Joseon Dynasty – Facts And History of Korea’s Last Dynasty!

joseon dynasty

Joseon Dynasty is the last dynasty that last for over 500 years in Korea. You might already watch a lot of historical korean dramas that situated in Joseon eras.

I’ve researched and discovered some the interesting facts and history of the Joseon Dynasty. If you are curious and want to know more about Joseon dynasty, keep reading on!

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Joseon Dynasty

Joseon dynasty is known as the ‘yangban civilization. ‘Yangban’ means “two orders,” reflects the civil and military officials that govern the country. Here are some facts you need to know about Joseon Dynasty.

History of Joseon Dynasty (1392-1910)

Joseon dynasty was founded by the powerful Goryeo military commander Yi Seong-gye.

The story begins with the decline of the Goryeo era towards the end of the 14th century. At that time, General Yi Seong-gye had become popular among the people for his success in driving away foreign invaders.

Later on, as He was sent to invade Manchuria, he turned back to the capital, overthrew Goryeo dynasty by killing both KING U and his son King Chang, and founded a new dynasty, Joseon.

King Taejo Of Joseon

joseon dynasty

Credit to wikipedia

As the first King Taejo of Joseon, he moved the capital to Hanyang (now Seoul). He believed it was the right spot for his new dynasty according to feng shui and easy access.

He also starts building architectural wonders in his new capital, such as Gyeongbokgung, the Jongmyo Shrine, and Changdeokgung.

Furthermore, he started making friends with a group of reform-minded Confucian scholars who help reorganized South Korean society by Confucius teaching.

Confucious emphasized order and peace based on harmonious relationships and good conduct.

King Sejong - Joseon Dynasty Golden Era

joseon dynasty

Credit to Wallpaper Flare

While King Taejo was the first great King of Joseon, the Golden Era of this dynasty was achieved by His grandson – King Sejong the Great.

King Sejong is the wisest King of Joseon, and even all his brothers stepped down to let Him become a King.

joseon dynasty

Credit to Habkorea

We all know King Sejong the Great from His lasting invention of Hangul – The South Korean National writing system established in 1446.

Many scholars agree that Hangul is the most easy-to-learn writing system in the world especially compared to Chinese.

It drastically enhances communication between the Korean people and the government, making Korea great.

Japanese Invasion - Imjin War

joseon dynasty

Credit to The Shogunate

Throughout the 14th century, Joseon maintained good relations with Japan. Unfortunately, in the 1500s, Japan asked for a larger share of the bilateral trade, which Joseon refused, and the cold war began.

Afterwards, in 1592 Japan invaded Joseon with 200 thousand troops aiming to establish his rulership. The war is known as the Imjin War; which lasted for 7 years, from 1592–1598.

joseon dynasty

Credit to Wikimedia commons

This is where the famous Admiral Yi Sun-shin stepped into the pictures and found the great turtle ships covered with iron.

At that time, Admiral Yi Sun-sin was left with only thirteen warships against the Japanese fleet of 133 ships. Somehow, he won and defended Joseon successfully.

Afterwards, Korea became more isolated than ever and later chose to not pay any tribute to China, leading to never-ending turmoil between the two.

Joseon’s Decline

Throughout the 19th century, Japan and China competed for East Asia dominance. Unfortunately, multiple internal rebellions across the Korea country just allowed both China and Japan to send their large troops to Korea and weakened Joseon rulerships.

Joseon - Korean Empire (1897–1910)

After the defeat of China in the Sino-Japanese War, Joseon was renamed ‘Korean Empire‘ under the new rulership – Japan.

Right after Japan won the Sino-Japanese War, they replaced the Korean Emperor Gojong and all Korean military with their own officials to gain full control of the Korean government, military, police and prison.

The End of Joseon Dynasty

In 1910, The last Joseon Emperor, Yung-hui, refused to sign the agreement to give Japan full control of the Korean Empire.

However, the Japanese forced Prime Minister Lee Wan-Yong to sign in place of Emperor Yung Hui, which ends the Joseon Era and beginning of the Japanese rulership over the next 35 years.

In 1945, the Empire of Japan, led by Emperor Hirohito, signed the statement of surrender on September 2nd, ending World War II and the rulership of Japan in Korea.

Sum Up

Joseon dynasty, the last dynasty in South Korean history, has greatly impacted South Korean culture even in modern times.

I hope you get some insight into the rise and fall of the Joseon Dynasty in Korea.

What do you think about Joseon Dynasty in Korea? Do you think it’s the greatest dynasty in Korea? Let me know in the comment sections below!

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joseon dynasty
joseon dynasty

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