Wi Ha joon Facts, Find out More about This Police in Squid Games!

wi ha joon facts

In this article we will share to you the handsome Squid Game police facts, Wi Ha Joon. Wi Ha-joon was like a little hope in the dark world. Let us know more about this handsome undercover cops in Squid Game.

Debuted in 2012


He start debuted since 2012 as a supporting actor. However, his acting in a short film entitled Peace of Theme it attracts a lot of attention. Until finally, he was offered to play in a number of films. One of which is Bad Guys Always Die which was released in 2015.

Wi Ha Joon real name is Wi Hyeon yi

While we might know him as Wi Ha joon, his actual real name is Wi Hyeon yi. He make Wi Ha Joon as his real name because his entertainment agency said that the meaning of Wi Hyeon Yi is not good.


Wi Ha-joon’s surname is written as “魏” in hanja. In the 2015 census, there were 31,342 people with the surname “Wi”, making it the 77th most common surname in South Korea.

He learnt smoke and drive for his role


When he is about to do the audition for Coin Locker girl, he learnt ot smoke and also drive as the role that Wi Ha Joon auditioned for required this from him. Even though he was neither a smoker or driver, he did it to pass the audition.

The good news is that he passed the audition, his hard work pays off, afterward he got his driving license and start become a smoker in 3 weeks prior to filming the movie. After finish the filming of Coin Locker Girl, Wi Ha Joon quit smoking, and back to himself as a cute and good guy.

Skyrocketed after Gonjiam, Haunted Asylum


His fame start to be skyrocketed since he acted as a youtuber name Han joon in Korean Horror movie Gonjian, haunted asylum in 2018.

He learnt Seoul dialect

Wi Ha Joon was born in Wando County, Jeollanam-do region in south korea. He used to live in Soando island, which means he grew up speaking satoori (regional dialect). It required him to learn Seoul standard dialect and cancel out his satoori to be able to auditioned various role in korean drama movie.

He quickly lost 13KG for a thriller film


He act as a role of wiry murdered in Midnight, and this role requires him to lose 13 kg of his weight. Other than losing weight, he also studied many serial killers real profile and try to find a common traits among these serial killers to perform his best in this movie.

Thriller Actor Specialty


He is known as a Thriller genre specialty actor, as most of thriller movies he played is a huge success, such as Goodbye Mr. Black, Coin Locker Girl, Gonjian, Midnight and Squid Games.

Part of the dance team

Wi Ha Joon’s dream was actually to be a dancer on a stage, not an actor. He used to be a part of dance team during his mid and high school.

Love Little Children

wi ha joon facts

Even though Wi Ha Joon is usually act as a fierce or thriller actor, he is actually a polite man who loves to spending time with children. We can know this from his instagram account, he often spent time with his nephew and post in on instagram.

Noodles is his favorite food


In an interview with Netflix he tells us that he loves instant noodles pair with abalone.

He want to open a gym


During Squid game press conference, He said that if he win a real squid game and got 45.6 billion won, then he will use it to open a gym.

Multitalented Person


Other than having huge passion in dancing and success at acting skills, he is also good at music, Ha Joon filled in sountrak korean drama Matrimonial Chaos that released in 2018.

ISFJ Personality

Wi Ha Joon shared that he has ISFJ type of personality or as known as The Defender, as many of his fans were asking about his MBTI Personality.

His Instagram followers exploded since Squid Game


Before Squid Game movie release, Wi ha Joon only had 300 thousand followers on instagram, currently he have about 7.7 million followers after Squid Game was released and became the hottest movie on netflix in 40 countries.

Potential Actor


In 2019, Wi Ha Joon got nominated as the best new actor at Baeksang Art Award due to the character of Ji Seo Joon in the “Romance is a bonus book” movie.


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