Mugunghwa Flower – All About South Korea National Flower!

mugunghwa flower

Mugunghwa Flower is well known as South Korea National Flowers. However, I think people need to learn the history behind these beautiful flowers and the meaning they contain.

If you are Korean maniacs, read to the end because we will discuss further about Mugunghwa, the National flower of South Korea. Let’s dig in.

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Mugunghwa Flower -South Korea National Flower

joseon dynasty

Mugunghwa, “eternal blossom that never fades,” has been a significant symbol in Korean culture for centuries.

Historically, the Mugunghwa start getting tractions in 108 BC during the reign of King Dangun in the Gojoseon eras. People describe Mugunghwa as a ‘blossom from heaven.’

joseon dynasty

Credit to ancient origins

In many paintings of King Dangun, we will find mugunghwa flowers in the frame, which shows the significance and supremacy of this flower.

Furthermore, Silla Kingdom (57 BC–AD 935) called itself ‘Geunhwahyang’, which means ‘Country of the Mugunghwa.

In addition, the ancient Chinese refer to Korea as the “land of wise men where the mugunghwa blooms.”

Facts About Mugunghwa Flower

mugunghwa flower

Credit to MOIS Korea

Nowadays, Mugunghwa flower is a symbol in the flags of government and national organizations, decorations, and badges. Here are some facts about Mugunghwa flower you need to know.

1. Mugunghwa Can Live and Grow In Harsh Environment

Mugunghwa can live and grow in harsh, remote environments like valleys and cliffs. This characteristic shows that this flower is adaptable and can thrive despite difficult external factors like harsh weather, pollution, and dry ground.

2. Mugunghwa Bloom From Early July to Mid-October.

Mugunghwa bloom from July to October, start from early in the morning and wilt in the afternoon as the new bud grows and takes its place. This continuously happened every day to the end of it’s blooming period, roughly 100 days.

3. Mugunghwa Represents Koreans Resilient Spirit

Mugunghwa has always been in Korea since ancient times. Back then, people used this flower to make herbal tea.

However, during the 20th century, Korean people plant this flower nationwide as a symbol to fight for freedom against Japan’s invasion.

4. Mentioned in Korean National Anthem

Korean National Anthem is known as Aegukga, and Mugunghwa is mentioned in this song. Here is the line of the lyrics where Mugunghwa appears.

  • 무궁화 삼천리 화려강산 
    Mugunghwa Samcheonli Hwaryeogangsan
    Mugunghwa covers the three thousands wonderfu; mountains and rivers in Korea.

Sum Up

Mugunghwa serves as an excellent reminder for South Korea and all of us to be resilient and never give up.

Imagine if a single beautiful flower can quickly adapt to a harsh environment, survive, grow, and even bloom; then, there is no reason for us to be defeated by our environment.

Let these little flowers motivate us to always strive for a better life and future for us and the next generations.

Alright, this is all I can share about this National flowers! What do you think about Mugunghwa? Let me know in the comment sections below!

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mugunghwa flower
mugunghwa flower

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