5 True Beauty Outfits You Can Copy at the comfort of you Home

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Who doesn’t know True Beauty K-drama, the latest Korean drama that adapted from a webtoon, just like most of korean drama. However, True beauty has been garnering a ton of buzz online, not just for it’s storyline, but also it’s good looking actor and actress.

True Beauty stars Moon Ga Young as Jugyeong Lim, Cha Eun Woo as Suho Lee, and Hwang In Yeop as Seojun Han. Other things than just good looks, there’s another thing that’s caught the attention of all of this drama watchers, which is the outfits worn by the characters in this True Beauty Korean Dramas.

Korean Drama True Beauty is set in a high school, so a lot of their outfits are quiet simple and easy to recreate at the comfort of our home. Here are 5 True Beauty outfits that will definitely catch your eye as well as the other watchers, and let’s start to copy their style and start feeling like a korean celeb in the comfort of our home.

Sujin Kang – Blazers for business and Casual Occasions

true-beauty-outfits-sujin kang

Source: tvN

If you already watched the drama, then you will know that Sujin is coming from a rich family background. No doubt Sujin dresses more formally compared to the other characters in this movie.

 She’s often seen wearing blazers, which gives her a sophisticated and complicated mysterious typical looks. She likes wearing her blazers rather than her school uniform and turtlenecks. 

true-beauty-outfits-sujin kangg

Source: tvN

Blazers come in various colours and patterns, especially after korean drama and kpop booming all over the world, the style combinations of blazers are endless. 

Play, mix and match your blazer with a T-shirt and shorts for more youth looks, or with trousers and skirts for a formal looks. Some shops even offer their own match bottoms to help you mix and match your own personal style.

Jugyeong Lim – Hoodies & sweatshirts for lazing around

true-beauty-outfits-jugyeong lim

Source: tvN and tvN 드라마(Drama)

Jugyeong somehow often use a layer of a pattern or graphic T-shirt underneath it to creates a nice contrast against the plain outer layer. Jugyeong jazzes up her plain hoodies by tying the drawstrings into a ribbon in the centre.

This look is suitable especially for a quick trips around the neighbourhood, it’s really cozy enough for lounging at home, and also presentable enough for the outside world.


Sua Kang – Cute patterned outerwear for all ages

true-beauty-outfits-sua kang

In True Beauty korean drama, Sua made her first appearance by wearing a bright red and checkered cardigan over her uniform. To let the cardigan stand out, layer it over plain tops and bottoms that match the colour scheme. 

Using a turtleneck sweaters are great options. To improve and enhance your looks, pick adorable colour-coordinated accessories to complement your outfit clothing.

Sua’s using red and white heart earrings which match perfectly with her cardigans when she use white and red colored cardigans.. 

Suho Lee – Comfy striped jumpers for casual outings

true-beauty-outfits-suho lee

Source: tvN

Suho Lee play a role as a gentle and kind person, no doubt this horizontal striped knitted jumpers match well with Suho. Suho’s knitted jumpers are quiet soft and comfortable, and the long sleeves make them suitable for keeping warm and fight the cold while still remain simple and humble looking.

There’s one benefit to wearing jumpers with horizontal stripes, horizontal stripes actually make you look slimmer than who you really are.

In case you want to maximize the illusion of this slimming effect, you can use a pair of skinny-fit jeans or tapered trousers. But for a more casual look, pair with plain wide-legged trousers that will let you lounge about comfortably.

Seojun Han – Bomber jackets

true-beauty-outfits-bomber jacket

Source: tvN 드라마(Drama), tvN and KEYEAST

You will definitely feel the contrast feeling as you compare it with Suho’s outfit. The mood and personality of Seojun’s bomber jacket’s are a classic “bad boy” attire.

Seojun wears all kinds of colourful bomber jackets as well as black colour. While Black may be a colour that is easy to coordinate with any of your outfit, wearing brighter colours can make you stand out in the crowd. 

What is great of using bomber jackets is because they can be worn all year round – they’re not too thick for warm weather and not too thin for chilly weather. You can even add more layers underneath the bomber jacket when it gets colder and it’s still looks perfectly match.

true-beauty-outfits-bomber jacket

Source: tvN 드라마(Drama), tvN and KEYEAST

Seojun is often seen wearing a black bomber jacket. Bomber jackets are versatile and can be paired with collared shirts, turtlenecks, hoodies, or simply a T-shirt. 

To enhance and improve your “bad boy” look, you can also add some silver accessories, like chain necklaces and bold earrings. 

Dressing like your favourite characters from True Beauty might be easier than you think, as they only take place in high school settings. While you can feels like becoming your favourite character, you will also feel how does it feels like to actually living in Korea and using a daily outfit in South Korea.

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