Korean Finger Heart Meaning and Style by Korean Idols!

korean finger heart

Korean finger heart is a mini heart gesture that become icon of Love in South Korea.

You can find most of Kpop idols use this pose as people take picture of them.

Not just idol, Korean finger hearts have become a nation-wide icon as the gesture of Love.

Let’s take a deeper look at Korean Finger Heart meaning and some style by Korean idol!

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Finger heart in Korean Language

In Korean language, the word for finger is 손가락 (son-ka-rak).

In the case of finger heart, The word use for heart is 하트 (ha-teu), which means heart.

Finger heart in Korean language is 손가락 하트 (son-ka-rak ha-teu). 

In addition, there are some various heart gesture.

  •  Son-ha-teu 손 하트: hand heart.
  • Go-yang-yi ha-teu 고양이 하트: kitty heart.
  • Bol-ha-teu 볼하트: cheek heart.

What does Korean Finger Heart mean?

Finger heart means love, a gesture to show affections to the person you directed to.

This gesture is a substitute to the previous two hands heart gesture to the head that you might already seen.

The crisscrossing of index and thumb finger, makes it easy to show love to others even with one hand.

Korean Finger Heart Style

Credit to kollectionk

There are variety to Korean finger heart, here are some of them you can copy.

1. Hand Heart

korean finger heart

Credit to kollectionk

Hand heart – just put the wrist and fingertips together create a small mini heart shape.

This gesture is one of the OG’s when it comes to Korean love gesture, far before the iconic Korean finger hearts.

You can do it with your couple just by combine your hand with your couple hand together to create this heart shape. 

2. Kitty Ears Heart

korean finger heart

Credit to koreaboo

You can make Kitty ears heart by simply adding a cat ears behind the hand shape.

You can do this by putting your index finger backwards and form the cat ears.

3. Classic Finger Heart

korean finger heart

Credit to koreaboo

Korean Finger heart is the most well-known and iconic Heart gesture by Korean.

Just simply cross your thumb and index finger which create a small mini heart silouette.

You will see this heart gesture mostly from Kpop idol or celebrity as they greet their followers.

4. Apple Heart

Apple heart is invented by Chuu, so it’s known as ‘Chuu Heart’.

Former Loona member Chuu created this heart gesture.

It started as a clear round apple shape and just bite it into a heart shape.

5. Cheek Heart

korean finger heart

Credit to koreaboo

Cheek heart is anoter variety of heart shape pose on the cheeks.

You can just use one hand to create this cheek heart, just make sure to put it on your cheek.

6. Arm Heart

korean finger heart

Credit to koreaboo

Arm hearts is the most common pose Kpop idol uses especially when they meet a large group of people, like in the concert arena.

This pose is amazing because it will radiate a huge big heart that can easily seen from afar, compare to other mini heart shape.

Just make sure you are not wearing sleeveless shirt or else the fur on your armpit might shout louder than the hearts.

Sum Up

The famous and iconic Korean finger heart is a gesture of love spread by many Korean actor and actresses.

You might already seen it if you are a truly Korean drama and KPOP lovers.

It is a great and easy way to express your love to your loved ones without speaking any words.

These are all I can share about Finger Hearts, hope you learn something new today and wish you have a best day ahead!

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korean finger heart
korean finger heart

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