Korean Sweet Potato – Nutrition and Health Benefits!

Korean Sweet Potato

Other than known for it’s beautiful people, beautiful landscape and wonderful culture, South Korea is also well known for it’s amazing concern for health. That’s why you can see that the obesity rate in korea is very low. In this article, I will share to you my knowledget about korean sweet potato! Let’s dive right into this potato!

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Korean Sweet Potato - Health Benefits

Korean Sweet Potato

Korean sweet potato, known as ‘고구마 goguma’ in korean, is a compact source of nutritions. 

This sweet potato is jam packed with vitamins, antioxidants and minerals that will boost your immune system and overall health. 

In addition, this potato is also filled with fiber which help your digesting process. Let’s take a deeper look at Korean sweet potato health benefits.

1. Improve Brain and Immune System

Korean Sweet Potato

Korean sweet potato contains a lot of B vitamins, which is great in improving nervous system and brain health.  

2. Healthy Skin and Reduce Aging Process

Korean Sweet Potato

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This potato is also rich in antioxidants such as beta-carotene, vitamin C and Polyphenols, which is really helpful in reduce aging process and keep youthfulness. 

These antioxidants works wonders in protecting us from free radicals, neturalize harmful molecules, reduce inflammation and improve overall skin health.

3. Heart Health

Korean Sweet Potato

Korean sweet potatoes contains a lot of minerals like potassium, magnesium and calcium which is great in manage blood’s pressure and improve heart’s health.

4. Support Weight Loss

Korean Sweet Potato

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Eventhough korean sweet potato have a sweet taste, this treat is actually a low glycemic carbs. This means that it will slowly digested and absorbed by body and won’t cause your blood sugar to go up, which is also good for weight loss.

5. Improve Gut's Health

Korean sweet potato also contain resistant starch which is great in nourishing natural gut bacteria and improve overall digestive system. 

We all know that having a healthy gut is essential for losing weight and stay healthy. 

It will increase our energy, improve our sleep quality and also faster our metabolism which in the end will help us maintain and even lose weight.

6. Fight Inflammation

Korean sweet potato contains vitamins B6, B2, magnesium, phosporus and potassium which help repair muscle, strengthen bones and flush harmful toxins in our body.

7. Manage Your Sugar Levels

Korean Sweet Potato

Credit to mymed

Other than nutritions and physical health benefits, korean sweet potato also help us manage our sugar craving. 

This treat is naturally sweet and addictive which help us fill our daily sugar needs while still maintain our blood sugar levels.

In addition, since this treat is sweet, it helps buffer the release of insulin which keep us satiated longer and help us reduce our cravings for food. 

8. Improve Eyes Health

We all know that Vitamin A is essentials in boost immune system, improve skin health and also healthy eyes. 

This potatoes are known to be jam packed with vitamin A. One korean sweet potato contains more than enough vitamin A that was needed for a person.

Sum Up

Korean sweet potato is a great delicious treat with tons of health benefits that will help you get healthier without sacrifice your craving of sweets stuff. 

Most people include this into their diet program since it has lots of nutrition that’s good for our body. 

Alright, these are all I can share about this popular treat in Korea, wish this article is helpful in giving you some information and knowledge about this sweets. 

Have you ever eat korean sweet potato before? How do you think about it? Let me know in the comment sections below!

Korean Sweet Potato

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