Korean Pizza – 7 Fantastic Flavors You Must Try In Korea!

Korean Pizza

According to The Huffington Post, most-popular pizzas include toppings like sausage, bacon, mushroom etc. However, Korean Pizza offers something crazier, more than the ordinary flavour you can get elsewhere. In this article, I will share the most fantastic Korean Pizza you must try in Korea.

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Korean Pizza

In Korea, the turnover and implementation of new ideas are relatively quicker and crazier. Thus create a lot of new brave flavours you hardly find elsewhere. Here are the top flavours of Korean Pizza you must try.

1. Bulgogi Cheese Pizza

Korean Pizza

Credit to mykoreankitchen

Bulgogi Pizza is famous in Korea; it is a classic Korean dish made with marinated beef; in this case, it serves as a topping for pizza. It combines the flavours of Korean BBQ with the cheesy goodness of pizza.

2. Half Bulgogi Half Potato Pizza

Korean Pizza

Bulgogi Potato Pizza is a unique Korean pizza that combines bulgogi pizza and thinly sliced potatoes as a topping. It adds a crispy texture and a subtle sweetness to the pizza compared to the full bulgogi pizza.

3. Korean Kimchi Pizza

Korean Pizza

Credit to inthekitch

Kimchi pizza combines the tangy and spicy flavours of Kimchi with the cheesy base of the pizza.

For those without any idea about Kimchi, it is a spicy fermented Korean paste with probiotic agents that are good for health.

Almost every Korean loves Kimchi; it is like a national side dish you can always find in South Korea.

4. Red Hot Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Korean Pizza

Credit to delish

This pizza is a new way to use buffalo chicken left in your kitchen. You can make a pizza with buffalo chicken as it’s topping. Afterwards, top it with green onions and hot sauce.

5. Korean Buldak Pizza

Korean Pizza

Credit to NYTimes

Buldak ‘fire chicken’ is a well-known, heavily spiced, barbecued dish in Korea. Imagine combining the Korean fiery chicken dish with pizza and beer as your beverage.

6. Shrimp Pizza

Korean Pizza

Credit to acouplecooks

It is common to find shrimp as pizza toppings in Korea. You can pair this shrimp pizza with a green salad or other vegetables to balance the garlic buttery cheesy shrimp.

7. Korean Goguma Pizza

Korean Pizza

Credit to NAKD

Goguma pizza is a sweet potato pizza with some corn and pineapple. You can find this classic flavour on most pizza restaurant menus in Korea.

Imagine the tart taste of pineapple mixed with the mild sweet flavours of sweet potato in a classic pizza dough blend together as it gets into your mouth. Wonderful!

Sum Up

There are unlimited delicious Korean pizzas you can try as you visit South Korea. With a lot of brands of pizza in Korea, it is just impossible to keep track of all of their menus.

Not to mention there are a lot of creative homemade chefs making new unique Korean pizza recipe every single day.

Here are all the best Korean pizza flavours I can share in this article; hopefully, it will help you when you want to eat pizza in Korea or create your homemade version at home!

Have you ever tried one of these flavours? Which one do you like the most? Let me know in the comment sections below!

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Korean Pizza
Korean Pizza

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