Best Glamping Tent – 8 Tents To Level Up Your Experience!

Best Glamping Tent

Korea is filled with gorgeous nature landscape, both mountains, rivers, lake, beach and forest. All of these landscape provides an amazing vibes for outdoor escape. That’s why camping and glamping is a part of korean culture that most koreans do during their holiday. While koreans provide glamping and camping facilty you can easily rent, in case you want to bring your own tent, I will share to you the best glamping tent you can buy!

After covid became an endemi and life back to normal, outdoor activity has seriously come back to it’s peak. 

With another summer season approaching, most people looking for the best activity to do outside. 

If you are someone who loves camping and glamping or plan to do so this year, then keep reading on to get your best tent for your camping activity!

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Best Glamping Tent

Glamping is abbreviation of glamorous camping, so when you hear glamping tent, you know this tent is a luxurious type of tent, not your traditional camping tent. 

While you might thought the price of this glamping tent must be expensive, the truth is it’s actually quite affordable. Depends on your needs, here are some glamping tents including.

1.Dream House Three-Season Pyramid Tent

If your first concern is budget, then you can consider dream house three season pyramid tent

As it’s name suggest, it is a three season tent with pyramid shape, enough for three people. The downside is that the pyramid shape diminish many usable space inside of this tent, so you can’t bring too much accessories inside this tent.

2. MC Canvas Bell Tent

MC Canvas Bell tent is a small cotton canvas tent with 10 foot diameter and 6.6 foot height which is capable to contain two or three people. 

It has a removable groundsheet that you can easily wash when it’s got dirty. 

In addition, you can easily roll up the walls to get more outdoor exposures, air and light. However, this tent is not suit for winter camping.

3. PlayDo 4-Season Bell Tent

PlayDo 4-Season Bell Tent is made of thick durable canvas and waterproof coating. As it name suggest, this heavy duty glamping tent perform well during any seasons, against rain, storm, wind, hot weather and even snow.

In addition, this durable canvas also fire resistant, which makes it even more attractive and safe to use a wood stove or cook anything inside of this tent. 

The tent mesh side windows, top air vent and stove pipe vent makes this glamping tent even more breathable during summer season and properly ventilated for having inside kitchen.

The best part is that even though this tent is spacious and large, this tent is quite easy to set up and take down within 10 minutes. However, since this tent is using heavy duty materials, so the weight is really heavy.

4. Dream House 4-Season Tent

The Dream House 4-Season Tent is another great option for glamping tent that suit any seasons all through out the year. 

This tent is a spacious large size tent which able to contain more than eight people. 

This four season tent also using heavy duty cotton canvas with a waterproof, rainproof and windproof features. In addition, this tent is easy to set up and the price is cheaper compare to others in the same class.

5. Wilderness Resource Stargazer Canvas Tent

Wilderness Resources Stargazer Canvas tent is a spacious and lightweight stylish glamping tent that offers both luxury, elegance and functionality. 

This special tent utilize unique shape which maximize the interiors, this tent is capable to contain more than 8 person.

As it name suggests, this tent allows you do do stargazers during the evening, which is amazing. 

In addition, this unique tent is also use a thick and durable vinyl coated flooring, with a mesh windows and doors which is enough for ventilation. 

The downside of this tent is it’s hard to set up, due to it’s design, which is not the best option if you only plan to stay for one night.

6. WHITEDUCK Regatta Canvas Bell Tent

Whiteduck Regatta Canvas Bell Tent is a great choice if you are someone who love to do camping and glamping especially during winter seasons. 

This tent is a four seasons tent with a five inch stove jack port in the ceiling, which makes it comfortable to burning stove inside this tent especially during cold winter. 

This glamping tent use a heavy and waterproof cotton canvas and also a durable polyvinyl zipped-in groundsheet that’s easily wash and clean. 

The downside is that you might be ducking here and there due to it’s short sidewalls.

7. Big Family Camping Bell Tent

Best Glamping Tent

This cotton canvas glamping tent offers a water resistant and breathable features. makes it perfect for summer seasons glamping activity. 

The interiors is quite spacious, so it is really comfortable and convenient to use for family. 

You can easily unzip the floor, roll up the sides, open windows and vents to get more airflows during hot weather. 

This tent can be easily set up and also cheaper compare to other tents on the list.

8. Whiteduck Alpha Canvas Wall Tent

Whiteduck Alpha Canvas Wall Tent is another great spacious glamping tent which is perfect for a big gathering and glamping activities. 

This tent has five feet high side walls and seven foot height entrance, which is amazingly large, and is capable to contain more than 10 people.

In addition, this tent has a stove pipe vent for you to burning wood stove during winter seasons. Definitely one of the best all year round glamping tent you can find in the market.  

Same like others, the downside of spacious glamping tent is it’s weight, this tent is really heavy and big which makes it not ideal for a short quick trip.

Types of Glamping Tents

Here are some type of luxury glamping tents including.

1. Bell Tent

Bell tent is a great starter canvas glamping tent with round floor plans, pointed roofs and various sizes. 

2. Safari Tent

Safari tent usually has the shape of a straight-wall tents with peaked rooves and more headroom.

3. Glamping Dome Tent

Glamping dome tent is the latest trends in glamping tent with eye-catching and elegant looks. This domes provides a weatherproof and high quality materials shelter that suit any seasons.

4. Yurt

Yurt is the real glamping tent with round structures and wooden frames. This tent often covered with cotton canvas and permanent structures.

Things To Consider In Glamping Tents

Glamping tents offers many different variation and that’s why it is important to know what to consider before choose to buy one. 

Here are things to consider before you buy any of the glamping tent including.

  • Shape
    The original shape of glamping tent is bell-shaped. However, there are also safari, wall and dome shape you can choose. 
  • Size
    Always look for the size before you buy, if you are someone who love to go with one or two friends then you don’t need to buy the large spacious glamping tent. Glamping tents range from a 6×6 foot square to more than 16-foot diameter circle. 
  • Materials
    Most of glamping tent is made of cotton canvas, one of the most durable and adaptable materials for any seasons. However, it is heavier than waterproof nylon and polyester glamping tent.
  • Setup
    All of the spacious glamping tent takes at least two or three person to set up. Make sure you ask the seller and do your own research before you buy the tents you want. Some beautiful design tent can be really hard to set up.

Sum Up

These are all the best glamping tent we can share to you. I hope you find it useful and thus help you make an informed decision in which tent you can buy for your glamping experience.

Have you ever buy any of these glamping tent before? Let me know in the comment sections below!

Best Glamping Tent
Best Glamping Tent

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