Korean Candy – 10 Delicious Candy You Must order Today!

Korean Candy

If you’re a fan of sweet treats, you won’t want to miss out on the delightful world of Korean candy. From chewy gummies to creamy chocolates, Korea offers a wide range of unique and delicious flavors. Discover the best candy brands in Korea and satisfy your sweet tooth with these delectable treats.

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Korean Candy

There are unlimited options when it comes to korean sweets. However, I can only list some of the most delicious candy you can try including.

1. My Chew

My Chew is a famous rectangle candy with many fruity flavors, including grape, peach, strawberry, and apple. This candy tastes sweet, and the texture is chewy but not overly soft. You can easily find this in any convenience store in South Korea.

2. Sugarolly Korean Cotton Candy

Sugarolly Korean cotton candy is a rainbow color sweets with a roll cake shape. It’s healthier than other candy on the list as it contains Vitamin C.

Each rainbow layer in this candy offers a different fruit flavor – Strawberry, Lemon, Soda, Green Apple, and Grape.

3. Dalgona

I believe most of you already know this super famous traditional Korean candy. Thanks to Squid Game Korean dramas, Dalgona reached a new height of popularity as more people got interested in this Joseon eras origin candy.

If you plan to travel to Korea, you can quickly get these treats from street vendors. However, you can also easily make this at home.

4. Malang Cow

Korean Candy

Malang means soft in Korean; Malang cow is an addictive candy with milk flavored. This is like a gummy marshmallow with two flavors: original and strawberry milk.

5. Lotte White Grape Cheongdo Candy

Korean Candy

Lotte White Grape Cheongdo Candy is a big round candy that’s not too sweet and settles a mild green grapes flavor. It feels like eating a green apple lollipop without a stick. I think it’s not suitable for children.

6. HongSamin Korean Premium Red Ginseng Candy

HongSamin Korean Premium Red Ginseng Candy is an excellent first help to reduce sore throat and coughing. This candy is also can be a superb breath refresher. The smell is more robust than its flavor; depending on your preference, you might or might not like it.

Do not take it if you are allergic to ginseng. In addition, you shouldn’t give it to children, breastfeeding moms, or someone with high blood pressure.

7. Jadu (Plum) Candy

Korean Candy

Jadu Korean candy is a hard candy that provides a tasty initial flavor of plum that is not too sweet. However, some customers reported an artificial sweetener aftertaste and a plastic-like taste from the maltodextrin. The price was also more expensive than other candy in the market.

8. Orion’s Gummy Candy

Korean Candy

Orion’s Gummy candy is one of the best Korean gummies in the market. This candy shape looks like a fruit, tastes like a fruit, and is not too sweet and chewy. The peach flavor is excellent, and the heart peach shape is a national favorite. 

9. LOTTE Dream Cacao

Korean Candy

Lotte Dream Cacao Chocolate is a premium Korean candy made of high-quality cocoa beans. You might have already seen this candy on the hospital playlist, specifically at Kim Joon Wan’s office.

10. Ilkwang Peanut Candy

Korean Candy

Ilkwang Peanut Candy is a small hard candy made of peanut butter. The taste of the peanut is decent, manageable, and accompanied by the delicious flavors of caramel. You can easily find these treats in any supermarket in Korea.

Sum Up

Embarking on a culinary journey through the world of sweet Korean candy is a delightful experience that promises to satisfy both adventurous foodies and dear enthusiasts alike.

Whether you are a chewy gummy or chocolate lover, Korea offers various unique flavors that will fit your taste. Have you ever tried one of these Korean candies? Let me know in the comment sections below!

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Korean Candy
Korean Candy

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