Daebak Meaning – Meaning Of Daebak In Korean!

Daebak Meaning

If you are a true korean lovers, then you definitely heard the word ‘Daebak’ mention multiple times in many korean drama or other korean variety show. However, do you know the meaning of Daebak? In this article I will share daebak meaning, when to use it and similar words you can use.

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Daebak Meaning - What is Daebak Mean?

Daebak Meaning

‘Daebak’ is an expression used in Korean to show strong excitement and enthusiasm. It’s often used when someone is impressed by something or congratulating another person on an impressive feat such as winning a game or achieving a goal.

Origin of Daebak

Daebak Meaning

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There are no real fact or history mention where this korean slang came from, however, there are some fun facts and theories try to guess the origin of daebak korean slang.

Theory #1 Origin of Daebak

The first theory tells that daebak is came from hanja ‘大舶’ which means big boat. The correlation is that in the past, big cargo ships usually store rare items and so as people saw the rare items inside the ships, they say ‘Daebak’, which means ‘win big or big fortune’.

Theory #2 Origin of Daebak

The second theory tells that daebak came from the card games in the past. If you win a lot in card games, you will get a lot of money or ‘jackpot’, which called  ‘박’ (bak). ‘대’ means big, combine it and you will get the same meaning ‘win big or big fortune’.

Theory #3 Origin of Daebak

The third theory came from a korean myth during Josen Era, the story of ‘Heungbu and Nolbu’. This myth tells a story of two brothers Heungbu and Nolbu, while Nolbu was rich, Heungbu was so poor.

Nolbu try to get anything for himself, a very greedy person. When their father die, the inheritance should split between the two, yet Nolbu tricked Heungbu and kept all of the inheritance alone.

However, Heungbu is a very loving and compassionate person. One day, Heungbu saw a swallow fall down from a tree after trying to survive from a snake. Heungbu rush to chase the snake away from the swallow and help treat the swallow’s broken leg.

The swallow is so grateful and happy for Heungbu’s help, so the swallow give Heungbu a seed as a gift for him. Afterwards, Heungbu planted it and it grows as a plant and produce gourds (in korean ‘박’ (bak)).

Once the gourds is ready to eat by Heungbu and his family, he found a gemstones out of it. Then he sold all of the gemstones and he become very wealthy. Once again, this show ‘daebak’ means ‘win big’ or ‘big fortune’.

Note: Daebak is informal words, so use it wisely when you are talking with korean friends, consider your closeness, relationship, age gap and don’t use it too much.

Similar Words to 'Daebak'

Daebak Meaning

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There are some related words similar to ‘daebak’ in korean you can use to express excitement, surprise or shocked. Here are some of the other words you can use:

  • 미쳤어 (Michyeosseo), literally means ‘crazy’, this phrase usually used to show ‘woaaa that’s crazy’.
  • 불타오르네 (Bultaoreune), 볼 means fire 타오르다 means something like blazing, 네 used to show surprise or amazement, it same like ‘burn it up’, usually used to express a relieve from someone else monumental triumph.
  • 쩔어 (Jjeoreo), this word means ‘so dope, wonderful’.
  • 헐 (heol), this words can be use to show you are shocked, same like ‘Oh My God’ or ‘What The..’
  • 짱 (jjang), this words can be use to show your ‘amazement’.

Daebak in Conversation

Daebak Meaning

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Daebak is an informal words that use in a casual settings to show amazement and shocked at some situation. You can use the words ‘Daebak’, as someone tells you a good news such as they got promoted, they reach their goals or got a big fortune a.k.a miracles.

You can also use daebak to express your enthusiasm for exciting news. This will give a positive and happy reaction from the person telling you the good news. Daebak shows you listen and happy at what happened to the person speaking to you.

Related Words To Show Your Support

Other than ‘daebak’, there are other terms in Korean language that you can use to express similar meanings. Some of them are:

  • Hwaiting (화이팅), which means ‘fighting‘, this words can be use to show your encouragement and good luck.
  • Chukahamnida (축하합니다), which means ‘congratulations’, this also use to show your support and excitement for someone else success. 

As you become more familiar with korean slang and korean language, you will know how to use the words ‘Daebak’ and other korean slang in many various setting in korea.

Sum Up

Daebak is a korean slang that used in various setting in south korea, you might often see it in korean dramas, korean show or maybe your korean friend use this words. This word is the most common words to show you’re shocked and surprise at something. Feel free to try using it with your friend and see how your korean friends react as you use this words.

Daebak Meaning
Daebak Meaning

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