Best Korean Horror Movies That Will Scare you To Death!

Korean Horror Movies

Looking for the Best Korean Horror Movies to scare the shit out of you?

You’ve come to the right place!

I’ve compiled a list of the Best Korean Horror Movies that will give you nightmares at night and depression in the daylight!

If you don’t believe, just take a look at my list of the Best Korean Horror Movies!

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1. Bedevilled

Korean Horror Movies

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Bedevilled is a complex horror movie tells a story of a mother who seeks revenge for her daughter’s death.

Now she go after those murderers and also her old best friend, that allow it to happened – even though she knew all the truth.

2. Wishing Stairs

Korean Horror Movies

WIshing stairs is a Kdrama based on a the tales of the 29th stairs.

People believe if someone walk a specific flight of stairs and find the 29th stair, a fox spirit will fulfill any wish the person have.

In this drama, the tales attract two person who are competing to enter a prestigious ballet academy.

3. Train to Busan

Korean Horror Movies

Train to busan is a zombie movies tells a story of a leader of a medical company accidentally creates a zombie virus that quickly spread all over Korea.

The only safe place left in Korea is Busan.

Now, he, his daughter and all the real people try to go to busan by Train.

However, there are a lot of Zombies both inside and outside of the train, which makes them have to fight to survive.

4. I Saw The Devil

Korean Horror Movies

I saw the Devil follows a life of an NIS (National Intelligence Service) agent as he seeks revenge for his wife death that was killed by a serial killer.

5. The Call

Korean Horror Movies

The Call tells a story of a young women visiting her childhood home to reminiscing her good old days.

However, she end up receiving a call from a mysterious female telling her that she is being tortured.

As she investigate the caller, she find out the phone call was made from the same house, 20 years ago.

6. The Wrath

Korean Horror Movies

The Wrath tells a story of a vengeful spirit that seeks revenge after she was cruelly killed by Joseon High rank officials.

7. Hansel and Gretel

Korean Horror Movies

Hansel and Gretel tells a story of a young man that get lost in the woods finding himself living in a beautiful house with three cute children.

Everything feels great until he realize that he got nowhere to leave the house and trapped forever.

8. The Host

Korean Horror Movies

The Host tells a story of a military officer foolishly dump chemicals to Han River.

Little did he knew that the chemicals creates a strange creatures that ended up invading local residents.

This Kdrama focus on the journey of a man and vendor family that decide to rescue his daughter that being kidnapped by the strange creatures.

9. Oldboy

Korean Horror Movies

Oldboy tells a story of a long-time prisoner got released and also given phone plus money.

He never knew why and who put him in the prison.

Now that he got released, he try to track down the person that put him there.

10. The Divine Fury

Korean Horror Movies

The Divine fury movie is a mixture of martial arts, MMA, devil, demons, exorcism and all of it.

This movie follows a martial artist who losing his faith after losing his father since his childhood.

Later on he seeks for an answer from a priest and exorcist.

Together they ended up discover a secret conspiracy between the club owner and the devil.

11. The Red Shoes

Korean Horror Movies

The Red Shoes tells a story of a girl find a beautiful pink high heels on a subway and decided to bring them back home.

Not knowing the beautiful pink high heels is a cursed item that bring a curse into her life.

One by one the people she love died a grisly death.

In order to stop the curse, she need to reveal the truth behind this haunted shoes.

12. Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum

Korean Horror Movies

Gonjiam tells a story of an Internet broadcaster and some people goes in to a haunted asylum to explore and stream it live on their broadcasting channel.

However, unexpected things start happening, more than they could handle.

13. Killer Toon

Korean Horror Movies

Killer toon tells a story of a horror webcomic artist losing sight of reality after the publisher died.

Her webcomic story become alive and series of murders start taking place, precisely mirrors the images in her latest comic.

14. A Tale Of Two Sisters

Korean Horror Movies

A Tale of Two sisters tells a story of two sisters that reunited as they return back home from a mental health facility.

They’re welcomed by their stepmother, who is continually harrased them until something unexpected happened.

15. White: The Melody Of The Curse

Korean Horror Movies

White: The melody of the curse tells a story of Pink Dolls, a struggling kpop group that find an unknown Music Video in an old videotape.

The Music Video is so good that they created the cover of it and rename it under the name “White“.

Little did they know that they just bring a curse into their life.

16. The Cat

Korean Horror Movies

The Cat tells a story of a pet groomer that take care of a cat, after it’s owner was found death on the elevator, leaving the cat alone.

However, weird and strange things start happening after she takes the cat back to her home.

17. Death Bell

Korean Horror Movies

Death bell tells a story of 24 students locked inside a school with a TV monitor broadcasting a student locked inside an aquarium.

The Aquarium filled slowly with water as a time clock.

They must complete an exam given to them in order for to save the student inside the aquarium.

18. Mourning Grave

Korean Horror Movies

Mourning Grave tells a story of someone with ability to see ghost, try to discover the person behind a gruesome looking masked girl that attacked one of the bullies in his high school.

19. The Closet

Korean Horror Movies

The Closet is a classic horror movies that tells a story of a family consist of father and daughter moving to a new house to move on after his wife’s death.

Soon after they move, his daughter mysteriously gone from the house.

Someone saw this case and start help him to investigate the disappearing of his daughter.

20. Cello

Korean Horror Movies

Cello tells a story of a cellist that lose her goals due to a brutal murdered of her entire family.

She currently living peacefully with her husband and kids, work as a part time music teacher and living a new life.

However, a dreadful events start happening once again in her life.

21. Into The Mirror

Korean Horror Movies

Into the mirror movie tells a story of an ex cop work as a mall security guard to investigate a series of mysterious death.

People believed that the case linked to a mirror ghost that came through the mirror.

This movie shows the journey of how he try to reveal the truth and solve this issue.

22. Bloody Reunion

Korean Horror Movies

Bloody reunion tells a story of a reunion between a teacher and some alumni after sixteen years.

They reunited in a countryside cottage and having some fun together.

However, this small fun reunion quickly turn into their worst nightmare after they got cruelly killed one by one.

23. APT

Korean Horror Movies

APT tells a story of a women in an old apartment start realizing that the light of some house opposite her apartment turns off at exactly the same time.

As a series or murders start happening, she try to solve and investigate this whole mystery.

24. Horror Stories

Korean Horror Movies

Horror stories tells a story of a female high school student that was kidnapped by a killer.

The only way for her to survive, is to tell the killer about a horror stories that leading to an anthology of four stories.

25. The Wailing

Korean Horror Movies

The Wailing tells a story of a strange infections and violent murders start happening as a mysterious japanese man come to a rural village.

26. 0.0Mhz

Korean Horror Movies

This Movie tells a story of a supernatural exploration club visit haunted house to test whether human can contact spiritual realm through brain waves.

They start to put the human brain waves in a frequency of 0.0Mhz and amazed at what happened.

27. The Doll Master

Korean Horror Movies

The Doll Master tells a story of a group of people got an invitation to a doll museum that offer them a doll in their image.

They got into a creepy museum just to see the doll maker in a wheel chair, her helper (a mysterious girl in red dress), and chained old man in the basement.

All of them were mysteriously killed.

Things getting nasty after one of them was found dead.

28. Thirst

Korean Horror Movies

Thirst tells a story of a good faithful priest turn to a blood thirsty vampire as he try to find a vaccine for a deadly disease through medical experiment.

29. Dead Friend

Korean Horror Movies

Dead friend tells a story of a women that suffers amnesia due to an accident, try to reveal the truth behind her three friends mysterious death.

As she try to reminiscing and remembering the past, she discovered a dark truth and events that lead to her amnesia.

30. Cinderella

Korean Horror Movies

Cinderella Movie tells a story of a group of students commit mysterious suicide after getting a plastic surgery from their best friends mother.

Realizing that all her friends commit suicide through a mysterious mutilation procedure, she start dig for the truth of the mother background.

31. The Mimic

Korean Horror Movies

The mimic tells a story of a mother that lost her child years ago, met an abuse girl in the woods.

She take her into her house and start noticing strange things about her.

Her voice is similar to her son that was lost years ago.

32. Phone

Korean Horror Movies

Phone tells a story of a reporter who receive series of mysterious calls after writing a pedophilia scandals article.

Later on, she change her number and move out.

However, the new number she currently using was originally belonged to a missing teenager.

Furthermore, the two subsequent owner of this phone number also died a mysterious death.

33. Loner

Korean Horror Movies

Loner is a story of a women that was traumatized after seeing her best friend commit suicide, due to vicious bully.

She start behave as if someone is in her room.

more than that, she start having a lot of knowledge about things that happened related to her father’s past.

34. Whispering Corridors

Korean Horror Movies

Whispering corridors tells a story of a female ghost haunting a school girl and makes people disappeared from the school, as they start freaking out with the whispering corridors.

Some people try to discover the truth behind this whispering corridors.

They realize that the ghost in this corridors is the spirit of a student who came to seek vengeance and protect her friends.

35. The Housemaid

Korean Horror Movies

The Housemaid tells a story of a women that got an offer to be a housemaid in the rich family house, to help a pregnant wife and her family.

However, it end up bring destruction to the rich family as she start having affair with the husband.

These are my list of the Best Korean Horror Movies I can share with you.

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