Camping Glamping in Korea – 26 Best Sites For You Can Visit!


Looking for the best camping and glamping sites in Korea? If you plan to do this activity during your travel in Korea, you’ve come to the right place! In this article, I will share the best sites you can visit for camping and glamping experience in Korea.

 The Culture of Camping and glamping has been very well developed in south korea. Many of korean people going to camping and glamping all over south korea, both in capital city and countryside.

camping-glamping-in-korea landscape

As we know that Korea is famous for it’s gorgeous nature landscape, both mountains, rivers, lake, beach and forest. All of these just provide an amazing vibes for outdoor escape. 

Other than than, camping and glamping help us to see our beautiful Korea from and with a new different lens, it’s not just famous for it’s romantic drama, amazing technology and wifi, skyscrapper and beautiful architectural building.

camping-glamping-in-korea landscape

What’s best about camping in south korea is that camping in south korea is quiet affordable and offer basic amenities such as cooking areas, parking spot, bathrooms and also showers. 

If you don’t want to invest in any camp gear, then you can just rent out the tents and mattress in some campground areas.

Some larger campgrounds offer sports facilities as well as playgrounds, and karaoke equipment to help you experience your camp journey to the fullest. 

In addition, Glamping offers luxurious camping experience, without the hardships and challenges that you must face as you do the traditional camping.


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Camping in South Korea

camping-glamping-in-korea landscape

Koreans love camping, so you can expect to see a lot of locals camping and do bbq with soju.

Here are some camping glamping sites in Korea you can visit during your travel!

1. Songjeong Camping Site | Busan

Songjeong Beach is known as a surfing beach for many surfers all over south korea. Other than famous among surfer, it is also famous for family beach gateway and weekend escape with your kids, as they can play in the shallow and clear waters. 

However, for you who doesn’t want have anything to do with water activities, you can still enjoy this place by going to the camping areas, overlooking the oceans. During the daylight, you can just tanning or playing volleyball nearby the beach while at night you can enjoy the beautiful view of stars at the sky with waves sound as the background.

2. Yulpo Beach Camp Site | Boseong, Jeollanam-do


Credit to mummyandappa

Yulpo beach camp site is recommended for beginner camper as it offers you many comfort facilities such as jjimjjilbang (public sauna), toilets, close parking spot and many stores nearby, include restaurants and trendy cafes. You can enjoy the beautiful sunset on the evening and enjoy your outdoor cooking experience with your friends, but remember to bring a portable stove.

3. Nakdong River Autocamping Site | Sasang-gu, Busan


Credit to duncancamping

Nakdong River Autocamping is located in a migratory park habitat, Samnak Ecological Park in Busan. This camping ground is the first vehicle campsite in Busan. This campsite provides 50 tents, facilities and kitchens, located on Nakdonggang River.

You can spent some time visit the birds feeding stations and wildflower complex nearby. However, do remember that this campsite requires reservations before you can visit this place.

4. Donggang Riverview Camp site | Jeongseon, Gangwon-do


Credit to pdjin

Donggang Riverview Campsite is the best place to for those who are seeking a quiet and isolated campsite, free from the hustle bustle and buzz of the metropolitan city. This camp site boast the views of Donggang rivers as well as mountains and valleys that is just totally beautiful surrounds it. The place is becoming much more beautiful during autumn seasons, when the colored leaves pops up shining as the sunset light through it.

However, the downside of this is that it takes 3 hour from Seoul and you can expect less facilities and stores around this areas, so do make sure you do your homework and bring all stuf you needed before camp in this place. Remember that for this camp site, reservations are also required.

5. Seoul Grand Park Camping Ground | Gwacheon, Gyeonggi-do


Credit to maru1376

For those who prefer activities that are near from Seoul for a short escape, then you can choose Seoul Grand Park Camping Site that is located in Gwacheon. This campground located right in the middle of Cheonggyesan forest, so you definitely able to enjoy the beauty of nature and the fresh air that comes with it. 

Other than that, the facilities are quiet complete, there are bathroom, showers, drinking fountains almost all camp site and sport courts, play ground, stores and campfire areas and charcoal facility. 

You can easily visit this areas from Seoul by taking a subway Line 4 to Seoul Grand Park Station. Other than that, you can also visit Seoul Zoo and the Botanical Garden in Seoul Grand Park complex. 

6. Nanji Hangang Park Camp Site | Seoul


Credit to quokka_camp

Nanji Hangang Park on the Han River is the largest camp site that afford to accommodate up to 2,000 people in a total of 165 camping pitches. Either bring your own tent, or rent one of the campground’s for a small fee. Convenience stores nearby provide grills, tables, charcoal, meat and others.

Nanji Campground is located in Mapo, specifically in a park nearby the Han River,, a great option for beginner campers. There is a small entrance fee about 2,000 KRW before you can enjoy camping in this site.

7. Noeul Park Camp Site | Seoul


Credit to hikim06

If you want to get out of the buzzling hustling and bustling city yet prefer to still stay in seoul, then Noeul Park is for you. It is located nearby the well known World Cup Stadium in Seoul. The park’s beautifully covered and filled with wild and eulalias flowers, butterflies, and other than beautify this areas. 

This camp site offer breathtaking views of Seoul, including the N Seoul Tower, Bukhansan, and Han River. Make sure to bring your own food and drinks, but enjoy a memorable time with your friends, right in the center of Korea’s capital city.

8. Muuido Island Camp Site | Incheon


Credit to mustoutdoor

Muuido Island is known as one of the best coastal destinations escape close to Seoul to spent a lazy weekends. Muuido is a great spot for the active camper, other than having two beaches known for it’s amazing sunset views, many restaurants and a trails for trekking. They offers tent camping with normal basic facilities for 10,000 KRW per tent.

When to go camping in Korea

The best time for camping is late spring to early autumn, though for the hardcore, year-round camping is possible if you plan ahead and dress/gear-up accordingly.

Glamping in South Korea

“Glamping” is actually created from a combination words of “glamorous” and “camping”. This refers to a luxurious form of camping that targeted those who love easy and luxurious instagrammable type of camping rather than the traditional one. 

Glamping has gained popularity in Korea since the last decade. You will usually using your own common tents when doing your camplife, however, it’s not so with glamping. Glamping usually having a fancy and superlarge tent, or even cute cabin and fully equipped RV with nice beds, hot water, electricity.

Some of them even offer a playgrounds, amusement parks, swimming pool and sport facilities in their glamping sites. You can use the BBQ Facilities with some additional cost or just go to restaurants and shop nearby to have people grilled it for you.

1. Sanori Forest Camping Ground | Guri, Gyeonggi-do

Sanori Forest Camping ground is a glamping site near Seoul, it is located in Guri, which is great for short escape for you who are living or staying in Seoul and wanna try this camping culture experience.

You can access this place easily from Seoul, and the best part is that they provided both food and dessert. This place is not just good for camping and glamping, but also for taking a picture and have a beautiful moments with loved ones.

2. Stayon The Edge Poolamping | Gapyeong

Stayon the Edge Poolamping is a glamping site in Gapyeong that offers you an open pool. The great news is that this pool is available even during the cold winter seasons. Don’t worry about the cold as they have heater to make sure you can use the swimming pool in every seasons and also automatic rooftop, so you can enjoy this pool both day and night, hot or cold, dry or rain.

3. Florence Glamping | Gapyeong


Credit to florenceglamping

Florence glamping is a glamping site mostly for families, as this site offers you spacious tents with a complete equipment needed such as utensils, cooking stuff for dining, and underfloor heating during cold seasons. Other than that, each one of this tent has it’s own campfire areas and private deck. If you want to do campfore, the wood will have some extra cost, but it’s totally worth it to use the firewood during the night.

4. Club Noblepic | Gapyeong

club noblepic

Credit to clubnoblepic

Club Noblepic is located in Gapyeong, gyeonggi region not far from Seoul. It offers you a beautiful swimming pool, huge tents with huge bed and also private bathroom to make it more personal and fully equipped for daily needs.

5. 67 Village | Gapyeong


If you love forest setting for your camping and glamping experience, then 67 village can be for you. This forest glamping experience located in the Gapyeong-Gangwon-do region in south korea. As you see, the forest setting offers you a relaxing nature environment away from the city.

6. J Glamping | Bito Island


J glamping located in south gyeongsang region in south korea, far way down in Bito Island. If you really love to be isolated and deserted place far from the city, this place is perfect from you. It offers you beautiful ocean view, ocean breeze all around your glamping tents and fresh air.

7. Club Lespia | Namyangju


Club Lespia glamping actually has many branches, but the best one is the branch located in Namyang-ju. It is located about 45km from Jamsil, Seoul. This glamping place offers you a great glamping experience with the beautiful scenery of mountains and forests.

8. Arena Glamping | Hongcheon


Arena glamping boast of the beautiful view of Hongcheon river in Gangwon regions. Just like another glamping experience, it offers you a fresh air and beautiful nature scenery.

9. Park of Dream | Gongju


Park of dream is located in the midst of nature in Gongju areas. It is a place where you can meet the morning sunrise and fresh air and scenery out of the stuffy daily life. They offers variety of facilities such as swimming pools, walkways, valleys, and gardens are available for clean use.

10. GLAMB Camp | Jebudo

glamb glamping

If you love to see the night sky that full of stars night, then Glamb  glamping might be for you. Glamb camp is located on Jebudo Island in Hwaseong, gyeonggi region. It offers you a fully equipped tents and if you prefer to be in caravan, it’s also available for you.

11. Pine Valley Glamping | Pocheon


Pine Valley Glamping is located in the midst of green forest in Pocheon areas. It offers you a fully quipped tent and huge swimming pool to make you keep cool during the summer heat.

12. Sanjeong Lake Glamping | Pocheon

Credit to dayeongko

This glamping site is located on Sanjeong Lake in Pocheon, offers to you the beautiful Nakcheonji Falls, Myeongseongsan Mountain views and Jainsa Temple. Sanjeong Lake Glamping site is fully equipped with modern facilities and private decks.

13. BANU | Hongcheon, Gangwon-do


Credit to BANU

BANU Glamping site is located in Hongcheon, Gangwon region in South Korea. This glamping site offers you a modern and spacious cabins in the midst of the nature. As expected, these luxurious cabins are completely equipped with all the kitchen stuff you need and also fully furnished to ensure your comfort. Each of them comes with their own deck, with all the campfire pit and barbecue gear available, of course with additional cost. 

Other than that, you can also find an eco friendly veggies garden to get some ingredients for your cook and open site filled with grass.

14. Starocean Glamping | Taean, Chungcheongnam-do


Credit to starocean

This glamping site in Taean is more like a luxurious type of glamping experience, as each tent or cabin you will got is fully furnished and equipped with air conditioning, bathroom and private barbecue to makes it just feeling perfectly personalized.

This glamping located on Hakampo beach, so you can expect the amazing ocean views. Starlight Sea Pension and Glamping complex even has an outdoor swimming pool and kids’ playground.

15. Pine 4 Rest | Gapyeong, Gyeonggi-do


Credit to pine4rest

There is a reason why this glamping site named Pine 4 Rest. This glamping site take you deeper into nature, exactly between a pine tree forest, and it become Pine 4 Rest (Forest). It is located in Gapyeong, not too far from Seoul. They offer you a spacious cabin with a really unique design and completely equipped with all you need to survive the wild life.

When you feel bored, you can just explore the nearby areas, or try the water sports, hiking tracks, the Garden of Morning Calm, Nami Island and Petite France. These all are located so close to Pine 4 Rest.

16. Jeju Starlight Glamping | Jeju Island


Credit to Jejustarlight

Jeju Island Starlight Glamping is a totally full equipped glamping site with terrace overlooking the oceans, just totally perfect experience for you who love to enjoy nature. Outside of this glamping site offers Garden for you to enjoy the ocean breeze and surroundings, while inside of this glamping site offers you air conditioning, kitchen and also american breakfast every single morning as you stay here.

17. The Dreamping | Namyangju, Gyeonggi-do


Credit to director jjoo

The Dreamping is located in Namyangji, Gyeonggi region in South Korea. This site is totally perfect, as this complex is divided into some division dedicated to each type of camping experience such as tent zone, picnic zone, caravan zone and vintage cabana zone. They also offer swimming pool and many other watersports you can try here as it’s located next to the bukhan river.

18. Nomad Glamping | Gapyeong , Gyeonggi-do


Nomad Glamping is a newly opened luxury glamping site on September last year, located near to Seoul, specifically in Gapyeong, Gyeonggi region.


This glamping site is super clean and private, as you see it has it’s own deck that is quiet far one to another and from the layout, you can see that this is definitely one of the best site to go with your lover.


Other than that, most of the glamping site in Korea can be really cold and windy, not with this one. This Nomad glamping site use an ondol (korean traditional heating system), which makes visitor keep warm and super comfortable during all seasons.

The swimming pools are also using heated system so you can enjoy this swimming pool no matter which seasons and date you come here. 

When to go glamping in Korea

67 village

Credit to 67village

Similarly with camping, late spring to early autumn is the best season for glamping. However, since have much upgraded facility and accommodation, then you can just visit anytime as you wanted as they usually come with heating, hot water and other advantages. 

However, Korea’s most colorful time is either spring when the cherry blossoms is in peak or autumn when danpung (korea colorful autumn) is pops up all over south korea.

Camping Glamping in Korea

Camping and glamping culture is as famous as coffee culture in South Korea. I wish you can try this wonderful activity as you visit this wonderful nations. 

How do you think about camping and glamping in south korea? Do you like this activities? Let us know in the comment sections below!

Every share and every ounce of your support brings my passion for Korea to life – Thank you for visit.

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