Kim Seon Ho’s Upcoming Movies Is Now in Consideration due to Scandal!

kim seon ho upcoming movie

In this article we will share to you about the latest news and status of Kim Seon Ho’s Upcoming Movies that is now in consideration and doubt due to his abortion scandal with his ex-girlfriend.

Kim Seon Ho Status of 3 Upcoming Movies

actor k abortion

Kim Seon Ho was originally planned to be the main role in three upcoming movies that will start filming as early as next month, yet now the status of him starring in those movie are in considerations and doubt due to the revelations of his abortion scandal.

fortune teller kim seon ho

According to Star News exclusive report, Kim Seon Ho is scheduled to film three new upcoming movies titled Tristes Tropiques, Dog Days and 2pm date with Tristes Tropiques begin to film on November, Dog Days on December and 2pm Date in March.

kim seon ho upcoming movie

Tristes Tropiques production team currently urge to hold a meeting about this issue and decide if they will continue to film it next month with Kim Seon Ho as the actor. While Dog Days and 2pm Date might have time to find a replacement actor.

A source close to Kim Seon Ho stated that he would submit and follow the decision made by the production team of each companies according to their policies.

Source: Star News

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