Bojagi Wrapping – All You Need To Know!

bojagi wrapping

Bojagi is a traditional Korean wrapping cloth with various colors and fabric that is used to wrap gifts and package.

If you are want to know more about Bojagi, Keep reading!

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Bojagi Wrapping

bojagi wrapping

The word ‘Bojagi’ came from the characters ‘bok’ which means luck and ‘bo’ which means fortune.

Bojagi wrapping embedded a meaning of ‘wrap by luck and fortune’.

In addition to it’s wonderful hidden meaning, it’s also look beautiful and can easily make the gifts looks much better.

Origin Of Bojagi

bojagi wrapping

The origin dates back to the ancient Three Kingdom (57 BCE to 668 CE), yet it start gaining popularity in Joseon eras (1392-1910) where common people start using it for daily use.

Back then, make a cloth was an important part of educations for women, so all the women in history have to learn sewing and embroidery.

This is where they sewed clothes to make Bojagi at home and use it for daily use.

Type Of Fabrics

bojagi wrapping

Credit to canva

There are some types of fabrics including.

  • Silk: previously, silk was used only for the elites and higher social class person. However, these days silk becomes the most common types you can find.
  • Cotton: cheaper fabrics used for commoner and low social class.

Wrapping Tutorials

Here are the step by step to wrap Bojagi:

  1. Lay it in a diamond shape and put your gift in the middle of it.
  2. Pull the corners of the diamond fabric.
  3. Tie with a rubber band to keep it secure.
  4. Create a petals out of the excess fabric and there you go.

Colors and Meaning

bojagi wrapping

We all know that Korean appreciate shape, color and symbolism.

Every color in Korean culture symbolize something significant.

Even thought modern Bojagi comes in various color and patterns, there are five major color including.

  • Red: passion (fire element)
  • Blue: hope (wood element)
  • Yellow: wealth and fertility (earth element).
  • White: purity.
  • Black: masculine and dignity.

Sum Up

These are all I can share about Bojagi.

If you ever got it from your Korean friends, make sure to keep it.

By doing that, they will feel you’re really appreciate them and Korean culture!

Other than that, it is also looks beautiful and you can use it for your interior decoration.

Hopefully you find this article helpful and give you a new information about Korean culture.

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bojagi wrapping

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