Jimin Dog: Meet BTS Jimin’s Loving and Cute Fur Friend!

jimin dog

Meet the cute loving friends of Jimin, Jimin dog Ddosun! The small, fluffy pup has brought love and joy into Jimin’s life with his happy personality and playful nature. Get ready to learn all about Simpson and meet Jimin’s furry friend!

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BTS Jimin with Dogs

jimin dog

Park Jimin, a member of K-pop sensation BTS, not only has amazing voice and talents as KPOP Idol, but also amazing personality and animal lovers.

jimin dog

BTS Jimin has legions of passionate fans for his kindness cheerfulness, not just to other fellow human being, but often he show his love to animals publicly. That’s why It’s no surprise that Jimin is well loved and received by many people all over the world.

BTS Jimin's Dog - Ddosun

jimin dog

Jimin once had an adorable canine friend called Ddosun when he was a kid. Ddosun is a beautiful fluffy white pup! Some of BTS’s fan might already recognise him, but for those who don’t, Ddosun used to be a loyal companion of Jimin, one of the most beloved BTS member.

jimin dog snoopy

BTS Jimin’s only pet Ddosun is a mixed breed of a pit bull terrier and a Korean jindo. He is really cute, smart and have adorable expression. There are times when I feel BTS Jimin’s dog – Ddosun, remind me of the famous cartoon character Snoopy.

Jimin Dog Passed Away

jimin dog

Credit to Quora

We might often see other BTS member show off their beloved pets, unfortunately not for BTS Jimin. His beloved pet ddosun already passed away, which is why we can hardly find any information about Ddosun.

jimin dog

Credit to Dailyjoonie

Since then, BTS Jimin doesn’t have any other dog as the replacement of Ddosun, because He really loved Ddosun so much. 

Some people suggest that he probably think Ddosun is irreplaceable and not plan to have another pets. However, Jimin’s love for pet still shown every time we see him encounter a pet or animals.

BTS Jimin's Moments With Ddosun

This video just show how much BTS Jimin loves his pet Ddosun. When Ddosun still alive, BTS Jimin spent a lot of time to play with Ddosun, cuddle him and even dressed his beloved puppy as fashionable as possible.

BTS Jimin's Moments With Other Animals

bts jimin with dogs

Jimin’s love for animal is clearly shown every time he encounter animals. He can easily and quickly get close to them. 

bts jimin dog play cats

Credit to Quora

In multiple interview session, he tells how he can’t really choose between cat and dog because he love them both just like choosing between singing and dancing.

BTS Jimin's Dog

Although Ddosun has passed away, BTS Jimin always cherishes the memories together they he had with him and will always keep them in his deepest heart. We hope that both Jimin and Ddosun are always happy wherever they are.

jimin dog
jimin dog

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