11 Best Kdramas in 2023 So Far!

best kdrama 2023

Korean dramas, or kdramas, continue to capture the hearts of viewers worldwide with their captivating storylines, talented actors, and high production values. As we approach the quarter end of 2023, it’s time to take a look back at the best kdramas in 2023 so far. 

From romance and mystery to supernatural and historical settings, these dramas offer something for everyone. In this article, we will delve into the best of the best in Korean drama entertainment. Let’s dig in!

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Best Kdrama in 2023 So Far

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You can watch these Korean dramas online at some free streaming sites if you do not have access to this network.

Here are some best Korean dramas 2023 so far.

1. The Real Has Come

best kdrama 2023

The Real Has Come delivers more than just a typical romance melodrama; it also explores themes of betrayal and personal growth.

This kdrama tells a story of a pregnant girl who discovers her boyfriend has been cheating on her.

In order to escape societal pressures to marry, she enters into a contract relationship with a skilled gynecologist who has zero interest in marriage. As ex-partners reappear in their lives, their situation escalates into a love entanglement.

2. Queen Maker

best kdrama 2023

This political drama follows two fiercely independent women from different backgrounds as they join forces to fight against injustice. One is known as the Rhino for her fierce stance on labor rights while the other is a skilled businesswoman seeking justice against a powerful family involved in criminal acts.

3. The Secret Romantic Guest House

best kdrama 2023

Set during the Joseon period, this kdrama tells a story of someone who runs a guest house where many guests stay during civil service exams. This exams determine their future title and position within society. However, there are mysteries surrounding an unsolved disappearance from thirteen years ago that intertwines with romance and history.

4. Black Knight

best kdrama 2023

Based on a webtoon adaptation, Black knight is a korean dramas that sets in 2071 where toxic pollution has decimated most of humanity’s population.

This thrilling series follows a legendary delivery man and a refugee named Sawal. Despite the grim circumstances, they form an alliance as skilled fighters and navigate through a dystopian world.

5. Heartbeat

best kdrama 2023

This romantic supernatural drama features a vampire who aspires to become human but ends up being half-human. He crosses paths with someone with cold disposition, leading to complications involving reincarnation, first love, and cohabitation.

6. Revenant

best kdrama 2023

This supernatural korean drama tells a story of someone who got possessed by a demon as mysterious deaths occur. The crime investigation group team up with Korean folklore expert to uncover the case and the dark secrets tied to their pasts.

7. Celebrity

best kdrama 2023

Celebrity exposes the dark side of influencers’ fake personas and their cruel natures. This kdrama tells a story of someone who become an influencer and finds herself surrounded by catty women. These women are willing to backstab each other for power, money, fame – ultimately leading to deadly consequences.

8. King: The Land

best kdrama 2023

This romance brews between a diligent customer service worker in the hospitality field of a hotel group and a wealthy J-ball heir with opposing personalities at first glance. The King korean dramas just show how the rich guy shower all of his affection towards the lowly customer service.

9. My Perfect Stranger

best kdrama 2023

My Perfect Stranger tells a time travel story revolving around two characters that got transported back to 1987. The two has different motives, one is investigating serial murders while the other tries to prevent her parents from getting married again. As they discover the connections between their vision and mission, love start growing.

10. See You In My 19th Life

best kdrama 2023

See You In My 19th Life tells a story of a women who has been repeating her life through reincarnations. The problem is that she retain all her memories of her previous life.

Her 18th reincarnation life is cut short due to accident. As she get back to life in her 19th reborn, she plan to reconnect with the people in her 18th life.

11. Bloodhounds

best kdrama 2023

Credit to netflix

Bloodhounds tells a story of a talented boxer who work for a legendary figure in moneylending business in order to pay off his mother debt.

This drama follows a calm young man that do intense training and extreme job that leading him into dangerous entanglements with crime bosses just for his mother.

Sum Up

There a lots of upcoming Korean dramas in 2023 we haven’t watch yet but these are the best korean dramas by far.

We will add another korean dramas as we go through the last quarter of 2023. Add some of these kdrama to your watch list and see if you think it’s one of the best kdramas this year.

Which one do you think is the best korean dramas so far? Let me know in the comment sections below!

best kdrama 2023
best kdrama 2023

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