that never ends.

Taegukgi National Flag

The first flag was created in 1882 and the design has varied over the years. 

After being banned during the Japanese occupation (1910-1945), the present taegukgi flag was created in 1948 as the South Korean national flag. 

The flag is flown proudly by Koreans both at their home in Korea as well as abroad.

korea symbol

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This national flag of South Korea features a red and blue circle symbol in the center with four black trigrams surrounds it. 

This present korean flag stands for three important components of South Korea – lands (white background), people (taegeuk), and government (the four black trigrams). 

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The Taegeuk, which is known as yinyang, signify the continuous changing opposite and complementary natures that can be seen in every aspect of life.

In this universe there are good and evil, light and darkness, positive and negative, masculine and feminine. 

Meanwhile, the black trigrams represent the four elements of nature: fire, water, earth, and wind.

Taegukgi Colour Meaning

korea symbol

The colors in Korea have a traditional symbolism and related meanings. It has a unique traditional color spectrum called Obangsaek (오방색). 

Obangsaek consisting of white, black, blue, yellow, and red. That’s why the Taegeukgi, or Korean National flag, has four of those colors, white, red, black, and blue.

Korean Flag Colour Meaning :

  • White symbolizes the beginning, and foundation of mankind, as well as represents light and purity.
  • Red: symbolizes power and passion.
  • Blue: symbolizes hope and calm, yet also represents life. 
  • Black: symbolizes darkness, death, courage, and discipline.

Sum Up

South Korea is a very complicated yet interesting nations. Every color, symbol, pattern and shape has it’s own meaning that Korean choose wisely to represent it’s nations. 

I wish this article is giving you a little bit more informations of the meaning behind the Taegeuk, red and blue circle in the midst of south korean flag. 


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