Korean Bag Brands: 12 Famous Brands Your Must Be Sporting!

korean bag brands

Looking to upgrade your style in 2023? Look no further, as we all know Korea is the best in terms of fashion and beauty. In this article, we will share some of the best korean bag brands you need to start sporting today! From sleek to luxury design, these brands offer various styles that will suit your taste. Let’s dive right into these brands.

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Korean Bag Brands

Here’s a list of the best korean bag brands that offers minimalist, eccentric and luxurious styles, including.

1. Marhen.J

If you are looking for a great authentic handbag, then you can start looking at Marhen.J. This brand was founded by a former creative director of some world class kpop idol such as Twice and TVXQ.

Marhen.J headquarters located in Singapore, so you can expect the design to be minimalist yet elegant. Their design is great for both special occasion as well as daily use. Other than handbag, they offers a collections of computer cases, umbrella covers as well as purse.

Some of their collections are waterproof, which is great if you are living in country with rainy season.

2. Yurt

korean bag brands

Yurt brands is more appealing to those who love natural looks, they have various and wide range of collections of minimalist and natural handbags. Each collections of them have their own specific mood and impression embedded in it.

In addition, they often have a unique design on all of their products, from wallets, accessories and even footwear. The best part is that you can get unlimited warranty in case you need any repair on your bags.


korean bag brands

OSOI is an evergreen handbag brands inspired from Japanese word which means ‘Slow, patience’. OSOI design and craft methods is focus on unisex, evergreen ageless design and the details on each products. In addition to handbags, this brand also sell some accessories as well as footwear.

4. Find Kapoor

Find Kapoor is luxurious korean bag brands loved by many kpop idol like Irene and Sooyoung, so you can expect that most of their fans will also love this brands. The style is casual, simple yet stylish, modern yet artistic. In addition, they have a lot of styles and color that will suit everyone.

5. Alice Martha

Alice Martha was founded by Kwak Chang Hoon about 9 years ago. The founder used to work as salesman at fashion store in Dongdaemun, Seoul. After 15 years experience in fashion industry, designer Kwak take a leap of faith and create his own collections. All of Alice Martha bags are designed with simplicity in mind. The price range between $80 and $180.

6. DeMaker

korean bag brands

DeMaker came from the word ‘good design’ and ‘well made’, this brand is a luxury brands that offers a stylish bags with amazing design and durability. Even though DeMaker is considered as luxury brands, the price is quite modest for ordinary people.

Their unique selling proposition is that most of their products is roundish and curvy, which inspired from the shape of moon, eggs and other rounded object. Some of korean idol that use this brands including Kim ji won, Yo In Na and Shin Se Kyung.

7. gu_de

korean bag brands

gu_de which means ‘good’ in Scots, is a korean bag brand founded by designer Ji Hye Koo in 2016. Most of this brand designs inspired by 1970’s vibes. The founder is looking for evergreen and innovative style with high quality materials to match it’s brand mission. The price is range from $90-500.

8. Belysa

Belysa is a colourful korean bag brands inspired by the 1990’s fashion vibes. They offer various mini bags as acessory to add beauty to your outfits of the day. Some kpop idol seen using this brands including Chaeyoung, Taeyeon, and Hyuna. The price range from $500 – 1000.

9. Marge Sherwood

korean bag brands

Marge Sherwood korean bag brands is one of the best handbag brands if you are looking for an elegant products. The designer Sungeun Um and Soonyoung Kim create and design all of their handbag products. If you are someone who love to collect handbags to match with your various outfit, then you can go check out this brands.

10. Stretch Angels

korean bag brands

Stretch angels is another brands came out from the capital city of South Korea that offer various handbags as well as other fashion stuff such as clothing and accessories. The design is quite flexible for daily use as well as special occasion.

Their special bag named ‘Flap Multi Camel Panini Bag’ inspired from Panini, italian sandwich. This bag is so famous after got featured in the high-end fashion magazine.

11. Nieeh

Nieeh is a korean fashion brands famous among celebrities. You can see that Blackpink Jennie use their apparels and bags even before it officially launched to the public. Some netizen speculate whether she has a connection to the owner or maybe she is actually one of the business owner of this brand. 


korean bag brands

Credit to Buyma.us

KOIMOOI brand name came from KOI fish which grows larger when live in a large ponds, this became their mission to encourage all women to dream big and go beyond environment and cultural limitations. This brands mainly use leather for all their bags, which is great for those who work as office workers. The prices range around $200 – 400.


Korea has tons of beauty and fashion product that will escalate your outfit appearance. These are all the best korean bag brands you can choose to improve your style.

Make sure you check each one of them and buy based on your personality and also the price range you can afford. Regardless, you’ll definitely find the kind of bag you’re looking for with these brands.

How do you think about these Korean bag brands? Have you ever buy from them? Let me know in the comment sections below!

korean bag brands
korean bag brands

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