12 Korean Drinking Games You Never Knew!

korean drinking games

These Korean Drinking Games can help you break the ice during your night out with friends.

The main purpose of playing these korean drinking games is to have more fun and get one of your friends drunk fast.

Let’s take a look at some Korean drinking games you can try next time you having a night out.

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Korean drinking games

South Korea is a country with heavy drinking culture since ancient times.

If you are below 20 years old, then you don’t need to read further because the general drinking age is around 19-20 years old.

Some people believe that drinking culture in Korea just help Korean people to form a strong bonds towards one another.

As you drink your soju and talk about deep stuff like job, purpose, politics and life with your friends – why don’t you add some fun by playing these Korean Drinking Games.

1. Flick The Soju Bottle Cap

korean drinking games

Soju is the most famous alcoholic beverages in South Korea.

You can easily find various Soju flavor fits your tongue, or create your own Soju mix like Soju bomb that will makes you fly away to the heavenly realm.

As you go out drinking Soju with your bestie, keep the bottle cap for Soju bottle cap flick games.

How to play:

  • Twist the long strip that extends from the cap.
  • Take turns to flick it.
  • Player who flicks it off wins.
  • All the losers takes a sip of Soju.

2. High-Low Soju Bottle Cap Game

korean drinking games

Whether you are realize or not, there’s a hidden number exactly under the soju caps.

You can use this to play the higher lower game.

How to play:

  • One person become the game master and take a look at the number.
  • The other player will take turns to guess the number from 1 to 100.
  • Game Master will give a clue whether it is lower or higher from the player guess.
  • Whoever correctly guess the number wins.
  • All the losers takes a shot of soju.

Example: if the number is 16 and the first player calls ’20’, the game master will share a clue that the number is lower or range between 1 to 20.

3. Baskins Robbins 31 배스킨라빈스 31

korean drinking games

Baskin Robbins 31 is a number game where all players will sit in a circle and take turns to call up to 3 numbers in succession until they get to 31.

How to play:

  • All players sit in circle.
  • Everyone take turns to call up to 3 numbers.
  • The one who get to number 31 must take a shot.
korean drinking games

Example: if the first person says ‘1 – 2 – 3’, the next person can call ‘4’ or up to number 6.

The player that have no option but to say ’31’ lose and drink the shot as punishment.

korean drinking games

Facts: It called Baskin Robbins 31 because the Baskin Robbins logo somehow shows a number ’31’ in the ‘BR’ wording.

4. Sense Game 눈치게임

Sense Game is one of the easiest and exciting Korean drinking games you can play with your friends.

There’s only two rules in this game:

  1. Don’t collide with other player. 
  2. Don’t be the last person.

How to play:

  • Players have to start calls out a number and stand up whenever they want.
  • The way they can win is to make sure that no one is calling the number as you calls it.
  • If someone calls the number exactly at the time you are calling the number, both of you lose.
  • In case everyone calls out a number correctly without colliding with each other, the last player lose.

Example: If first player says ‘1’ with no interruption – no one calling the same number, they’re safe.

If the second and third player happen to call number ‘2’ at the same time, both of them lose and must drink a shot as punishment. 

If all the players do it correctly, the last player in the game become the loser and you must drink a shot.

5. Korean Roulette

korean drinking games

Korean Roulette is an easy and exciting ways you can break the ice during night out with your friends.

How to play:

  1. All players sit in a circle and spint the soju bottle in the midst of them.
  2. As the bottle stops, the person it’s pointing at must choose between two glasses – one is soju and others is water.
  3. If the person chooses water, they’re safe and games continue.
  4. However, in case someone choose soju, then they need to drink it.
  5. The game will last until all the player drinks the soju and the last man standing win.

6. Hello Cleopatra

Hello Cleopatra Game is a well-known Korean games where all you need to do is just to sing a Korean phrase on an increasing pitch.

The phrase sounds like this: ‘annyeong keuleopateura sesangeseo jeil ganeun poteitochib 안녕 클레오파트라 세상에서 제일 가는 포테이토칩’ which means ‘Hello Cleopatra, this is the best potato chip in the world’.

Many Kpop idol play this game in variety shows just to have fun and see each other vocal skills. 

How to play:

  • First Player will sing the Korean phrase and sets the first tone.
  • The next player must increase the tone.
  • The one that fails to reach the higher pitch lose and must take a shot.

7. Titanic | Submarine 잠수함 게임

korean drinking games

Titanic, as it name suggest, this game is based on the popular movie Titanic.

This game is also known as Submarine.

How to play:

  • Fill 5 ounce glass half full of beer
  • Place a soju shot glass inside the glass of beer
  • Fill the glass with soju til it’s close to sink
  • Each player will take turn to pour soju as small amount as possible into the floating soju glass.
  • The one cause the soju glass to sink like Titanic is the loser.

8. Samyukgu (3-6-9)

Samyukgu is a Korean verison of seven ups.

Rules is the same, the only different is that instead of 7, you will need to skip any multiplication of 3 with a clap.

How to play:

  • First player will say number ‘1’ and keep continue to the next.
  • Never say number 3, 6 or 9 – instead, replace it with one clap.
  • The player who say the forbidden numbers 3, 6 or 9 is the loser.

9. Mandoo 만두

korean drinking games

Credit to 10mag

Mandoo is actually means dumpling in Korean language.

This Korean drinking games is more complex than the others, yet it’s actually quite fun.

How to play:

  • Every player hands up with fingertips resting on the thumb.
  • All participants have 2 options on each round – half open hands which means 5 or open hand which means 0.
  • Each player will guess a number (multiplication of 5) and if the overall sum of the players is the same as his guess – he win.
  • The next player continues until the last man standing – the loser.

10. Image game 이미지 게임

korean drinking games

Image game is the most simple and fun Korean drinking games on the list.

Basically, this is a Voting games.

How to play:

  • First player tells a clue – example: ‘smartest guy in high school’.
  • Each vote for whoever they think the clue refers to.
  • The votes will be counted and those with the most votes lose and must drink a shot.

11. Babo Game 바보 게임

korean drinking games

Credit to firstsoju

If you are a Kdrama lovers, you know that Babo 바보 means stupid in Korean language. 

This game is actually playing fools, where we will speak a number that different with the number in our hands.

korean drinking games

Credit to firstsoju

How to play:

  • First player will say a number and make a different number in their hands
  • Keep continue until there is a player that says the same number as the number they showed in their hands.
  • This is a fast game, so if someone take a long time to say a number, they considered lose and must drink.

12. Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad is a quick games that will need a little bit of your brain power.

How to play:

  • First player start the game by saying ‘Fruit Salad’.
  • The next player must say ‘fruit salad’ with the additional fruit words like ‘orange’.
  • All of them must continue doing this and remember all the previous word by previous player.
  • Those who forget or says the fruit words in the wrong order is the losers.

Sum Up

These are all the best Korean drinking games I can share with you.

Remember that the next time you want to break the ice as you having a night out – try these Korean drinking games.

These games will quickly put one of your friends drunk and black out.

In case you want to know how Koreans beat hangover, try these Korean hangover soup.

Which Korean drinkings games you love the most? Let me know in the comment sections below!

korean drinking games
korean drinking games

Every share and every ounce of your support brings my passion for Korea to life – Thank you for visit.

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