Soju Cocktails – 9 Best Flavors You Can Make At Home!

Soju Cocktails

While most foreigner knows Soju as the most popular Korean alcoholic drink, many of you might haven’t try Soju Cocktails! If you want a tone-down Soju with various flavours you’ll love, keep reading on!

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Soju Cocktails

Soju cocktail is a tone-down Korean soju with less alcohol and have various flavours depending on what you mix with it. 

If you want to enjoy Korean Soju without being drunk, opt for Soju Cocktails. Here are some delicious soju cocktails you can try.

1. Somaek (Soju Bomb)

Soju Cocktails

Credit to Marisa Chafetz for Supercall

Somaek or Soju Bomb is a popular Korean soju cocktail you can make at home by mixing Soju and Beer. Commonly the golden ratio for Soju Bomb is 3:7. However, you can just drop a shot of Soju into a glass of beer and drink it.

2. Mango Melona Soju Cocktails

Soju Cocktails

Credit to teakandthyme

Melona is a popular Korean melon-flavoured ice cream bar commonly used as a garnish for the drink.

To make Mango Melona Soju Cocktails, you can mix mango-flavoured soju, a Sprite and a Mango Melona bar.

Stir it until it blends altogether, and put an ice cube to make it even more refreshing. This soju cocktail tastes sweet, fruity, and refreshing, which is perfect for the summer seasons in Korea.

3. Soju Mojito

Soju Cocktails

Credit to goop

Soju Mojito is a Korean twist on the classic regular Mojitos. This Soju cocktails replace the rum with Soju. To give you an idea, traditional Mojitos contain twice alcohol than Soju Mojito.

You can make this cocktail by mixing fresh mint leaves, sugar, lime juice, and Soju. Afterwards, put some ice and soda water on top of it.

4. Yakult Soju Cocktail

Soju Cocktails

Credit to teakandthyme

Yakult Soju Cocktail is my favourite soju cocktail on the list; I think most non-regular alcohol drunkards will also think the same.

This Korean Cocktail is made by mixing Yakult, Soju and Sprite together. Stir until it blends perfectly, and put ice on top of it. There it is, a delicious and refreshing Korean Yakult Soju cocktail with three simple ingredients.

What I love about this cocktail is that the sweetness of Yakult tones down the intense aromas and flavour of Soju, which makes it more acceptable to my sensitive stomach.

In addition, we all know that Yakult has many good bacteria for our overall digestive health, so I think it’s healthier than others.

5. Soju Coffee (Soju + Coffee)

Soju Cocktails

Credit to Philstarlife

As its name suggests, Soju coffee cocktails are created by simply mixing Soju with Coffee. Stir it up until it blends perfectly, and put an ice cube on top of it.

You can choose whether to mix it with a strong espresso and make a Soju espresso or mix it with coffee milk and make a Soju Latte.

I haven’t tried this soju cocktail, but it must be bold as it contains alcohol and caffeine.

6. Soju Lemonade

Soju Cocktails

Credit to themixer

Soju lemonade is a refreshing cocktail you can easily make at home by mixing Soju with lemonade and put ice cube on top of it.

Just imagine the perfect blends of sweetness and tartness of this soju cocktail makes me salivating.

7. Strawberry Soju Cocktail

Soju Cocktails

Credit to teakandthyme

Strawberry Soju Cocktails is a sweet and fruity Korean cocktail you must try at least once in a lifetime.

You can make this soju cocktail by mixing Soju, fresh strawberries, simple syrup and Sprite. Stir it up until it blends perfectly, and put an ice cube on top of it.

8. Soju Sunrise

Soju Cocktails

Credit to hansoju

Soju Sunrise is a Korean cocktail made of Soju, orange juice, and grenadine syrup.

In order to make this cocktail, first put Soju and an ice cube in a glass. Afterwards, slowly pour in the orange juice with a ratio of 2:1 with the Soju.

The last part is to pour in grenadine syrup slowly to create a gradient effect resembling a sunrise. This soju cocktail tastes sweet and fruity, very refreshing for hot sunny days.

9. Soju Watermelon Cocktails (Subak Soju)

Soju Watermelon, or Subak Soju, is a popular Korean cocktail that combines Soju and watermelon.

You can make Subak Soju by mixing Soju with watermelon juice and putting it all together in the flesh of the watermelon, so there’s nothing wasted.

Ensure the ratio of Soju and watermelon juice is 1:1 for best taste. Put an ice cube to make it more refreshing.

Sum Up

In the world of Korean alcohol, there is no end to innovation and experiments. You can find more Soju Cocktails flavour as you visit South Korea. However, these are the most popular and best Soju Cocktails flavour you can try.

Which of these Soju Cocktails do you want to try at home? Let me know in the comment sections below!

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Soju Cocktails
Soju Cocktails

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