16 Best Korean Gangster Movies You Must Watch Today!

best korean gangster movies

I was recently surf the internet to find Korean Gangster Movies worth my time. Here’s my compilation of the best Korean Gangster Movies you can add to your watchlist. 

Table of Contents

1. Night in Paradise

korean gangster movies

Night in paradise tells a story of someone who get a chance to join a rival gang of criminals.

He decline.

Not long after that, tragedy strikes which take his brother and nephew’s life.

Overcome by sadness, he think the tragic deaths is caused by the gang of criminals he refused to join. 

Filled with anger, he wipe out the mafia gang and leave to Jeju Island.

Meanwhile, the leftover gang members plan to get revenge and start to hunt him in Jeju Island.

2. The Roundup

korean gangster movies

The Roundup tells a story of Detective and his group assigned to arrest criminals in Vietnam and bring him back to Korea.

As they arrived in Vietnam, he discover additional crime case by a psychotic killer.

They start an unauthorized investigation and find out the serial killer has done this crime for years and just recently kill an heir of Korean Business Tycoon.

Now his group needs to work extra hard as he found out the serial killer just escape to South Korea.

3. The Man From Nowhere

korean gangster movies

The man from nowhere tells a story of a timid man that confront ruthless criminals in order to save his friend.

The timid man is an introvert person who live a solitary life, running a pawn shop from his home.

His only friend is a young girl from the neighborhood.

His solitude life got shattered as his only companion and her mother got kidnapped by organ trafficker crime gang.

4. A Bittersweet Life

korean gangster movies

A Bittersweet Life tells a story of a gangster who live a solitude and lonely life assigned to keep an eye on his boss’s young girlfriend.

However, he ended up finding himself falling in love with her which makes him protects her at all cost.

5. The Chaser

korean gangster movies

The Chaser is based on real life story of Yoo Young Chul, a real serial killer in Korea.

This kdrama tells a story of a corrupt policeman works as a pimp and use prostitution as a tool to make money.

One day, one of the two prostitutes under him gone missing.

As he suspect a mysterious guest, he embarks on a journey to hunt down the brutal serial killer.

6. A Dirty Carnival

korean gangster movies

A Dirty Carnival is a Koreang gangster movies that centers the narrative around a gangster name Byung Doo.

He earn the trust of his superior and assigned to manage their new casino.

One day he reconnect with an old friend who plan to make a movie about the life of gangsters.

He ended up recruit him to join the group and teach him everything about gangster world.

Unfortunately, his friend decide to leave which put Byung Doo’s career and life in danger.

7. The Outlaws

korean gangster movies

The Outlaws is a story of a gangsters who wants more power and law enforcement officers who work hard against it.

The story begin with the coming of a gangster from China to Korea.

At first, he plan to collect debts from local gangsters.

However, his greed quickly turn him into a monster that slaughter all Korean gangster groups and the leader, to take full control of Korean underworld.

8. The City of Violence

korean gangster movies

The City Of Violence tells a story of childhood friends reunite as they got back to their hometown in Onseong.

Tragedy happened and take the life of one of their high-school friend.

Realize that the tragedy was initiated, they investigate the case and take revenge.

Their revenge journey led  them to a dark world full of corrupt criminals.

9. Real

korean gangster movies

Real tells a story of a notorious gangster who own a big casinos have a mental issues of split personality disorder.

As time goes by, his mental issue start overwhelms him and he start seeking help from the doctor.

Unfortunately, he got worse and the therapeutic process just ignite intense conflict between the two different personality inside him.

10. Nameless Gangster

korean gangster movies

Credit to tvN

Nameless Gangster takes place in Busan during 1980 and 1990s when the government begin to fight against corruption and crime.

This movie tells a story of someone who become the black sheep in order to protect the reputation of the official agency.

He did this with a conditions that he’s allowed to sell heroin he found during his service. 

This deal led him to cross path with a crime boss.

Together, they start the Heroin distribution plan.

11. Marrying the Mafia

korean gangster movies

Marrying the Mafia is a comedy Korean gangster movie that tells a story of a businessman suddenly involved in the gangster world through the daughter of crime leader.

It all begin when the businessman and a young women find themselves in bed together – not knowing how they got there.

Afterwards, the young women’s brother confronted him and demand a recompense.

12. The Gangster, The Cop, The Devil

korean gangster movies

Credit to tvN

The title of this movie is already hint the connection between the three different groups.

This Korean gangster movies tells a story of the gangster and the cop trying to catch the Devil – a mysterious serial killer that assault and defeat the gang leader.

As the gangsters and the cop have same mission, they work together and form a partnership to pursue the mysterious serial killer.

13. Deliver Us From Evil

korean gangster movies

Deliver Us From Evil tells a story of a former agent of NIS (National Intelligence Agency) undertakes his last task as Hitman.

His target is a Japanese Mob Boss.

He fulfilled his last mission by executed the Japanese Mob Boss and plan to retire.

Unfortunately, his retirement plan got shattered as the brother of the Japanese Mob Boss he executed seek revenge and try to kill him.

In addition, he also found out that his only daughter got abducted and his wife brutally murdered.

Situation become complex as he try to rescue his only daughter while being hunted by the Japanese mob boss brother.

14. The Prison

korean gangster movies

Credit to Asianwiki

The Prison tells a story of a former policemen turned into a criminal and form an unusual alliance with inmate crime gang which is responsible for his arrest.

In jail, He discover an A-class crime gang who plan all of the crime inside the cells.

15. Time To Hunt

korean gangster movies

Credit to Netflix

Time to hunt movies takes place during great financial collapse in Korea.

This Korean gangster movies tells a story of someone who just released from prison after three years plan a casino heist to get enough money to go to Taiwan. 

Things become complicated after he found out that assasin hunt him and try to kill him.

16. My Name

My name tells a story of a daughter whose seeking revenge for her father.

Her father is undercover cop that got killed in front of their house by a drug leader.

Wishing for help to investigate the killer, she ask the help of her father’s friend – a leader of a drug gangster.

In addition, she also join police department to find out who set her father’s up for death while becoming a mole for a drug gangs.

Things getting complicated when she find out the truth about her father’s murderer.

Alright friends, these are my list of the Best Korean Gangster Movies I found on the internet.

I believe there are a lot more to come in the future, so I will update it as I find a better gangster movies in the future.

Which Movies you love the most? Let me know in the comment sections below! 

korean gangster movies
korean gangster movies

Every share and every ounce of your support brings my passion for Korea to life – Thank you for visit.

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