Best Travel Purse – 10 Purse To keep You Stylish and Secure!

best travel purse

Looking for the best travel purse available out there in the marketplace? Look no further, in this article I will share some of the best travel purse to keep you secure and stylish at the same time. 

I believe most of you already have a purse that you use on a daily basis, however there’s a difference between a daily purse and travel purse.

When you are travel, you will carry more items than you do on your daily activity, such as passport, laptop, camera etc. That is why travel purse is more essential than ever if you are a travel lovers.

In addition, some travel purse offers anti-theft features which help secure your items as you travel abroad. That’s why you need to choose wisely in which travel purse to buy that fit your needs. Let’s find out together.

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Best Travel Purse

While you can buy travel purse as you travel here, it is actually better to buy it before you travel. More over, if you travel a lot, why don’t you just grab the best brands and use it for eternity. Here are some of the best travel purse including.

1. MZ Wallace Black Small Sutton Deluxe

best travel purse

MZ Wallace Black Small Sutton Deluxe outer part made from durable oxford fabric which will makes it looks fresh for a long period of time. In addition, this purse has external pockets which is great for travelers to put a coins and a comb without digging through.

2. Lululemon Everywhere Belt Bag

best travel purse

Lululemon everywhere belt bag purse features a hidden exterior pockets where you can put your phone and money in safely. In addition, the nylon exterior gives it a more athletic vibes compare to others. More over, the inside mesh is also great to organize all of your travel essentials.

3. Longchamp Pliage Original

best travel purse

Longchamp Pliage Original purse is a famous brand came out of Paris which ensure your fashion class. It has a water resistant coated canvas body which is great for travelers. Overall, this tote is easy to clean and looks fashionable.

4. Baggallini 3 in 1 Convertible Backpack With RFID Phone Wristlet

best travel purse

This convertible backpack is a great option if you would love your backpack to be able to transform into a cross body or even a tote. In addition, it has a slip pockets and two exterior water bottle holders which is amazing. More over, it has a clipped in RFID blocking and three card slot phone wristlet inside it that you can detach anytime and carry it separately.

5. Arden Cove Crissy Full Crossbody With Faux Leather Strap

best travel purse

Arden cove crissy full crossbody is a great anti theft travel purse which will makes it hard for the theft to steal your belongings. It has RFID blocking on the front areas which is anti-electronic pick pocket as well as a slash-proof interior lining. While this bag is mainly created for security, it still maintain it’s elegance with all the color available.

6. Baggallini Pocket Crossbody Bag

best travel purse

Baggallini pocket crossbody purse is a lightweight 8.5 inch purse that came with a zippered interior pocket, credit card slots and three exterior pockets. The downside is that this is a small purse, so you can’t really fit a huge object in it. However, this purse is fit a passport, keys and other small essentials like lip balm and comb.

The upside is that this one is great for those who love light weight and comfortable purse. In addition, it features a removable RFID.

7. Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Mini Shoulder Bag

best travel purse

Travelon is known for it’s great anti theft features even in a mini shoulder bag like this one. This purse is a lightweight and stylish purse that’s quite safe with it’s RFID blocking features. You can put your passport, and some small essentials inside it.

One of the best features of this purse is the slash proof strap and the strap is made to be easily attached to a chair to makes it hard to be stolen.

8. Plambag Canvas Messenger Bag Crossbody

best travel purse

Plambag canvas messenger bag crossbody is one of the larger size bag you can grab on the list. The best part is that this purse is genderless, looks stylish and great for any gender and it features 9 pockets consist of 7 zipped and 2 external side pockets.

You can put water bottle inside this bag together with pen, lip balm, combs, keys as well as 8 credit cards slot. As it name suggest, this one is made with sturdy canvas and a crossbody type  travel purse.

9. Travelon Anti-Theft Classic Essential Messenger Bag

best travel purse

Travelon anti theft essential messenger bag has a slash proof constructions and features organized lockable compartments with some removable LED flashlight and RFID blocking card slots. The shoulder strap is easy to open and the bag is enough to contain your travel essentials.

10. Baggallini Everywhere Travel Crossbody Bag

best travel purse

Baggallini everywhere travel crossbody bag is one of the best in terms of crossover type travel purse. It features 11 inches wide with multiple pockets including two front pouches. This purse can easily fit a tablet and other things.

Types of Travel Purses

There are actually three type of purse available on the market. To make it easy for you, we separate it into three categories including.

1. Crossbody Bag

Crossbody bag, the best one out there. Usually has long straps you can wear all across your body, which adds extra security compare to just put it on your arm.

2. Messenger Bag

Messenger bag tends to be larger in size compare to other purse. It usually worn cross body and have a sturdy straps.

3. Shoulder Bag

Shoulder bags, as it name suggest, are intended to hang on one shoulder. While it might feel convenient, this one are the most vulnerable in terms of theft security. Professional thief can easily snatch out your bag or cut it out.

How to Choose the Best Travel Purse

Here are some criteria you can look before you make a decision in which travel purse you want to buy including.

  • Convenient.
    Make sure you grab the one with the weight that fits you. Carry a heavy purse will not be convenient and not good for health. 
  • Size.
    Make sure you buy the one with the size enough to contain all your belongings. Some people only need a small essential item while other might need a larger one. 
  • Offers a good organization. 
    Look at the dividers and pockets in which you can easily organize your essential stuff.
  • Security. 
    Look at the strap, the security features like RFID, anti slash and others.
  • Water proof. 
    If you love to do outdoor adventures, then you want to buy the one that offers a water proof so you won’t be stress in case a heavy storm come your way.

Sum Up

There are a lot great travel purse out there you can choose in the marketplace. However, this are the best we can share to you. Hopefully this article help you make an informed decision and grab the right and best travel purse for you.  

Have you get your travel purse or you usually use your daily purse for your travel? Let me know in the comment sections below!

best travel purse
best travel purse

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