12 New Upcoming Kdramas in October 2023!

kdramas october 2023

Are you a Kdrama fans looking for the new upcoming fresh from the oven Korean dramas in October 2023? Look no further! I’ve do some research of which Korean dramas that will release next month! Let’s dig in to this new upcoming Kdramas in October 2023!

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Kdramas in October 2023

Before I begin sharing the upcoming Kdramas in October 2023, make sure you don’t miss Korean dramas in September 2023.

In addition, you can watch these Korean dramas online at some free streaming sites if you do not have access to the official network.

Here are some new upcoming Kdramas in October 2023.

1. Strong Girl Nam-soon

kdramas october 2023

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The first Kdrama release in October 2023 is Strong Girl Nam-soon.

This kdrama tells a story of someone with super strength got lost and separated from her family since she was a child.

As she grow up, she try to search for her family and she finally met her mother and grandmother. 

However, they got entangled in a series of drug crimes in Gangnam areas.

2. A Good Day to be a Dog

kdramas october 2023

The second Kdrama in October 2023 is a Good Day to be a Dog, a webtoon based Korean drama.

This romantic fantasy kdrama tells a story of a young woman with a curse that turns her into a dog after she kissed someone.

The only way she can break this curse and turned to be a human is by getting the second kiss from someone with Cynophobia (people with extreme fear of dog). 


kdramas october 2023

The third upcoming Kdrama in October 2023 is Evilive, a kdrama that tells a story of a struggling lawyer who picks up cases by visiting prisoners.

His half brother, a secondhand computer salesman, also try to help him find clients and be a case broker for him.

He discover the beast inside him after getting involved with a huge crime organisation leader.

4. Doona!

kdramas october 2023

Doona is a webtoon based Korean drama that tells a story of a Kpop Idol who suddenly announces her retirement.

She ended up living in a share house near college and live a peaceful life.

Afterwards, a kind college student come to live in the same share house.

After a while, Doona start having chemistry towards him and love start growing in their hearts.

5. Castaway Diva

kdramas october 2023

Castaway Diva tells a story of a girl who dream to be a singer.

After compete in an audition in middle school, she continues her journey by going to Seoul.

However, she ended up strays into a deserted island for more than a decade.

After 15 years, she got rescued and got back to her childhood world.

Despite all the setbacks and bad luck, she continues to pursue her dreams of becoming Diva.

6. Moon in the Day

kdramas october 2023

Moon in the day is another webtoon based Korean dramas.

This fantasy romance Kdrama tells a story about a vengeful spirit of Silla Dynasty – spirit of a nobleman who was murdered by his wife, try to find his wife reincarnation and get his revenge.

One day, a car accident happened during a commercial shooting and give a chance for the vengeful spirit to possess the top star.

Things become complicated once the vengeful spirit find out that the top star bodyguard is the reincarnation of his wife.

7. Perfect Marriage Revenge

kdramas october 2023

Perfect Marriage Revenge tells a story of a women that find out her husband falls in love with her sister.

Not long after she found out the bitter truth of her husband infidelity, she died in a tragic car accident.

However, she wakes up and find herself gone back several years through time.

Plan to take revenge on her sister and her (future) husband, she enters a contract marriage with a man that her sister hope to marry. 

8. The Matchmaker

kdramas october 2023

The Matchmaker is a historical romantic Korean dramas set in Joseon eras.

This kdrama tells a story of a genius scholar whose life turned upside down after find out the person he love the most just died right before the wedding.

Based on Joseon era custom, he is unable to take a position in government and also remarry.

Feel devastated, he meet a widow who work as a matchmaker.

Together, they try to match young men and young women.

However, as they journey together, love start to bloom in their hearts.

9. The Perfect Deal

kdramas october 2023

The Perfect Deal tells the story of three high school friends – a promising sports player, a medical school student, and an heir of a wealthy family.

After they finish school, they realize that their life is in a mess and all their dreams just went down the gutter.

Plan to have a better future, they reunite and meet for a drink.

Little did they know that one of them was in a heavy financial crisis.

The reunion quickly turned into a kidnapping crime where he kidnapped his friend – the heir of a wealthy family and dragged the other friend into a crime scene.

10. Bargain

kdramas october 2023

Bargain a thriller Korean dramas that tells a story of someone who fall into a prostitutes and go to a motel in order to use her service.

Little did he know that she work for an illegal organ trafficker.

He ended up finding himself in an auction where he got surrounded by people who bid for his organs.

Fortunately, an earthquakes occurs and as the building collapse, he try to get away and survive.

11. My Dearest Part 2

kdramas october 2023

My Dearest Part 2 tells a story or people struggling throught the severe hardship due to Qing Invasion during Joseon eras.

In the midst of extreme hardship, love bloom between two person, a mysterious man who appeared to be cheerful yet filled with dark secret with a lovely daughter of a noble family. 

12. Hi Cookie

kdramas october 2023

Hi Cookie is a crime fantasy Korean dramas that tells a story of a dangerous mysterious cookie that makes people’s dream come true with one bite.

Sum Up

kdramas october 2023
kdramas october 2023

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