Korean Alcohol – 11 Must try Korean Alcoholic Beverages!

korean alcohol

Alcohol is Korean best friend. Drinking culture in Korea is no joke. People of all ages enjoy drinking Korean alcohol – whether to socialize with friends or cope with stress. In this article, I will share some of the most popular Korean alcoholic beverages for you to try.

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Best Korean Alcohol

Koreans love to drink alcoholic beverage for many various reasons, that’s why Korea also have multiple way to beat hangover.

If you concern of the dizzy effect after drink these beverages, check out my article about how Korean cope with hangover and the best Korean Hangover Soup to beat hangover.

Alright, here are the most popular Korean alcohol you must try as you travel South Korea.

1. Soju - The Iconic Korean Alcohol

best soju flavor

Soju is the most well-known alcohol in Korea!

This alcoholic beverage is usually made of rice, some might be made of barley or sweet potatoes.

You can find Soju in literally any convenience store, restaurants and bar in Korea.

It is a clear drink with strong smells and contain around 14-45% alcohol.

For me, Soju is quite strong and I prefer to mix it with Yakult (soju yakult) or another best soju flavors.

2. Makgeolli

korean alcohol

Credit to sarangkoreanmart

Makgeolli is a milky, off-white, and lightly sparkling rice wine that has a slight viscosity that tastes slightly sweet, tangy, bitter, and astringent.

It is made by fermenting rice and a fermentation starter called Nuruk 누룩. 

In addition, this drink has a low alcohol content around six to nine percent.

3. Baekseju

korean alcohol

Credit to wikipedia

Baekseju is a Korean herbal rice wine that is popular since the 17th century. The word “baekseju” means “100 years of life”. 

This drink is made with a variety of herbs and ginseng – which is known as immune booster, as it’s primary ingredients..

This drink is famous as the staple drink in festival celebrations in South Korea.

Do note that this drink is more expensive compare to another alcoholic beverage on the list, so you better drink it slowly when you buy it.

4. Dongdongju

korean alcohol

Credit to wikipedia

Dongdongju is the unfiltered variation of makgeolli, so you will see the rice particles at the bottom of your glass of Dongdongju.

If you are a Makgeolli fans, then you will also love this alcoholic beverage because it taste quite similar.

5. Cheongju

korean alcohol

Credit to wikipedia

Cheongju is ‘clear liquor‘ in Korean.

You can imagine a slightly softer and sweeter Soju, so give it a try if you love the taste of Soju but find that Soju is too strong.

6. Korean Beer

korean beer

Korean Beer is Koreans favourite for around a century since it’s first release in early 1930s.

You might already see some of the most popular Korean beer brands such as Hite, Cass, and Oriental Brewery – which you can find in any convenience stores in Korea.

7. Bokbunja

korean alcohol

Bokbunja is a wine made of Korean blackberries as it’s primary ingredients.

While most wine based of grape having low alcohol content, bokbunja has alcohol content up to 20%.

The taste is quite sweet with vanilla notes and strong alcohol taste – much stronger than common wine made of grape.

The good news is that Bokbunja contain lots of antioxidants which help fighti cancer cells, help reduce stress levels and blood pressure.

8. Sansachun

korean alcohol

Sansachun is a Korean rice wine that is flavored with hawthorn berry and cornus fruits which creates sour taste.

This Korean alcoholic beverage is known as medical alcohol for over 400 years.

Koreans believe this drink has various positive physical effects including relieve our nerve and has boost our appetite, which is great if you plan to add some weight.

9. Flower Wine

korean alcohol

Credit to KMALL09

Flower wine is a traditional Korean rice wine that is flavored with various flowers like dry chrysanthemum flowers as well as peach blossoms – which creates different flavor and alcohol content based on the variations.

10. Maesilju - Sweet Korean Alcohol

korean alcohol

Credit to tasteatlas

Maesilju is a traditional Korean alcoholic drink made from fermented green plums and a sweetener such as light brown sugar or honey.

It is an extremely sweet drink that is not suitable for pairing with dinner, but it is a great choice for dessert or after meal.

It contains up to 14% alcohol content, which is pretty decent.

The exact origins of Maeshilju are unknown, but it is thought to date back to the Goryeo Dynasty (918-1392).


11. Somaek [Soju Bomb] - Famous Korean Alcohol

korean alcohol

Credit to advancedmixology

Somaek, known as Soju bomb is a popular Korean alcoholic drink that is made by mixing soju and beer (Soju and Maekju).

The drink is often consumed as a shot, where a shot glass filled with soju is dropped into a glass of beer, and you should finish the drink as soon as possible.

Sum Up

If you are wondering which one you should try first, then I will recommend you to try Soju and Maekju before other Korean alcohol on the list.

However, it all depends on your alcohol tolerance and taste preference.

I just recommend the two because they’re the most popular and iconic Korean alcohol.

Have you ever try one of the Korean alcoholic beverages on the list? How do you think about Korean alcohol? Let me know in the comment sections below!

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