Korean Anime – 15 Best Aeni Of All Time You Should Watch!

korean anime

While most of you might think of Japan when it comes to anime, South Korea also have their own korean anime. 

From psychological thriller to action romance, korean anime offers a lot of option that will fit your taste.

In this article, I will share some of the best korean anime of all time you should start adding to your watchlist. Let’s find out all the best korean anime available.

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Korean Anime

In Korea, anime is called ‘애니 (aeni/aeny)’, this word is actually a short form of the word ‘애니메이션 (animation)’. On the other hand, manga in korean language is called 만화 (manhwa)’.

The rise of korean anime is highly influenced by the success of many korean dramas and movies on Netflix as well as other streaming platform. 

Here are some of the best korean anime you can watch including.

1. Closers Side Blacklambs

korean anime

Credit to 2nafish

Closers Side Blacklambs is a Korean anime about a group of young people versus alien that happened to invade Seoul. The series follow their training session and each unique ability to help defend the earth from the aliens.

2. The Fake

korean anime

Credit to Kaist455

The Fake is a 2013 Korean anime that tells a story of a village that was terrorized by fake religion. The villagers were force to pay taxes to the fake church or they will get punished by them. 

Fortunately, a young boy exposes this church fraud and eventually saved the whole village. This korean anime is really relatable with our current society. 

This anime shows how religion have a huge power in impacting someone’s life and even rule our society.

3. The King of Pigs

korean anime

The King of Pigs is a popular Korean anime that focus on social issues like abuse, status and power. 

This aeni tells a story of two friends who were bullied in high school and now became adult. This story sets in a world where the rich can easily prey on the poor and weak. 

These two friends were struggle to get by in their life, especially after he lost his business and unemployed. 

After a while, they start thinking of take revenge on their bullies by make them suffer and even kill them. This king of pigs is definitely a violent story that explore the beast side of human.

4. Oseam

korean anime

Oseam is a korean anime based on a korean folktale that tells a story two orphan, a blind sister and her rebellious little brother. 

Together, they run away from the orphanage in order to find his mother, not knowing their mother already died.

As they journey together, they start falling in love with nature and befriend every creatures he met, including a talking rabbit and a mountain spirit.

This anime won the title of ‘Best Animated Film’ at the Asia-Pacific Film Festival and the Annecy International Animated Film Festival in 2004. 

Even If you are unfamiliar with korean folktale, I believe you will love this aeni, it is very heartwarming and also magical, you will be transported into a miraculous world of possibility.

5. Wonderful Days

korean anime

Wonderful Days is an apocalyptic Korean anime that takes place in 2142. This aeni tells a story of a group of survivor who try to survive in the world that has been destroyed by pollution, climate change and world war. 

To survive, they create a city name Ecoban which is able to use the pollution as energy source. 

Eventho the initial plan was successful, it creates an elite group of people which is above the system and put all the other as laborers. However, suppression results in revolt.

6. Approved for Adoption

korean anime

Credit to Imbd

Approved for adoption is a heartwarming korean anime follows the life of a korean boy who got adopted by belgian couple. 

This anime shows how he struggle to adapt with his new life and how he try to find his place in this huge universe. 

This aeni actually based on a real life story of the creator, Jung Henin that was adopted by belgian couple.

7. A Day Before Us

korean anime

Credit to Myanimelist

A Day Before Us is a romantic aeni that tells a story of four young teenagers and their love life. 

You can see the progress of their relationships and their journey as student, their worries, anxiety, and hope.

This anime shows us that life is not perfect and things can turn around pretty quick, yet life still goes on and we need to keep moving to fulfill our responsibility in life. 

This anime has both a bit of realistic and a bit of a dreamy side. Overall, it is so beautiful and light anime.

8. The Haunted House (Shinbi's House)

korean anime

The haunted house tells a story of two siblings with their friends trying to reveal the truth behind a mysterious house around their neighbourhood. 

Together with goblins, they try to investigate and enter a supernatural world. If you are someone who loves mystery or spirit world story, then you can add this one to your watchlist.


9. Lost in The Moonlight

korean anime

Credit to asianwiki

Lost in the moonlight tells a story of a fantasy world name Moonlit palace that is filled with weird creatures. 

One day a girl name Hyun Joo ri accidentally get into this fantasy world with her friend. Together, they need to find a way to beat the Moonlit Palace ruler and get back to their world.


  • Kim Seo-Young – Hyun Joo-Ri
  • Lee Ha-Nee
  • Kwon Yool

10. Super Girly: Flowering Heart

korean anime

Credit to Myanimelist

Super Girly Flowering Heart korean anime tells a story of 5th grader Ari and her best friend started an after school club name Problem Solving Club. 

Unfortunately, no one have any problem for them to solve, so they need to find elsewhere to do their job. 

One day, they discover a hamster who could talk and tell them that it must find the magic ring. Thus their journey to find the magical ring begin.

11. Empress Chung

korean anime

Empress Chung is a korean anime based on a famous korean folktale which tells a story of a young princess that sacrifice herself to restore her father’s eyesight.

12. Yobi, The Five Tailed Fox

korean anime

While most of you might be familiar with the nine tail Gumiho, Korea actually have another five tail story. 

This aeni tells a story of a young, kind hearted fox with 5 tails who lost all her family due to fox hunter. Now she lives in the forest with some aliens to keep distance with human.

However, one of her alien end up got captured by a villager and leave her with no choice but to enter the human world in order to rescue her friend. 

As she enter the village, she meet someone she like and she ended up become a student and enjoy human life. Unknowingly, a fox hunter and mysterious shadow man are looking on her.

13. Jang Geum’s Dream

korean anime

This aeni tells a story of a little Jang Geum who dream to be a palace chef. She is smart, curious and energic, it doesn’t take long for her to be inside the palace.

However, as she enter the palace, she find out that the palace life is not as beautiful as she thought in her dreams.

14. Seoul Station

korean anime

Seoul Station is actually a prequel of ‘Train To Busan‘ korean dramas. This aeni is a zombie genre korean anime, tells a story of a pandemic start breaking out in Seoul. 

It all begin with a beggar who act weird in front of seoul stations and infect all of South Korea. If you haven’t watch the korean dramas ‘train to busan’, I highly recommend you to watch it.

15. Dallyeora Hani (Run, Hani!)

korean anime

Dallyeora Hani tells a story of a small tomboy and troublesome teenager who lives recklessly since her mother died and left by her father who need to work abroad. 

One day, a former runner and her new homeroom teacher notice her talent and start train her.

Sum Up

I believe most of us are a Korean drama lovers, yet it’s no hurt to try watching Korean anime and reading some of korean webtoon because actually most of korean dramas inspired by webtoon as well. 

These are all the best korean anime I can share to you. Have you ever watch any of these Aeni / korean anime? Let me know in the comment sections below!

korean anime
korean anime

Every share and every ounce of your support brings my passion for Korea to life – Thank you for visit.

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