Summer in Korea – 16 Best Summer Festivals in South Korea!

In this article we will share to you the upcoming Korean festivals across south korea in summer seasons Make sure you read all of it if you plan to visit south korea during summer season.

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Summer Festivals in Korea

Summer in Korea can be so hot, even up to 30 degrees just for you to imagine, however there is a lot of festival that you can enjoy during this hot and humid seasons. To say a few, there is a Sinchon water Gun festival and Boryeong Mud festival for oyu and your family to enjoy during summer seasons. 

However, if you prefer to enjoy some cold drinks while enjoy some live music while tipsy and relaxing, you can enjoy music festival in Ultra Festival, Busan International Rock Festival and Chimac Festival. Alright let’s dive right to each festival we can enjoy during summer season in korea.

1. Yeongdong Grape Festival

yeongdong grapes festival

Credit: Happydalki

Yeongdong in southern Chungcheongbuk-do Regionis the largest producer of grapes in Korea. Every year, in celebration of its top crop, This wonderful county hosts a festival named Yeongdong Grape Festival where visitors may pick grapes in a vineyard or fish them out of a pool, make different types of food with grapes such as wine, chocolate, rice cake and more.

You can enjoy this making different food with grapes with family while still enjoying the beautiful scenery of Yeongdong Town. Summer wouldn’t be the same without heading into the bushes of berries or in this case grapes, to pick them and eat them under the shade of nearby trees. 

Address: Chungbuk-do Yeongdong-gun

2. Boryeong Mud Festival

boryeong mud festival

Credit: Alnwadi

Boryeong Mud Festival is the largest international mud festivals in South Korea. This is also the most counterculture festival of South Korea. Why? Because we know korea as the most beautiful, cozy and clean focus center culture. However, this Boryeong Mud Festival is the total opposite, as this one is Korea’s dirtiest festival you’ll ever find in South Korea.

This Festival is quiet long, up to 10 days long festival of mud wrestling, bathing, sports, parties and others. This festival located in Daecheon beach close to Boryeong city, so beautiful and perfect place to see sunset. You can enjoy the sunset while playing with mud, however, you can also buy some mud packs to keep your skin white, clean, refresh and regenerated, good idea for the dirtiest festival ain’t it?

Make sure you come and enjoy this festival as this will be the strangest and most unforgettable moments you can ever had with your family.

Address: Daecheon Beach, near Boryeong City
Check on their website for more information.
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3. Chuncheon Makguksu Dakgalbi Festival

Credit: Medium

Chuncheon is really well known not just for Nami island, but also for it’s delicious Dakgalbi festival. It’s really close to Seoul and easily accessible by Subway or Bus, or car if you prefer to have your own drive time with your family and friends. This small city is really a must-visit when you first come to South Korea, I think it’s really small yet gorgeous.

You can enjoy 1 day trip here and don’t spent too long because it’s just a small town, so I don’t even recommend you to book a hotel here, just spent the day and go right back to Seoul is good. Make sure you stop by the very popular Nami Island either on your way there or before you go back to Seoul.

Address: Gangwon-do Chuncheon-si Jungang-ro 68

4. Daegu Chimac Festival

daegu chimac festival

If you’re visiting Daegu, be sure not to miss this large festival celebrating all things to do with chicken and beer. Chimac, a combination of ‘chicken’ and ‘maekju’ (beer), is a festival celebrating one of Korea’s favourite food and drink combos – chicken and beer.

Daegu, the chicken capital of Korea, is the perfect place to enjoy Korean Fried Chicken (the real KFC). Wash it down with some Korean beer, check out the various stalls and performances, and take it easy during the hot summer days. There’s even an ice playground if you get too hot.

Address: Duryu Park, Daegu City
Check on their website for more information.
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5. Daejeon Craft Beer And Music Festival

Daejeon, most tourist will never know Daejeon or even think to visit this peaceful city in central of South Korea. However this one is great escape town to survive summer time, as they have special Caft beer and music festival for those who crave for beer while still enjoying music in South Korea during humid and hot seasons.

If you are a beer lovers, then you must come and try some of Korea’s growing selections of craft beer while enjoying the peaceful city with live music along Gapcheon River.

Address: Hanbit Tower Park, Daejeon
Fee: 10,000 won per person.
Check on their website for more information

6. Incheon Pentaport International Rock Festival

Incheon Pentaport International Rock Festival

Incheon is my second home in South Korea! Eventhough I think Busan is the best, yet the number of tourist visiting Busan is something I don’t really like. However if you are an extroverts, then Seoul must be your first destinations! Seoul has almost all kinds of various entertainment you can imagine.

In addition, Incheon also has its own international rock festival with visitors from all over the world. 

Address: Songdo City, Incheon
Check on their website for more information.

7. Busan Beach Festival

busan beach festival

Busan my beautiful and most favourite city always has something to offer to you. This wonderful festivals happens on the first week of August. As you know, Busan is known as beach city, so each summer most Korean people will visit Busan for fun and enjoy the events in Busan.

Address: Haeundae Beach, Gwanganli, Songdo, Songjeong, Dadaepo Beach

8. Geochang Mountain Berry Juice & Watermelon Festival

geochang watermelon festival

I don’t really enjoy watermelon, but if you are, then you must visit Geochang mountain berry juice and watermelon. In Geochang mountain berry juice and watermelon festivals, you can enjoy every activities from eating contests, hand fishing and much more.

9. Muju Firefly Festival

muju firefly festival

Credit: Newsnaver

Muju Firefly Festival is the second largest festival in South Korea. tons of people come and enjoy this beautiful firelfly festival. Located down in the southern area of Korea, surrounded by natural beauty, you can find these electric insects for one week of the year, putting on a magical display. 

More over, there are many other activities on before the main even occurs after 8 pm, when the fireflies light up the night skies. In this Muju Firefly festival, you can also enjoy traditional performances, music performances, sports and others.

Address: Jeollabuk-do Muju-gun Muju-eub 
Check on their website for more information.

10. Taebaek Sunflower Festival


Credit: Todata

This beautiful Taebaek sunflower festival is definitely for those who love to see the flowers, as you will get the view of the largest sunflower field in Korea here. Many photographer and flowers lover will come visit this place as the yellow petals dazzle in the sunlight until the sunsets come and you can enjoy petting zoo, concerts, camp life and films during the festivals.

Address: Gwangwon-do Taebaek-si 
Check on their website for more informations

11. Ultra Korea Music Festival

Ultra Korea Music Festival

Credit: Duhochanguoc

This is a must for live music lovers and beer lovers. Ultra korea music festivals in one of the largest music festivals in the world when it comes to EDM music. Ultra Korea music festival features some great world class DJ’s all over the world with such a great stage and instruments.

Address: Olympic Stadium, Seoul
Check their website for more information.

12. Pohang International Fireworks Festival

Pohang International Fireworks Festiv

Credit: Daum

Who doesn’t like fireworkds? Since i was a kid, I always expect to see fireworks each year and I will pray to God wishing my dreams come true, who’s with me here? I love Fireworks, it makes me back to my childhood and having childlike heart.

Pohan International Fireworks festival is a fireworks competitions located in Yeongildae Beach. You can enjoy all kinds of thing such as fireworks, parades, street performance while enjoying the beautful beach all around you.

Address: 95, Haean-ro, Buk-gu, Pohang-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do

13. Sinchon Water Gun Festival

sinchon water gun Festival

Credit: Owner

As it’s name suggest, this is a great and fun water gun festival that you can enjoy with your family. Their slogan is Making Korea More Fun Through Water Gun, It is so true and it does achieve it’s goals and vision to keep korea fun and excited eventhough they’re a thriving country.

This is also one of the most exciting festivals in Korea as it just close us to one another. Just take your water gun, take your family with you and drive to the main square in Sinchon, and go get wet.

Address: Sinchon, Seoul
Check on their website for more information.

14. Buyeo Seodong Lotus Festival

Buyeo Seodong Lotus Festival

Credit: Hanum

Buyeo is really well known for it’s natural beauty of lotus flower. If you are Buddhist, or lotus flower lovers, then you don’t wanna miss this festival especially during summer. This festival goals is to preserve the wild flowers and remind people of the importance of that preservation. 

Buyeo Seodong Lotus festival will ask us to make lotus flowers paper and lotus flower soap. So you will not just enjoy the natural beauty, but you can take them with you home. Other than that, you can also enjoy Fireworks, a night parade, cultural ceremonies and street performances in this place.

Address: 117 Dongnam-ri, Buyeo-eup, Buyeo, Chungcheongnam-do

15. Busan International Rock Festival

Busan busan busan, always makes me happy to hear everything about Busan. This Busan international rock festival is a really fun events as you can enjoy drinking, dance and also beautiful beach all around. This festival lasts for 2 days, make sure you also enjoy this festival with camp life experience by tent. You can enjoy listening to Korean bands while dancing right in front of the DJ stand. 

Address: Samnak Eco-Park, Busan
Check on their website for more information.

16. Toechon Tomato Festival

Credit: CTGN

Wait wait wait wait wait! before you judge, this one is not blood! and this is not child sacrifice or some sort of it. This is actually tomato colors. So don’t feel scared or think this is blooded festivals as it was the color of tomato, but maybe if they’re hurt it can be blood too, but not this much. 

Toechon Tomato festivals are for those who expect to get dirty with tomatoes as you have fun with your family. During summer season, tomatoes are filling up all the markets and it makes tomatoes price just drop down a lot cheaper than others. Make sure you bring extra clothes for changes your dirty clothes as you having fun here.

Address: Gwangju-si Teochon-myeon Ori-gil 104-7

Sum Up

There are no end to wonderful activity you can attend in South Korea. Whether you are coming in summer or winter, there are tons of exciting things to do here. We wish we give the informations you need concerning all of the summer festivals in south korea you can enjoy during summer seasons.

Have you ever come to one of these festival before? Which one of those festivals you love the most? let us know in the comment section below!

Every share and every ounce of your support brings my passion for Korea to life – Thank you for visit.

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