Quick Tips you need to know before you visit South Korea

In this article we will share to you some quick tips you need to know before you visit South Korea, especially if you visit it for the very first time. Let’s dig in.

1. Know some korean phrases will be useful

Make sure you can speak a little bit of Korean language like “excuse me”, “how much is the price”, or “can you speak english”. This will be really helpful for you who will travel alone or with other friends who can’t speak Korean.

However, many Korean can speak english too, so don’t be too worry about the language as you will always find people who can understand you, just here i wanna suggest you to have a little knowledge of Korean language for your own convenient espeially when you wanna shopping.

2. Don't show affection to couple publicly

korean manner

Make sure you don’t do improper things that might seems proper in your country such as french kissing, or skinship on public, especially in front of the elderly, you will be rebuked. There is a lot of place like love motels that you can rent hourly to have your private moments with your loved one but never do it in public.

Other than that, everytime you see an elder don’t get a seat in bus or subway, give them seat and show respect to them will always provoke a positive feedback from korean.

If you can speak korean, make sure to use formal language and polite body language when you talk to an elder person.

3. use call button in restaurant and self service your drink

Make sure you use call button in restaurant and take the things you need (spoon,knife etc) from below the table. Don’t need to shout out if you can find this button on the table.

Other than that, take your own glass and serve your own drink from the ‘Self Service’ glass heating machine if you don’t order a special drinks like juice or coffee.

If the restaurant you visit doesn’t have this call button in their table, just call “chogiyo” while raising your hands, they will come to you.

When you finish eating, don’t directly give tips, as it’s not common to give tip in korea. Make sure you see if they allow tipping before you give it, or else you will just looks rude in korean eyes.

4. Download Naver maps

Download Naver maps will be very useful for you to know how to go to every destination you desire. It will totally transform your travel experience, it is very accurate and also easily use to help you get to your destination with the perfect route and transportation.

Even if you have google maps ready, juts keep it for yourself and download naver maps as you travel in korea, google maps isn’t accurate in Korea and sometimes just makes you confused.

5. make sure you have sim card mobile data or portable wifi

For those who wants to save time, you can just buy a sim card mobile data and portable wifi before you visit korea, especially if you just stay for a week or less. However, you can also easily find it in the airport. This card will help you navigate through all over Seoul and Korea.

6. mind your table manner

Never eat or drink first when you are going to a cafe with your korean friends. It is totally impolite. Make sure you eat and drink together, wait until all of them get the food and properly eat it.

7. watch some drama to connect you with places in korea

Watching some korean dramas wil help you connect with the places you want to visit in south korea. Learn more about the travel site you want to visit, the opening hours time and check on their website to make sure the attraction you want to visit is open for public and at time you want to visit.

Every share and every ounce of your support brings my passion for Korea to life – Thank you for visit.

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