Korean Hangover Soup – 9 Delicious Soups To Beat Hangover!

korean hangover soup

Korea is well-known for its drinking culture. From youth to adults, most Korean enjoy alcohol as a companion of their spicy chicken meals. To help beat the hangover, Koreans rely heavily on Korean Hangover Soup, known as Haejangguk.

In this article, I will share some best Korean hangover soups you can try to help you beat the hangover after a hardcore night. Let’s dig in.

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Korean Hangover Soup

Haejangguk came from the word ‘Haejang,’ which means ‘release from the hangover,’ and ‘gunk,’ which means ‘soup.’

A hangover is no joke; we know how unpleasant it is when we have it, especially the headache we must face throughout a busy working day. 

That’s why Koreans found Haejangguk to quickly shake the hangover and be sober.

Many restaurants in Korea offer this hangover soup, not just because there are a lot of drunkards but because Haejangguk has a lot of great health benefits.

The best part is there are a lot of hangover soups you can try, which makes it easy to find the one that fits your tongue.

Here are some of the best Korean hangover soups you must try after your hardcore night out in Korea this year.

1. Beef Short Rib Soup – Galbitang (갈비탕)

korean hangover soup

Credit to Maangchi

Beef Short Rib Soup, known as Galbitang, is a Korean hangover soup made of beef short ribs (Galbi 갈비) boiled with Korean radish, onion, garlic, and ginger.

It is a flavorful soup that is perfect for curing a hangover. In addition, this Korean hangover soup has a lot of nutrients that can help your liver’s overall health.

However, Beef short ribs soup is expensive because it uses beef which is costly in Korea.

2. Pufferfish Soup – Bok Haejangguk (복해장국)

korean hangover soup

Credit to wikimmedia

Puffer Fish Soup is one of the most expensive Korean hangover soup with Pufferfish (Bok) as its main ingredient.

This soup is expensive because pufferfish is really hard to prepare. It only can be prepared by a license special chef who gets training to eliminate the deadly toxin from the fish.

The toxin in one pufferfish is enough to kill 30 strong, healthy adults. More than that, this toxin has no cure and antidote, so it is a one way ticket.

Typically there are two types of Bok Haejangguk you can try, spicy (maeuntang) and clear (jiri) pufferfish soup.

3. Golden freshwater Clam Soup – Jaecheopguk (재첩국)

korean hangover soup

Credit to wikipedia

Golden Freshwater Clam Soup is a clear soup made by boiling small golden freshwater clams and seasoning them with salt.

The nourishing sweetness of the golden clams and the saltiness of salt create a perfect combination that’s truly satisfying.

In addition, golden clams are rich in taurine, which is good for healing our liver.

4. Bean Sprout Soup – Kongnamul Haejangguk (콩나물 해장국)

korean hangover soup

Credit to thespruceeats

Kongnamul Haejangguk is one of the most popular Korean hangover soups most Koreans love to eat after a hardcore night out.

Bean Sprout Soup is a simple soup made of bean sprouts, water or broth (beef), and salt.

You can add some chop-down kimchi, egg, shrimp, and onions to the taste of this soup.

Moreover, bean sprout is filled with tons of ‘Aspartate,’ the amino acid that creates enzymes to break down alcohol.

5. Dried Pollock Soup – Bugeoguk (북어국)

korean hangover soup

Credit to Maangchi

Bugeoguk is a famous Korean hangover soup most people eat as breakfast in Korea.

This mild Korean hangover soup is made of shredded dried pollock fish simmered with soybean sprouts and tofu.

More than that, dried pollock contains many proteins and amino acids that help protect and heal our liver.

6. Shrank Bone Soup - Sagol Haejangguk (사골 해장국­)

korean hangover soup

Credit to Jejuneulbom

Sagol Haejangguk (사골 해장국) is a traditional Korean hangover soup made with beef shank bones boiled for several hours. The word ‘Sagol’ refers to the shank bones in the broth.

Add some vegetables like cabbage, bean sprouts, radish, and seasonings like red pepper flakes and garlic to add flavor to this soup.

7. Pork Spine Hangover Soup – Bbyeodagwi Haejangguk (뼈다귀 해장국­)

korean hangover soup

Credit to mangoplate

Bbyeodagwi haejangguk is a rich and spicy pork Korean hangover soup piled with meat chunks of pork spine.

Another name for this Korean soup is gamjatang. The difference is in the way it serves. Gamjatang is served in a large pot, while bbyeodagwi haejangguk is served in an individual earthen bowl.

8. Napa Cabbage Hangover Soup – Ugeoji Haejangguk (우거지 해장국­)

korean hangover soup

Credit to tang

Ugeoji haengjangguk is a mild soup made with the fibrous outer leaves of napa cabbage. This Korean hangover soup is famous for its detoxifying properties.

9. Ox blood Hangover Soup – Seonji Haejangguk (선지해장국)

korean hangover soup

Credit to visitseoul

Seonji Haejangguk is a soup that features ox blood. This Korean hangover soup usually contains vegetables, napa cabbage, and meat in a beef broth. Eat this together with rice for a more satisfying meal during the day.

Sum Up

Hangover soup is Korea’s ancient way to deal with hangovers and be sober after a heavy drinking night throughout centuries.

These are all of the best Korean hangover soups I can share to you. I wish you can try some of these as you get drunk in Korea.

Have you ever tried one of these Korean hangover soups? Let me know in the comment sections below!

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korean hangover soup
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