Korean Idioms – 10 Inspiring Korean Sayings To Boost Your Life !

korean idioms

Idioms are a common sayings or expression with a figurative and deper meaning from the individual phrase suggest. Idioms are essential as it help us communicate better to one another. In this article, I will share some inspiring Korean Idioms to motivate us to be better! Let’s dig in!

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Korean Idioms

Idioms is 관용구 (gwan-yong-gu) or 숙어 (sug-eo) in Korean language. Let’s take a look at some wonderful korean idioms.

1. 서당 개 삼 년이면 풍월을 읊는다 (seo-dang gae sam nyeon-i-myeon pung-wor-eul eulm-neun-da).

korean idioms

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Meaning a dog recites a poem after three years in school. This korean idioms telling us that you will learn whatever you’re exposing yourself into.

Whether you learn from school, college, watch movies, youtube, or anything else, your brain learn it unconciously.

2. 개천 에서 용났다 (gae-cheon e-seo Yong-nass-da)

korean idioms

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Meaning a dragon was born in a stream. This korean idioms refer to someone who was born with a little, small, poor background and turn their life to greatness.

3. 빈 수레가 요란하다 (bin su-re-ga yo-ran-ha-da)

Meaning an empty vessels create the louder noise. This idioms remind us that those who speak the loudest usually is a nobody. Don’t let the negative critics from a toxic person drag you into their hole of emptiness.

4. 시작이 반이다 (si-jag-i ban-i-da)

korean idioms

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Meaning to start is to finish half the task. This korean idioms tells us that the hardest part of task is the beginning. If you ever plan to start a business or do something new, you know that it is so true.

Remind yourself on how many things you plan on doing all over your past that you regret of not doing. From now on, I want you to change it and start doing anything you plan on doing and keep going on!

5. 호랑이에게 물려가도 정신만 차리면 산다 (ho-rang-i-e-ge mul-lyeo-ga-do jeong-sin-man cha-ri-myeon san-da)

Meaning even if a tiger bite you, you will be alive if you can keep your senses. This idioms tells us to keep calm and positive in the midst of difficult situations. 

6. 배움에는 왕도가 없다 (bae-um-e-neun wang-do-ga eobs-da).

korean idioms

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Meaning there is no shortcut for learning something. This idiom tells us to be patient and stop expect for a quick result when it comes to learning.

7. 고생 끝에 낙이 온다 (go-saeng kkeut-e nag-i on-da)

Meaning happiness come at the end of the difficult situations. This idiom teach us to keep moving on and persevere through hard times. Remember there’s always a light at the end of the tunnel.

8. 하늘이 무너져도 솟아날 구멍이 있다 (ha-neul-i mun-eo-jyeo-do sos-a-nal gu-meong-i iss-da)

Meaning even if the sky collapse, there will be a hole to escape. This idiom teach us that there’s always answer for every question and solutions to every problems.

9. 눈코 뜰 새 없다 (nun-ko tt-eul sae eobs-da)

Meaning we don’t even have time to open our eyes and nose. This idiom teach us to not wasting time because it is very precious.

10. 가재는 게 편이라 (ga-jae-neun ge pyeon-i-ra)

Meaning the crayfish sides with the crab. This idiom teach us that those like minded person will stick to one another, so you can easily look at your friends arround you and you can easily see what kind of person you are.

Sum Up

These are all the Korean Idioms I can share to all of you today! I wish you learn something new and get inspired by these idioms.

Which korean idioms you love the most? Let me know in the comment sections below!

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