Top 8 Romantic Dating place in Seoul you Need To Know!

In this article we will share to you the top 8 romantic dating place for you to visit with your loved ones as you travel Seoul, the capital city of South korea.

1. Lotte world

lotte world seoul
Image: Rightful owner

Lotte world is the best for me as I have personal story in this place. Actually this is my first date with my ex couple few years ago, and it was totally awesome place to try as a dating place. Lotte world is one of the most popular theme park in Korea. The best of them is because there is an exhilarating roller coasters for couple to holding hands on, cute parades, ice rink, and more to make dating experience fuller.

2. namsan tower

namsan seoul tower
Image: Rightful owner

I think you would already seen this tower a lot especially when you watch almost any kind of korean drama and romantic genre korean movies. You can write your name and your couple names on locks and stick them unto a fence for all time while overlooking the beautiful Seoul from higher view. After you finish enjoy the view and put your locks on, you can also try many delicious food inside this place.

3. jamsil sports stadium

Image: View from my seat

Honestly I’m not really into sports, however many korean people love to go to watch baseball team in this place. So if you love korea and korean people, then you wanna try this experience while dating your korean couple. There is a lot of food choices outside the stadium to fill your belly with, so you don’t need to worry about where you gonna eat with your couple.

4. sky rose garden

Image: Be Free Tour

Sky rose garden is located on top of Daehan Ciname Complex in Chungmoro, one of the most unknown place even among locals. The garden is on the 8th floor of the Cinema and offers a beautiful view of the city. The view of the sunset is really killed it! you don’t wanna miss to see the sunset mixed with beautiful roses and light here. You and your couple will be left speechless and end up being more close to each other in this peaceful garden. This is a place where you can get away from the bustling city and enjoy a drink with a deep talk about life.

5. banpo bridge park

Image: Rightful owner

Located on han river, near the famous Sebitseom the artificial island. Banpo Bridge park is famous for it’s banpo bridge rainbow fountain, which is the longest fountain in the world. At night, the fountain is lit up by led light and sprays water down into the river while there is K-POP music playing in the background. Each fountain lights perform about 20 minutes in length. This is really great because this is free but have a wonderful view and good for relaxing, or even for working on your laptop.

6. ihwa mural village

Image: Seoul Magazine

Ihwa mural village is located around Mount Naksan. The village is thriving with the help of local artist. This is a village filled with murals all around painted on them. Another good place for taking a good picture with your couple while enjoying the arts of the local people. This date location is good for any couple who are interested in arts.

7. coex mall

coex starfield seoul korea
Image: Rightful owner

I posted a lot of picture of COEX and the famous Starfield library in my Instagram already. So by now you must’ve been familiar with his place. This place located in Samseong-dong Neighborhood, and known as the biggest underground shopping mall in the world. This mall have 5 themed squares. This place really a good place for dating as this shopping mall is one the the most aesthetic mall all over the world, and also completely filled with movie, aquarium and delicious restaurant all around. The new 50,000 book library is also wonderful. You can spent time reading books with your loved one here while enjoying some good coffee.

8. seoullo 7017

I posted this place also a lot in my Facebook, so I believe you already seen this a lot and be familiar with it. This is actually an overpass, however this bridge has become a park for tourist to enjoy. and especially when night come, the light lit up all over this overpass just makes it even more beautiful to behold and enjoyed, especially with the view of Seoul Station at the bacground! What can be better than that.

Romantic Dating Place In Seoul

How do you think about romantic dating place in Seoul? Have you ever visited these locations? Let us know in the comment sections below!

Every share and every ounce of your support brings my passion for Korea to life – Thank you for visit.

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