Korean Webtoons – 25 Best Webtoons You Must Read This Year!

korean webtoons

Looking for some interesting stuff to read? Maybe Korean webtoon is for you! In this article, we will share to you the best korean webtoons you must read while you alive on earth! Make sure to read to the end of this article and add some to your reading list before the year end. Let’s dive right into these korean webtoons.

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Korean Webtoons

korean webtoons

Webtoon is a comic that originated from South Korea, similar to Manga from Japan. Basically, webtoon is a digital version of comic we used to read in printed books aka online comic book.

1. Itaewon Class

korean webtoons

I think all of us already knew Itaewon Class from kdramas, it is a  story of a normal high school student with huge ambitions to avenge his father’s death. He ended up spend three years in prison after try to murder his father’s killer. After release from prison, his ambition is to be successful and seek revenge towards the rich that kill his father.

2. My ID is Gangnam Beauty

korean webtoons

My Id is gangnam beauty is another success korean dramas based on webtoon story. This webtoon tells a story of someone who got a fresh start after doing a major plastic surgery. At her university, she is known as Gangnam Beauty, which actually convey the meaning of ‘artificial beauty’. One day he meet someone who didn’t judge from appearance, but from the heart.

3. All of Us Are Dead

korean webtoons

All of us are dead is a horror webtoon tells a basic story of zombie virus spread all over the school. School turn to hell instantly once the student realize that they’re now become a prey to those zombies. It is like a survival story of how the student fight to survive and escape from the school safely.

4. Business Proposal

korean webtoons

This famous webtoon korean dramas tells a story of someone who help her friend for some money, by substitute her place for blind date arranged by her family. While the plan is to quickly meet the guy, make the guy feel disgust and finish the date, she end up find herself dating her own Boss. More than that, the plan is messed up and the boss even ask her to marry on the first date.

5. Our Beloved Summer

korean webtoons

Our Beloved Summer is a webtoon that tells a story of former couple with a total opposite personality, reunited through a documentary program in their school. Now they must spend time together and start feel the feelings they used to have for one another.

6. True Beauty, by Yaongyi

korean webtoons

True Beauty, tells a story of a girl who used to be bullied and discriminated due to her ugly looks, transforms herself into a gorgeous “goddess” after mastering the art of make up via online tutors. She now lived a total new lifestyle as a beauty influencers, until she met someone who knew her past and thus become a threat for her new life.

7. Cheese in the trap, by Soonkki

korean webtoons

Cheese in the trap is a romance webtoon that later on adapted into korean dramas, tells a story of a hard working student who returned back to school after a long break meet a rich deceptive senior known as ‘Mr.Perfect’. Thus the webtoon explore the complicated relationship of both of them.

8. To Love Your Enemy

korean webtoons

To Love Your Enemy tells a story of a 23 year old girl plan to do a total make up of her life in her university by change her name, her life and identity. Unfortunately, she meet someone who knows her secret and her past that could ruin her new perfect identity and reputation.

9. Sixth Sense Kiss

korean webtoons

Sixth sense kiss tells a webtoon story of someone who is able to see the future of someone by kisses. While this might be a great gift to know someone’s future, she also hardly find a guy in whom she find herself in his future. until one day she accidentally kisses her wicked boss and to her shock, she saw herself in his future, together with him in bed.

10. Age Matters

korean webtoons

Age matters webtoon tells a story of a women in her 30’s just got dumped by her ex boyfriend. Try to pick herself up after being dumped by her ex, she try to get a job and even take her best friend job to cook and deliver meals to a 23 year old boss. While they have quiet huge age gap, they start to get along and fall to one another.

11. The God Of High School

korean webtoons

The God of high school tells a story of a someone who at first just got invited to compete in martial arts tournament called ‘God of high school’, against the best martial artist in Korea. As he compete, he got ‘borrowed power’, a supernatural ability which makes him exceptional. After the tournament ends, he and other two greatest martial artist find themselves fight against demon and deities in order to ensure the earth safety.

12. The Breaker

korean webtoons

The breaker webtoon tells a story of a charming playboy teacher who secretly is a Nine Arts Dragon, a title granted by secret martial arts society for someone who is the most powerful martial artist. One day he found a bullied kids and thus take him under his wings. However, the kid is thrust into the world of action, conspiracy and underground martial arts.

13. The Beginning After The End

korean webtoons

The beginning after the end webtoons tells a story of a king who have huge wealth, strength and prestige facing a loneliness, hopelessness and purposelessness. Later on he got reincarnated to a new world filled with magic and monsters where he got a second chance to fix the mistakes he done in the past.

14. Charming You

korean webtoons

Charming You tells a story of someone who totally believe in a fortune teller, wish to get her hands on her crush underwear, in order to stick a charm on his underwear and thus having a chance together. However, she always nervous every time she look at him, thus this journey will not be easy and yet she don’t want to give up her dream.

15. Sweet Home

korean webtoons

Sweet Home is an apocalyptic survival webtoon, tells a classic story of someone who try to survive in his apartment after a zombie outbreak rages everywhere around his apartment. 

16. Solo Leveling

korean webtoons

Solo leveling korean webtoons tells a story of a weak guy living in a world where people need to fight in order to survive. Being the weakest hunter of all mankind, he find himself living in a constant restrain and struggle just in order to survive. 

One day, a brutal encounters happened and wiped out all of his team mates, left him alone. Luckily, he found a mysterious system that somehow give him the opportunity to level up his ability beyond measure and ended up made him the greatest hunter.

17. Kubera, by Currygom

korean webtoons

Kubera is a fantasy webtoon shows the life journey of a small town girl, together with a magician try to avenge a high rank Sura (Immortal human – animal being), who wiped out all of the family and the people she loved in her town.

18. The Sound of Your Heart, by Cho Seok

korean webtoons

The Sound of your heart is one of the most famous comedy webtoon available over the internet created by artist Cho Seok. This webtoon follows the life story of the author himself, Cho Seok as the main character, together with his family, girlfriend and others as they face a series of absurd situation.

19. Untouchable, by Massstar

korean webtoons

Untouchable tells a story of a modern day vampire who absorb human’s energy by just touching them, without even drink their blood. One day this modern day vampire feels attracted to her next door neighbor and plan to touch him, unfortunately he had a germaphobia that keeps them apart.

20. Maybe Meant To Be

korean webtoons

Maybe meant to be tells a story of a 32 year old freelancer (with no stable job) move out from her family’s house after getting pushed to marriage over and over by her family. She end up runs into her childhood friends who also feel the same pressure from his family and thus she just think of the idea that they should just get married to solve both problems. 

While at first this idea is just a joke, little did she realize that he’d just accept this crazy idea and thus she find herself thrust into a marriage she never imagine before.

21. Tower of God, by Siu

korean webtoons

Tower Of God is a fantasy webtoon tells a story of a boy named Twenty Fifth Bam who spent most of his life trapped under a mysterious tower, accompanied by his only close friend Rachel. One day, rachel enter the tower and thus Bam enter try to find a way to enter it and find Rachel. Little did he knew that he need to pass the difficult test of strength, dexterity and wit.

22. About Death, by Hyeono and Sini

korean webtoons

About Death is another famous short webtoon created by Hyeono and Sini, basically shows the concepts of life and death through the various experiences of dying people and their individual encounters with God.

There’s a place between life and death where ‘God’ awaits. Here, people meet the good, bad and reflect on their own lives. We see how some people prefer comfort, while others regret their actions in life. God will provides a fair judgment to all of them before  they pass on to the other side.

23. Days of Hana, by Seokwoo

korean webtoons

Days of hana tells a sad love story of a werewolf boy and Hana, a human girl, in a world where werewolves are count as a servant and a beast. They started off as a childhood friends, the werewolf boy always protect Hana from any dangerous situations, yet secretly they both developed a feeling towards one another.

24. Noblesse, by Jeho Son and Kwangsu Lee

korean webtoons

Noblesse tells a story of someone who wakes up to a total new world after a long 820 years sleep begins a new life as a high school student in a school founded by his faithful servant Unfortunately, peace doesn’t last, as mysterious attackers called ‘Unions’ start coming and thus reveals his true nature as the most powerful vampire, a Noblesse.

25. Trace

korean webtoons

Trace is the name for the group of people with mysterious supernatural ability that was shunned by society as they’re known for causing mischief. they got the ability due to fighting a monster that invade south korea years ago.

One day, an undercover trace is forced to reveal his identity and thus forced to live a new life as a known trace hated by society. The interesting part is to see each trace supernatural ability and transformation as a human.

Best Webtoon Website

Here’s some websites where you can use to find and read your favorite Korean Webtoons through your computer:

Korea Webtoon App

korean webtoons

Here’s some app you can download via appstore or playstore on your mobile phone where you can read everywhere.

Best Korean Webtoons

Here’s all the favorite and best korean webtoons we can share for you today, i wish you will add some of it to your reading list this year. Let us know in the comment sections, which one you love most among these webtoons? 

korean webtoons
korean webtoons

Every share and every ounce of your support brings my passion for Korea to life – Thank you for visit.

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